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Yuri Covington

National Christian School

DMV Stags 






~175 lbs



Strong Hand



William & Mary

April 2020
  • Aggressive, score-first combo guard with an upward trajectory overall.  A good 3-point shooter with a quick trigger and a relentless pursuit for buckets.  Potentially explosive scorer.

  • Quick, tight handle with a nice burst to get his head and shoulders by the defender.  Good speed with the ball and a strong finisher in the open court. 

  • Gives consistent effort and energy on both ends.  Plays with a lot of toughness.  A capable passer who shows flashes, but struggles with accuracy and decision making. 

  • Skilled penetrator.  Still developing his decision making and game in the paint and around the basket.  Attacks the rim with great aggression.  Strong motor. 

  • Transferred from Clarksburg High School in Montgomery County to National Christian, where he competed at a high level against a national schedule. 

Statistical sampling from the 2019-2020 high school season.  Note the national competition.

Yuri Covington Stats.JPG
  • Good overall athlete

  • Athletic build

  • Fast muscle twitch fibers

  • Sufficient strength

  • ~6’3” wingspan

  • Blow-by acceleration and has a nice burst of speed

    • Can get from the perimeter to the basket in very quickly

  • Undersized for a combo guard

  • Terrific endurance

  • Sharp, forceful movements

  • Very good hand-eye coordination

  • Solid body control

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Score-first guard with a quick trigger

  • Potentially explosive scorer who is capable of putting up 30+ points

  • Very aggressive; seldomly falls out of attack mode

  • Attacks the rim with intensity; a very capable penetrator

    • Gets into the lane with frequent success

    • Prefers to go left, but may to force it at times

      • Capable of going and finishing right, but often comes back to the left

    • Has a tendency to get himself in trouble when driving to the basket without a plan

      • Runs into the bigs after leaving his feet and must force a low-quality shot

        • Will benefit from developing a consistent floater/runner

  • A capable finisher in the open court

  • Very comfortable operating in transition

    • Focuses predominantly on the basket and not as much on the whole floor

  • Able to finish in traffic and with some contact depending on the size of the defender

    • Should continue to improve his understanding on how to use his body to draw the foul, which will enhance his efficiency as a scorer

  • While not showing much playmaking ability in terms of creating for his teammates, he is certainly capable and will benefit from playing with more shooters and better finishers

  • Can struggle to create space for quality shots against longer athletic defenders

    • Will benefit from developing a step back to couple with his ability to get his head and shoulders past the defender

  • Does not command the offense, but can learn to improve greatly in this area

    • Will benefit from learning to be more effective at different paces

      • Prefers to play fast

  • Functions more in a one-on-one setting; does not utilize the pick & roll as often

    • Adding this to his game will only give him another weapon to an already stockpiling offensive arsenal

  • Improving overall offensive skillset; his best ball is ahead of him

  • Although his percentages don’t support it, he is a good shooter who will continue to improve, as should his shot selection

    • Important to note – undoubtedly would shoot a better overall percentage with an improved shot selection

  • Displays excellent catch and shoot abilities when he has time and can set his feet

  • Shoots it well from 3 (see points above for more context)5

    • 36.6% on almost 7 attempts per game in the 6 games stats were taken

  • Has very good range; will shoot it from deep with confidence

  • Maintains solid concentration on the target

  • Form/mechanics: left-handed shooter

    • Has a nice, compact shot without a whole lot of movement; has it “grooved”

    • Elbow is less than 90-degrees, but keeps it well tucked in

    • Slightly unsquared to the basket

      • Right shoulder hanging out just a bit

      • Both feet marginally pointed to the right

    • Shoots a set shot when he has the time, especially from 3, but will shoot a jumper when necessary

    • Release is from the chin/mouth level; motion begins more from his chest

    • Nice follow through

  • Shot selection – overall, not the best.  However, the selection should improve within a more structured setting

    • Vast majority of his shots come from behind the arc or around the basket

      • Half of his shot attempts (41 out of 82) were from 3 in the 6 games examined

      • Will shoot from all around the arc

      • Mixes in an occasional 15-foot pull up

    • Likes to stop and pop from 3 in semi-transition situations, keeping the D off balance

    • Shoots this shot pretty comfortably but, this being one of the more difficult shots in basketball, he will need to work on consistency

    • Takes some ill-advised 3s

    • Tends to force shots at the basket

  • Has a strong, tight handle; quick with the ball

  • Dominant left-handed ballhandler

  • Quick first step and effective moves that allow him get by his defender on the perimeter

    • Good change of pace and a nice studder step

  • Shows the ability to pat it in the middle of traffic with quick low dribbles using his fingertips to avoid reaching hands

    • Also pats it well in the backcourt against pressure

  • Good speed with the ball; maintains good control at top speed

  • Occasionally gets dribble happy in the half court setting

  • Stays low with the ball

  • Handles man-to-man full court pressure well

  • Good ballhandler in the open court who, at times, makes defenders look like dribbling cones

  • Shows potential as a passer through:

    • Deceptive look-offs and threads through traffic

    • Finding shooters in cross-court positions

    • Occasional drive and kicks

  • Passes predominantly with his strong hand

  • Can struggle against trapping pressure

  • Puts good zip on the pass

  • A bit inaccurate with placement and delivery off the dribble

  • Needs to work on this aspect of his game as a guard who has the ball in his hands in the half court and spearheads the transition game

  • Team plays more zone than man

  • Plays harder on the defensive end when guarding man-to-man

    • Like most, tends to relax a bit when playing zone

  • Solid, energetic man-to-man defender

    • Plays up in your face, nearly body on body, depending on his man’s abilities

    • Defends with his feet, often without fouling

      • Keeps his man in front

  • Not always willing to step in with his body and take a charge around the basket

  • Decent rebounding guard

Basketball IQ
  • Uses sharp, tight angles off the dribble

  • Has natural scoring instincts

  • Subpar court awareness

    • Tends to unsuccessfully attempt to dribble through the defense

    • Does not always see the entire court

    • Puts himself in difficult positions against trapping pressure

    • But does feel his defender well with the ball in his hands

  • Still maturing in his decision-making

  • Shows a lot of promise with moving without the ball, but needs to be in an offensive that supports such movement

  • Plays with confidence

  • Really like his toughness

  • His demeanor says, “I’m going to keep coming”

    • Persistently aggressive

  • Good energy; plays hard on both ends

  • Encourages teammates

  • Communicates on both ends of the court

  • Has a competitive edge to his game; a go-getter

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