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Tyrell Ward

DeMatha High School

New World/Boo Williams






185 lbs



Strong Hand




July 2021

Statistics from 2021 (8 Games)

Tyrell Ward Stats.jpg
  • Superb athlete

  • Springy, pogo stick verticality

  • Good vertical explosion off of one foot or both feet

  • Excellent length with a thin build

  • What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in overall athleticism

    • Will benefit from an increase in upper body strength for the next level

    • Has the body type that will allow him to add muscle without hindering his athleticism

  • Outstanding second jump

  • Tremendous body control

  • Exceptional agility

  • Owns a nice stride and can really get out and run when sprinting the floor

  • Active; plays with anticipation

  • Superior balance

  • Good hand-eye coordination, and fast-twitch fibers

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • His progression from his sophomore year to where he is now has been tremendous

  • Has worked to transform himself from a young, run-and-jump prospect into a potent offensive talent who is capable of consistently scoring from all 3 levels, while also adding to the other areas of his game

  • What may be most exciting is that, despite the enormous growth in his skill set, a vast amount of potential still remains

  • Scoring comes easy to him, as he puts the ball in the basket in a variety of ways.  Let’s take a look at his offensive versatility:

    • Excels as a catch and shooter, especially from 3-point distance

  • Accuracy from all around the arc contributes greatly to spreading the floor and creating offensive advantages for his team

  • Will thrive playing alongside playmakers (for more than just skill, as you will read)

  • Continually upgrading 3-point shooter off the bounce.  Lots of growth here.

  • Attacks the rim hard, but with smoothness and control

  • Maintains very good body control in route to the goal and then, again, in the air

    • Being under control helps him to feel the defense better on the drive; he then uses his instincts and skill set to counter what he feels and sees

  • Sound footwork on the drive, using euro steps, jump stops, and side steps to avoid defenders and would-be charges

  • Exciting in the open court; runs the floor/fills the lane and converts at a high percentage in transition

  • Always seems to be in the right place on the break

    • Recognizes opportunities and sprints to take advantage, then allows his skills and athleticism to take over

  • Continues to take big strides as a mid-range jump shooter

    • His willingness to shoot the mid-range paired with his growing effectiveness is an important addition to his shot creation and playmaking

    • Not limited to forcing the drive or settling for contested threes

    • Shoots a nice pull-up in transition/semi-transition

  • Gets to his spots off the dribble, and is capable of doing so with an efficient use of his dribbles

  • Understands when he is able to elevate overtop of the defense

  • Improving as a creator and playmaker

    • Again, he is capable of generating space with his dribble moves to get to his spots, where he can rise up over the contester; or he can get to the rim, where he uses his athleticism and soft touch to finish. 

    • Likes to drive hard left and flatten out with the dribble to pull up for 17 footers

    • Will use a change of pace together with a hang rhythm dribble, then accelerate with a long stride

    • Drives hard left or right and uses a quick change of direction with a behind the back move to create the space to pull up

      • Will use this move to set up his mid-range or his 3

  • See additional dribble moves in the “Dribbling” section

  • Creation efforts are not just limited to getting himself looks.  Advanced in making plays for his teammates off the bounce, in transition, and out of the pick-and-roll.

    • As a contributor to the defensive board, he can push it himself and create plays for others as the decision-maker

  • Overall, he has really enhanced his iso game

  • Progressed as the ball handler in pick-and-roll action

    • Prefers to start with his dribble still available

      • More comfortable going left off the screen (from the right wing)

    • If there is no hard hedge or a bit of drop coverage, he will take his time and survey the floor

      • Mature reads in the action.  Doesn’t force the issue, just makes the simple play.

  • Can come off and hit from 3, especially going left, so it’s not advisable to go under the screen

  • Can turn the corner and get to the rim

  • Knows how to do the work without the ball to set himself up for quality looks upon receipt

    • Capitalizes on his touches

    • Growing understanding of moving/cutting without the ball

  • Operates nicely from both wings; more active off the dribble from the right side of the floor

    • More comfortable overall on the right side of the floor

  • Does a nice job of getting open on the wing by putting his hip/bottom into the defender and reaching those long arm(s) out to show the target

  • Has developed a nice floor game; brings balance to the floor

    • Impacts the game outside of scoring the ball

  • Finishing – creative finisher with a variety of shot types.  Still possesses a lot of potential to be even better around the rim as his body matures and adds strength.

    • High riser who regularly finishes above the rim

      • Terrific finisher in the open court

  • Combines athleticism and length with finesse and touch

  • Extremely skilled left-hand finisher (love his left hand)

  • Good lob catcher

  • Has a tendency to try to finish through contact with one hand instead of two

  • Prefers to maneuver around the contest than create/absorb the contact

  • Will benefit greatly from adding upper body strength to improve finishing through contact.  Yet, he’s still capable of taking the contact in mid-air, hanging, and getting a quality shot up. 

  • Solid offensive rebounder – his second jump shines brightly here

  • Most likely his greatest area of improvement.  Shot the ball with impressive accuracy.

    • Shot 52.2% from the field on 14.4 attempts per game (8 games charted)

    • Shot 41.7% from three on 4.5 attempts per game (8 games charted)

  • Continually enhancing shot making ability

  • Possesses a pillow-soft touch on nearly every attempt

    • Touch is evident around the rim, as well

  • Excellent catch and shooter from 3

    • Preps well before the shot

  • Gets into his rhythm and doesn’t let the defender disturb it

    • Catches the pass on the hop and goes right into the shot

  • Likes the corner three, and shoots it well

  • Also shoots it well from both wings and from around the top of the key

  • Steadily extending his range

  • Made great strides shooting the 3 off the dribble

  • Again, an effective mid-range shooter

  • Increasing percentages off the dribble

  • Cut down on his shooting motion a bit, which also cut down on the amount of time from catch to release

  • Maintains terrific focus on the rim

    • As long as he is somewhat in rhythm, he is a good shooter against a contest

  • Gets great elevation on his jumper

    • He is a true jump shooter from mid-range and from distance

  • Form/mechanics – consistent from shot-to-shot

    • Maintains near-perfect verticality on his; straight up and straight down

    • Compact form

      • Shooting elbow is tucked and moves straight up through the shot

    • About the release: guide hand is on top of the ball, so there is a slight exchange that takes place at the top of his shot where he cocks his wrist back to use it as the lever and slides the guide hand off the top of the ball.

      • Creates some side spin

      • Tends to slow the release down a split second

      • Releases at the top of his jump

    • Shoots up, giving the ball plenty of air, contributing to his soft touch

    • Finishes with a consistent follow-through

  • For the most part, he displays an intelligent shot selection

    • He tends to allow the game to come to him, but can also be more aggressive and attack 

      • Can show a real willingness to be patient and wait for the best look

    • Balanced shot selection between the primary 3 levels

  • Improved passer, especially in the open court

  • Capable of running the break and making good decisions

  • Expanded court vision; he is seeing the open shooters well

  • Consistently makes the right pass/simple play

    • Willing passer

    • Sound judgment; doesn’t try to force tough passes

  • Nice touch on the pass with a small tendency to put too much air and enough zip on it

  • Can struggle with accuracy on his one-handed passes off the live dribble

  • Head up

  • Makes the extra pass

  • Showed an improved playmaking ability to draw and kick, operate as a distributor out of the pick-and-roll, and find open shooters off his creation

  • Understands how to draw the defense and make the pass accordingly

  • Mainly handles as scorer at the point of attack in the half court

  • Keeps his eyes up with the ball in his hands, even when he is looking to create for himself

    • Displays awareness of his teammates

  • Prefers to dribble with the right, but is comfortable handling with his left

    • Likes to come back to his right to shoot off the dribble

  • Has added to his arsenal of dribble moves

    • Capable of multiple changes of direction, usually with single dribble moves, but sometimes with double dribble moves

      • Effective crossover from right-to-left

      • Will also use a double crossover, going right-to-left and then left-to-right

      • Owns a useful inside out-crossover combo

      • See the “Offensive Qualities” section above for more

    • Utilizes a nice rhythm hang dribble to get into creation mode, accelerate to the rim, or go right into the jumper

  • Has a tendency to leave the ball up and exposed as he is going through his rhythm dribbles or after a change of direction

    • Will benefit from staying low and protecting the ball with his off arm/shoulder/body

  • Adequate control and speed with the ball in transition

  • Continuously developing and showing improvements across the board; possesses a lot of potential.

  • Increasingly active defender who seeks for opportunities to turn defense into offense

    • Plays with anticipation

  • His motor has increased on this end as the year has gone on.  You can see his the elevated confidence and intensity.

  • Uses his length to disrupt passing lanes and contest shots

    • Combines his length with quick hands to pilfer ball handlers

    • Solid shot blocker against the point of attack or from the help side

      • Blocks shots with either hand

      • Contests jumpers well, thanks to his agility, length, and recovery ability

  • Excellent potential to deny on the wing

  • Needs to improve his closeouts on shooters

  • Sneaky on the help side

  • Decent balance of focus between his man and the ball, including off-ball action that involves his man

  • Competes – will take on the challenge of guarding the opposing team’s best perimeter player

  • On-ball defense

    • Possesses a ton of potential and has improved over the year at playing with his feet

    • Can find himself back on his heels a bit against the dribble drive

    • Has a tendency to pull up when he is beaten off the dribble

  • Will benefit from increasing upper body strength on this end

    • Needs to improve at getting through/around screens

  • Good defensive rebounder.  Finds himself in favorable position and can jump with most to snag boards.

    • Will benefit from blocking out more consistently

Basketball IQ
  • Sound decision-maker who values possessions

  • Understands the advantages he possesses on the offensive end and how to use them

  • Displays a strong grasp of his strengths and who he is as a player

  • Good judgment on his shot selection

  • Solid basketball instincts that often lead him to be in the right place at the right time

    • Possesses timing that can’t be taught

  • Progressing ability to make reads in various situations

  • Shows a firm grasp on offensive and defensive game plans

  • Active motor on both ends of the court

  • Plays with a chip on his shoulder

    • Extremely competitive; accepts the challenge

      • Can lead to outward shows of frustration with himself

    • Tends to complain to the referees too much

    • Must be careful not to let his frustration get the best of him

  • Wants to be great – will be hard on himself after mistakes

  • Response to mistakes is usually increased effort

  • Balances aggressiveness between allowing the game to come to him and going out and seeking buckets

  • Tends to exhibit poor body language towards his teammates when they do something he doesn’t approve of, but is a supportive teammate overall

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