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Trevor Keels

Paul VI High School

Team Takeover - EYBL






228 lbs*



Strong Hand



High Major

*source: USA Basketball


  • A big bodied, agile shooting guard with a smooth stroke from 3 off the catch and shoot. Terrific pick and roll player, especially when he gets going downhill to his right.

  • Intelligent scorer who also plays a sound floor game.  Dangerous from both wings.  Patiently allows the floor to develop so that he can pick his spots wisely.  Fully in touch with his game and does not attempt to venture outside of himself. 

  • Utilizes his strength and power by getting defenders on his hip/shoulder, eventually finishing through contact.  Positions his body well to protect an improving handle, which he uses to navigate through traffic to get to the basket or draw the D to find open teammates.

  • A solid on-ball defender who is capable of playing defense with his feet.  Has a good understanding of team defense.  Fundamentally sound.  Mature decision-maker with a deliberate approach to the game.

  • Understands time, score, and spacing.  Visibly enjoys the game, but plays to win.  Has an innate sense of when to be aggressive versus when to allow the game to come to him.


  • Turned 16 on August 26

  • 6’5” wingspan

  • Very strong; kid is a bear

    • Big body, but has smooth, deliberate, and powerful movements

    • Strength is in his upper and lower body

  • I want to stress that, although he is big and strong, he moves very well

  • Physical

    • Doesn’t mind contact at all

  • Terrific body control

  • Good hand-eye coordination

  • Average twitch fibers, explosiveness

  • Average lift/bounce, quickness, and acceleration

  • Extremely agile

  • Great balance

Offensive Qualities

  • Plays with a lot of intelligence, does not attempt to play outside of himself, and utilizes his strengths to maximize his effectiveness

  • Scores mainly from 3 or in the paint/at the basket

  • Plays a nice floor game – I really like his potential in this area

  • A few preferences:

    • Likes to operate from the wings off the catch

    • Prefers to operate from the top of the key using ball screens with his dribble

    • Would rather play downhill

  • Capable of playing within several types of offenses

    • Half court, dominated by sets

    • Free flowing

    • Run and gun

    • Predominantly screen and roll

  • Very good screen and roll player

    • He is coming off of the pick looking to score

    • Uses his body together with a change of pace and a series of inside-out and misdirection dribble moves to get where he wants to go

    • If the defender goes under the screen, he is capable of pulling up from deep

      • More effective shooting while going to his right

    • If the defender goes over the top, he uses his body to keep you on his hip and shoulder, which is right where he wants you when he goes up to finish

      • Adept at drawing the foul, and extremely capable of finishing through contact

    • Handles help side maturely

      • Solid passer off of the ball screen

        • Understands how to draw the defense and find finishers on the blocks and shooters on the perimeter

          • Patiently makes decisions after allowing defenders to rotate

    • Able to get the ball on the board quickly to beat shot blockers

    • Even capable of using his body to shield two defenders on the finish, depending on the size of the defenders

  • His change of pace is very effective in the half court

    • Understands when to use it

  • Couples the change of pace with an inside out dribble move, body fakes, and the occasional misdirection dribble moves

    • One move dribble moves – no combos

  • Heavily favors going right – will need to continue developing his game using his off hand, as he is a bit uncomfortable in the half court operating to his left. 

  • Strong finisher at the basket

    • Usually finishes below the rim

    • Uses his body fantastically

    • Finishes through contact very well

      • Not as well going to his left and finishing with his off hand

    • Uses an assortment of shots at the basket

  • Strikes a refreshing balance between letting the game come to him and taking it to the defense aggressively.  He seemingly does both at the same time.

  • So deliberate and patient; never in a hurry

  • Moves pretty well without the ball to open spaces and off of down screens to get free

  • Strong open court player

    • Makes good decisions with the ball in his hands

    • Runs the court well and takes the proper angles to finish at the basket

    • Pushes the ball up the court when the opportunity is there

    • Decisive, and sees the position of the defenders with good vision

  • Fundamentally sound

Offensive Qualities
Basketball IQ


  • Good shooter overall

  • Shows a great touch from all over the floor

  • Shot is feathery soft

  • Displays terrific concentration on all types of shots, whether it’s from three with a hand in his face or at the basket in the midst of traffic

  • Very good shooter off the catch and shoot

  • Has good range from distance

  • Struggles a bit with his shot off the dribble

  • Good foul shooter

  • Shot selection

    • His hot spots are around both wings and towards the top of the key

    • Effective at forcing the issue going to the basket, thanks to his footwork, strength, intelligence, touch, and body control

      • If a shot is forced, it will most likely be going toward the basket

    • Predominantly shoots from 3 or in the paint/at the basket

    • Takes advantage of the defense playing the drive by decisively shooting from deep at a solid percentage

    • Will take advantage of the defense pressing up by using a mixture of intelligence/feel, body/strength, and ball skills to get to the basket

      • Or by using a ball screen to free him up

  • Mechanics

    • The rhythm to his shot is a dip-like movement with his hips and legs, recoiling back up in one movement into the release

    • Release point is from the middle of his face or so

    • Good, consistent follow through

    • Nice arc on the ball

    • Needs a little time to get the shot off

    • Relaxed shooter – fluid movements

    • Little wasted movement on the shot

    • Set shot from 3

    • Sets feet well and takes his time


  • Steadily improving handle

    • Tighter on some occasions than others, but uses the dribble consistently to get to the basket and make plays

  • Will need to continue developing dribble moves to create space

  • Protects the ball with his body

  • Solid ball control

  • Very comfortable with the ball in his hands going to the right, but becomes less comfortable when he is pressured and forced left

  • Dribbles with purpose

  • Uses a very effective inside out move off of ball screens and in the open court/transition

  • Dribbles with his eyes up

  • Developing deceptiveness off the dribble

  • Strong with the ball


  • A sound, fundamental passer

  • Makes the right play – good judgment

  • Strong drop off passer to big men off the drive

    • Puts a lot of pressure on the defense with this ability because, if help does not come, he converts at the basket at a good percentage

  • Advances the ball up-court with the pass

  • Capable of making the proper pass in the open court


  • Solid on-ball perimeter defender

    • Capable of pressuring the ball away from the basket

    • Moves his feet

      • Knows how to defend without fouling

    • Shows ability to clamp down

  • Places himself in good position, and maintains good balance between the ball and his man

  • Utilizes his strength when necessary

  • Good team defender

    • Understands how to participate in the overall defensive scheme

Basketball IQ

  • High IQ

  • Terrific at reading the defense, both as a team and his individual defender

    • Allows plays to develop

    • Does not make premature decisions

    • Does note force the issue often

    • Understands when to force the issue and when to simply probe

    • Understands when to finish and when to draw and kick

  • Mature decision-maker

  • Great basketball instincts

  • Good understanding of time, score, and spacing

  • A very heady player

  • Tremendous feel for the game


  • Very mature for his age

  • Never in a hurry; always patient

  • Looks like he genuinely enjoys playing the game

  • Calm under pressure; composed

  • His presence on the court gives his teammates confidence

  • Possesses a staying presence on the court

  • Good teammate

  • Unselfish

  • Plays to win!

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