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Real feedback for every player

You are looking for objective, constructive feedback.  Some exposure wouldn’t hurt either.  You'd like to receive coverage, but most scouting services only cover the bigger names.  Plus, there are so many of them and they all seem the same...  It's hard to know where to start. 

Point Guard Eyes provides unbiased analysis for all levels of players, boys and girls, at an unmatched level of detail.  You can tell us what level of detail you prefer and use the feedback to improve your game.  We will also use our platform to highlight your evaluation to help draw attention to your game and provide college coaches on all levels with the valuable insight they need.  

Receive your personal text only version in PDF format


Featured to thousands of readers and accompanied by video support



Showcased on Twitter to a growing audience and list of college coaches

In-depth evaluations 

Our main focus is on your game and potential for the future rather than rankings or status.  The most thorough of evaluations can potentially break your game into 10 areas and provide video clips to support the analysis.  The 10 areas include:

  1. Athleticism/Physical

  2. Offensive Qualities

  3. Shooting

  4. Dribbling

  5. Passing

  6. Defense

  7. Feel/Basketball IQ

  8. Coachability

  9. Intagibles/Disposition

  10. Big Man Attributes (if applicable) 

Tracking your progression

While it's important to get a complete snapshot of your current play and potential for the future, it is crucial to understand whether your game has progressed over time.  Point Guard Eyes will follow-up on your previous evaluation with an updated review emphasizing the improvements in your game year-over-year.

Choose the evaluation package that fits your needs

Who we evaluate

We will evaluate any player, boy or girl, grades 9-12. 

How it works

The entire process works in 3 steps:

Step 1: Request your evaluation package

Step 2: We contact you to finalize details and logistics (i.e. acquiring access to film, scheduling, timelines, etc.)

Step 3: We conduct the evaluation, send you a PDF, feature it on the Point Guard Eyes website, and showcase it on Twitter

*Photos being used on this site were found via Google search. 

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