The Service

Point Guard Eyes, a high school basketball player evaluation provider in the Washington, DC area, was recently started to provide player evaluations with a rare level of quality, thoroughness, and insight.  It is different from most services in that it largely focuses on the player’s game and his/her potential for the future rather than his/her ranking, recruiting status, and a few bullets summarizing his/her play on the floor. 

There are two goals for this service:

  1. Provide unbiased feedback to players who are interested in improving their overall game.

  2. Provide college coaches on all levels information they desire to make informed decisions on players as potential student-athletes. 

The most thorough of evaluations can potentially break down a player’s game into 10 areas, and provide video to support the analysis.  The 10 areas include:

  1. Athleticism/Physical

  2. Shooting

  3. Other Offensive Qualities

  4. Dribbling

  5. Passing

  6. Defense

  7. Basketball IQ

  8. Coachability

  9. Presence/Disposition

  10. Big Man Attributes 


Evaluations will only be written on players in grades 9-12.  For seniors, reports will typically cover undecided players only.  We will look to focus more on underclassmen, so that we can follow them as they progress through graduation.  This way, we can share a more informed opinion of how prepared they are for the next level, as well as how much room they still have left to grow as a player. 


Locally, within the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, we decide which players to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.  But we accept all reasonable direct requests online from players, parents, and coaches across the country.  It will be necessary for you to provide game film.  Contact us now!


Some evaluations may be more in-depth than others.  The level of detail will depend on different variables, but will be mainly based on the number of times we have seen the player compete.  We believe that these evaluations will be filled with some of the most detailed and thorough analysis you will ever come across on the prep level.

Access to the evaluations are currently free of charge.

By joining our email list, you can gain early access to new reports.  We will send you evaluations at least 24 hours in advance before they are published online.  Sign up now!

Feel free to contact me directly and request evaluations of specific players.  Again, players are locally evaluated in the Washington, DC area.  However, players from the Baltimore metro area can also be covered, as well. 

*All photos being used on this site are were found via Google search.