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Stephaun Walker

Coolidge High School (DC)

Team Takeover 




6'7 1/2"


~210 lbs



Strong Hand


Potential Level


May 2020
  • Currently, an active power forward showing signs of developing into a dual threat who can produce from the perimeter, as well as in the paint.  While improving this versatility on the wing, he takes full advantage of his strengths in the around the basket.

  • With a prototypical body type for a big wing, he has good potential to be an impact two-way player.  The combination of size and athleticism will be translatable to the next level, where he could potentially be able to guard 3-4 positions.   

  • A terrific rebounder who hits the boards hard on both ends of the court.  Possesses a skill set that is anchored by a solid base of fundamentals.  Strong motor, runs rim-to-rim, and follows up very well in transition. 

  • Still working on his touch around the basket, but shows maturity in his post-game.  Displays promise in the post.  Needs to improve consistency converting around the rim.   

  • Uses an effective second jump to convert second chance opportunities.  Learning how to use his body.  Has the tools.  Must continue to put the work in to develop them into a broader skill set.  Competitive with a calm demeanor.  Plays hard. 

  • Prototype body for a big wing, which he is working toward becoming

    • Pushing 6’8” (with shoes)

    • Athletic, strong build

    • Strong and maturing into his athleticism

      • On the smoother side of movement, combined with frequent moments of strength

        • Still learning how to use his strength in all areas/circumstances of the game

    • Nice length

  • Average lateral movement

    • Quickness drills and plyometrics should be very beneficial

  • Average fast twitch-muscle fibers

  • Two-legged jumper – regular lift, but has no problem finishing above the rim off a catch and finish situation

    • Nice, light/quick second jump on the offensive board

  • Has potential for greater explosiveness

  • Good endurance and a strong motor

    • Plays the majority of the minutes unless he is in foul trouble

  • Moves with force; not fast but not slow

    • Measured movements

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Exhibits a solid baseline of fundamentals

    • Footwork is there

    • Passes with two hands

    • Blocks out

    • Great post-up technique

    • Body control

  • Unselfish player who looks to make the right play

    • Was severely underfed during the games evaluated.  Will benefit from more touches.  No complaints; keeps playing.

    • Looks to make the right play

    • Allows the game to come to him, but not afraid to go get the ball for himself

  • Showed that he will take full advantage of his rebounding prowess when expected to, grabbing 18 boards against a team with no height (including a double-double in the 1st half).

  • Improving versatility

    • Straight line drives from the perimeter and finishing with strength

      • Finishes off of jump stops going right

        • Capable of shooting a step back going left

    • Improving ballhandling ability (see more in the “Dribbling” section)

    • Learning how to utilize his body to shield defenders in different circumstances such as finishing in traffic

  • The greater the size of his opponents, the farther out towards the perimeter he tends to play

  • At his best when he is aggressive

  • Works without the ball to gain position in the spots he feels comfortable

  • Displays a skillset that tells me is capable of more.  Looking forward to watching him play more in the future to confirm.

Big Man Attributes
Big Man Attributes
  • Love his rebounding ability – one of the better rebounders I saw this season

    • Very active on both ends of the floor; will work for boards

      • Strong offensive rebounder

    • Adept at finding a body to block out without losing track of the ball

      • Block out technique is solid, fundamental

    • Uses strength to come away with contested boards

      • Knows how to use his strength to clear position

    • Can improve consistency in gaining position/blocking out, which is promising, given his current effectiveness

  • Runs end to end with a driven motor

    • Follows up well in transition

    • Active movement overall

  • Shows foundational footwork around the basket with multiple moves in the post. Specifically executed the proper footwork on:

    • Up and under move

    • Roll drop step to his left from a leaning/looking right starting position (used basket for protection and attempted finish on the other side)

    • Drop step to his right with a power finish

  • More around the basket:

    • His post up is great.  Sits down and uses his hips/butt and elbows/forearms effectively.  Shows a nice, noticeable target. Consistently establishes good position to receive the ball.

      • Hands up and wide, slightly extended for the call

    • Shows good patience with his post moves

      • Will take his time to feel the defender and, at times, see the court

    • Finishes with strength, but still improving converting through traffic

      • Two hands on the ball

      • Needs to work on consistently extending his arms up on the finish

      • Tends to allow smaller defenders to get a piece on the shot

  • Still developing his touch and concentration around the rim, especially against a contest.  Needs to improve on shooting a composed shot consistently when under pressure.

    • Tends to miss easy chip-shots

    • Can sometimes rush the finish and put up a lesser quality shot

  • Must work on consistently finishing with his left hand

  • There was not a large enough sample size to comment on his current shooting ability.  However, his fluidity, comfort/confidence, and mechanics from seen from the sample size show me that he has potential in this area. 

    • Form/Mechanics

      • Shoots a set shot when he has the time, but shoots a jump shot on the move

      • Fluid movements in his shot; nearly one motion

      • Elbow is at about a 90-degree angle

      • Release is slightly to the right of his brow

      • Nice follow through

      • Will benefit from finishing by extending more up than out        

        • Misses long on his shot as a result

  • Shoots a nice foul shot; very consistent form with a soft touch

  • Real potential in this area of the game.  Should be able to effectively guard four positions as he progresses through the prep level, and possibly 3-4 at the next level.

  • Fundamental defensive stance with a strong base

  • Right now, on the perimeter, he tends to give his man space and allow an advantageous angle while attempting to time the block

  • Maintains good defensive stance

    • Even has consistency off-the-ball, which is rare enough on the prep level

      • Stays mentally engaged off-the-ball

  • Displays good positioning on and off the ball

    • Learning to play on the perimeter without fouling

  • Capable of contesting shots and staying vertical at the rim

    • Knows how to keep his hands straight up

    • Average rim protector; could be more aggressive

  • Ballhandling – shows that he is capable, but did not seem him put the ball on the floor more than 2-3 dribbles at a time very often.  Therefore, dribbling analysis is limited. 

    • Likes a hard dribble right, step hard, and bring it back left behind his back to create space

      • Can leave himself open to getting plucked when he does not create the space he intends, as he can be too close to his defender

    • Handled full court pressure nicely, helping to alleviate pressure for his guards

    • Prefers to keep the ball in his right hand; must continue to develop his left

  • Understands how to take advantage of a mismatch

  • Plays to his strengths

  • Currently has an average feel for the game, but it is improving by the game

  • Impressed with his positioning on both ends of the court

  • His ability to make reads from the post is developing

  • Looks to make the right play

Basketball IQ
  • Did not receive the ball in the post often from his guards, but I never saw him complain.  He just kept playing.  I liked what I saw in this.

  • Plays hard on both ends

  • Willing to get on the floor and do the dirty work; will hustle for boards/touches

  • Calm demeanor

  • If you knock him down, he is going to get back up and keep playing

  • Competitive – accepts the challenge

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