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Rodney Rice

DeMatha High School (MD)

Team Durant






185 lbs



Strong Hand



Virginia Tech

September 2021

Statistics from 2021 (9 Games Charted)

Rodney Rice Stats.jpg

Statistics from EYBL Peach Jam (11 Games)

Rodney Rice Peach Jam Stats.jpg
  • Very good positional strength

    • Finesse player who has the strength to take on physicality

    • Strength lies in his upper and lower body

    • Translates on both ends of the court

    • Moves with force and strength

    • Strong with the ball

  • Decent leaping ability off one foot when he can properly gather

  • Shows adequate speed with the ball in the open court

  • Limited burst/acceleration

  • Strong endurance

  • Moderate lateral quickness

  • Good body control and balance

  • Excellent hand-eye coordination

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Aggressive, score-first combo guard with a refined skillset who can fill it up from deep, hit difficult shots from mid-range, and convert around the rim at a high rate

    • Terrific shooter who knows how to put the ball in the basket

  • Will be productive within the majority of offensive systems, if not all, due to his adaptability and versatile scoring approach

    • Scores it from all three levels

    • Tough shot maker

    • Capable of getting his points within the offense

      • Has a tendency to break out of the offense and do his own thing

    • Also capable of scoring off of self-creation

  • A very notable shooter off the bounce

  • Skilled jab-step series

  • Owns an outstanding left hand

    • He will use it to drive and finish, or pull-up from mid-range or from 3

  • Prefers to go left; more effective going left

  • Has a refined step-back going left

  • Possesses a nice collection of dribble moves to create space

  • Likes to use pull back inside-outs, between the legs, and crossovers to set up his jumper, usually moving left

  • Especially fond of the inside-out

  • Likes to use an initial dribble move going left and then counter with a spin back right when cut off

  • Struggles to create separation against higher-tier athletes and defenders

    • In these instances, he:

      • Relies heavily on the pick-and-roll and his jumper off the catch

      • Tends to use too many dribbles in an effort to shake the defender moving east-west

      • Will benefit from moving more north-south off of decisive single and double dribble moves

  • Potent pick-and-roll player; cerebral in his approach

  • Willing to wait for the screen and has the patience to take the proper angle and maximize space creation off the screen

  • Utilizes a change of pace to keep the defense guessing

  • Going under the screen is out of the question

  • Capable of making plays for others

  • Understands when to reject the screen

  • Still learning how to consistently handle hard hedges and double teams

  • Runs the wing hard to spot up and knock it down in transition

  • Will help to create spacing with his shooting gravity

  • Understands how to make the game easier for himself

    • Movement without the ball

      • Excellent relocation instincts

      • Understands where his spots on the floor will be within the offense

      • Naturally moves to the open areas against the zone

    • Takes what the defense gives him

      • Knows how to take advantage of player personnel

    • Gets out in the open court for easy buckets

  • Excellent use of his body

    • Seals the defender on the step and then with his body.  Uses his shoulder to protect the ball and keep the defender at bay, giving him the space to operate and make his next move.

    • Has a developing hostage dribble

  • Smart in transition/semi-transition

    • Consistently shows sound decision-making

  • Will pull-up from mid-range when he has the defense retreating to the paint or the defender back on his heels, but prefers to get all the way to the rim

  • Has the ability to stop and pop from 22-23 feet

  • Knows how to draw the defense and make the play

  • Finishing

    • Crafty finisher who uses a variety of shot types to convert in the paint and around the rim

  • Finishes well with the left

  • Understands how to use the rim for protection

  • Finishes with strength, often keeping two hands on the ball before finally finishing with the right or left

  • Maintains body control on the way to the rim, as well as when making mid-air adjustments

  • Has a floater as part of his repertoire

  • Maintains concentration on the goal and uses a soft touch off the board

  • Has become much more comfortable running the point when asked to do so

    • Progressing playmaker who is at his best when he is willingly making plays for others, while still maintaining his aggression level as a scorer (see the “Passing” section for more)

      • Has improved his ability to create quality shots for others

        • Has improved his ability to get into the lane

  • Shows that he is able to handle pressure and initiate the offense

    • May sometimes come at the expense of ball movement, as he tends to move directly into pick-and-roll action or pounds the ball as he probes the defense looking for a shot

  • Practices quality ball security

  • Growing play maker out of pick-and-roll action

  • Often plays at his own pace and can be difficult to speed up

    • A player that remains in control of his body and mind

  • Excellent shooter overall.  A knock-down shooter when he has time and gets his feet set.

  • Very good on the catch and potent off the dribble

    • Accurate when shooting off the dribble going right or left but, as stated above, he is most effective going left

  • Has extended his range, shooting more consistently from longer distances

  • Can absolutely fill it up when he gets going, such as when he hit 7 in a row (including 6 threes) in the first half of the Peach Jam semifinal

  • Productive mid-range game

    • The numbers: 40% on 25 attempts across 9 games charted (only 1 Peach Jam game)

    • The context: nearly all shots were off the bounce and contested, resulting in a high degree of difficulty

      • Skilled at making tough shots

      • Very comfortable shooting off of single and double dribble moves

  • Consistent foul shooter – 80.3% on 56 attempts across games

  • Can shoot it off a jump stop or from a 1-2 step rhythm

  • Has a nice touch on his shot from all over the floor

  • Boundless confidence and a short memory

    • Possesses the ideal mindset of a shooter

  • Shows great concentration on the shot

  • Mechanics/form – the shot is grooved from successful muscle memory development

    • Uses his legs well to start a smooth upward momentum through the shot

    • There is some swing action as he brings the ball from right side of his body up and over to the left side of his head for the release

      • Release from the left side allows him to get clean shots off with limited space going left

  • As he goes through his shot motion, his body often rotates left and his left shoulder tends to hang open as a result

    • Can render his body un-squared

  • Wonderful snap of the wrist on his follow through

  • Shoots closer to the right side of his head when he is moving right

  • Shot selection

    • Blends various shot types into his offensive attack, mixing in a steady diet of mid-range attempts and drives to the rim to complement his assault from deep

      • Out of the 226 total shots attempted, 53.1% were 3-pointers

    • Knows where his spots are on the floor (i.e. left corner), but is comfortable shooting from anywhere

    • A bad shooting outing does not discourage him from being aggressive and taking the next shot

    • Tends to take ill-advised shots outside of the flow of the game

Shot Chart (9 Games Charted)

Rodney Rice Shot Chart.jpg
  • Solid handle with good ball control.  He has always had effective dribble moves at the point of attack in the half court, but he has tightened up his ball handling in other areas.

  • Protects the ball well with his body and is strong with the ball

  • Handles full-court pressure well

    • Uses a lot of change of direction to compensate for a lack of burst/separation

  • Small tendency to play around with the ball a little too much

  • Confident with the dribble in the open court, where he confidently snakes in and out of the defense searching for the opening he wants

  • Uses his handle in the backcourt to contribute to his overall playmaking ways

  • Has a tendency to leave the ball exposed as he gets stuck moving east-west in an effort to create separation

  • As stated above, he has a terrific left hand

  • Highly capable distributor and is at his best when he is a willing passer

    • Level of willingness varies

      • Has a tendency to look open teammates off

    • Regardless, he possesses the skills necessary to be an effective distributor, and has stints where he exhibits them. When he isn’t focused on his shot, he is a solid passer and at his best as a player.

  • Effective off the pick-and-roll hitting the roller, driving and kicking, and seeing the court as a whole

  • Competent passer off of penetration; good drive and kicker

    • Sees the shooters and delivers the pass right in the shooter’s pocket

  • Skilled at drawing the defense and delivering the pass

  • Has a tendency to hold on to the pass and take a lower quality shot himself instead

  • Reliable passer in open court play

  • Strong left-handed passer

Basketball IQ
  • High IQ player

  • Good court awareness and basketball instincts

  • Understands how to make the game easier for himself

    • Plays to his strengths

  • Recognizes how to take advantage of existing player personnel, such as attacking the rim when the opposition has no rim protection

  • Uses proper angles

  • Not to make it sound simple or cliché, but he sees what’s happening on the court and reacts accordingly with decisiveness

    • Contextual scenario: as the inbounder under his basket, he recognized his man was playing too far under the rim in an effort to prevent that pass.  A stack formation was in front of him, forming a natural barrier.  So he throws it in and quickly runs to the corner for the open shot.

  • Terrific understanding of space and time

  • Fundamentally sound

  • Well into learning how to read the defense

  • Overall, a sound decision-maker who has a very good understanding of the game

    • Typically mitigates against mistakes with the ball – 31 TOs in 19 games

  • Steady on-ball defender who looks to stay in front

    • Rarely applies ball pressure

    • Can find himself back on his heels and susceptible to drives to the basket

    • Will benefit from not being in reactive mode and, instead, look to dictate the opponent’s movements with the ball

  • Plays proper position defense on the help side, and steps in with his body/feet, as opposed to simply reaching

    • Has good hands from the help side

  • Has a tendency not to finish possessions by blocking out

  • Exhibits his strength on digs in the post

  • Understands team defensive concepts and how to implement them from his positions on the court

  • Lower motor on this end and would like to see greater activity

  • Serviceable on the boards

  • Composed under pressure

  • Calm temperament

  • Demands a lot of himself

  • Great work ethic

  • Has a tendency to exhibit negative body language that expressed frustration, disinterest, and some contempt for his teammates

  • Also shows positive body language amidst personal shooting struggles.  For instance, in the midst of a particularly tough shooting stretch, he showed no signs of slumping; nor did he put his head down in disappointment.  He just kept playing.

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