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Nyk Lewis

Gonzaga College HS (DC)

Team Takeover (Nike EYBL)






~170 lbs



Strong Hand




April 2023

Statistical Sample from the 2022-23 Season

Nyk Lewis Stats.jpg
  • Thin, athletic build with some wiry strength

    • Strength deficits show most on the defensive end. See the “Defense” section for more details.

    • Increases in strength will continue to come as he matures. Such increases should add to his other physical and athletic features talked about below.

  • Blow-by speed and acceleration

    • Speed is with and without the ball

  • Outstanding lateral quickness, including sharp changes of direction

  • Serious quick-twitch qualities

  • Finesse player who’s not afraid of contact on the floor or at the rim

    • Understands how to play through contact and is not averse to it

    • Possesses a growing ability to take contact on the floor and continue on his path

      • Sometimes with and, at other times, without interruption to his momentum

    • Willing to seek out contact to create the advantage

    • Has the toughness to handle a physical game

  • Rangy arms and great hand-eye coordination

  • Notable stamina and a superb motor

  • Constantly moves with urgency

    • Just plays with a lot of juice in his movements

  • Hips open and turn with agility, quickness and, again, urgency

  • Cat-like reflexes

  • Owns superior anticipatory qualities that will come to light throughout the remainder of the evaluation

  • Sound footwork; light on his feet

  • High-quality body control and balance, especially off the dribble

  • Has a very quick, effective first step

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • An attack-minded, skilled playmaking lead guard who specializes in breaking down the defense off the bounce to frequent the paint

    • Seeks to place immense pressure on defenses to guard the dribble drive throughout the course of the game

    • Top-tier advantage creator

  • His attack is driven by a rhythmic cadence off the dribble, complete with sharp changes of direction that are preceded by or combined with dramatic hesitations, stops-and-go’s, and changes of pace, as well as full sells on misdirection dribble moves. Almost everything is accompanied by or finished off with short, quick bursts that are filled with urgency.

    • His uncommon cadence makes him hard to predict. Uses naturally applied hesitations and changes of pace add to his effectiveness. His change of pace can be nasty, at times.

  • Very persistent on the drive – not afraid to change directions 2 or even 3 times in order to get where he wants to go

  • Changes of direction are direct, quick, and decisive. They’re often the result of a reaction to the defender as he counters his way into the lane/to the basket.

  • Counter moves are typically single moves, while his dribble moves from the point of attack can either be single or a combo

  • Double/combo moves usually use an inside-out in conjunction with a behind the back, between the legs, or crossover. In addition the traditional use, where the inside-out precedes the next move, he also likes to follow the initial crossover, etc. with the inside-out. He regularly combines it with a slight hesitation and does a great job of selling the inside out.

  • Every move is sold well. He shifts defenders by moving his body and feet to create misdirection, then creates separation with the quick move back the other way, followed by an acceleration by the defender.

  • Utilizes crossovers from right-to-left or vice versa at variable speeds, angles, and lengths. He will use longer, drawn-out, Iverson-like crosses or shorter, crisp crosses based on his desired effect.

  • Despite the focus on his use of direction changes with the ball in the bullets above, he also excels when attacking via straight-line drives. Moves north-south on a single move, a change of pace, or a catch-and-go to utilize his quick first step. He likes to get downhill, rely on his feel, and use his body to protect the ball to place him in position to finish.

    • Gets to the rack in a hurry on these north-south ventures, and can do so going right or left

  • Rim attack also includes the ability to post in the paint. Does a nice job of deceptively establishing position in the middle of the lane, sometimes as a part of drawn-up action. Moves decisively, with craft and a willingness to initiate contact to finish decisively.

  • Speaking of finishing…

    • A crafty finisher against rim protection. Capable of split second adjustments to convert against the contest.

  • Owner of an excellent floater game

    • Has multiple shot types off of one and two feet

      • Able to shoot it off either foot individually

  • Maintains focus on the rim despite the traffic around him and defenders aiming to protect the rim

  • Gets the ball out of his hand and up in the air quicker than the defenders can react

  • Able to shoot it with accuracy out of different speeds, including his speed dribble

  • Even outside of his floater, he’s able to get the ball out of his hand and up on the board very quickly

  • Has a tendency to rush his attempts and release it a little too quickly

  • Venturing back to finishing against contact – if he’s challenged by a rim protector, he prefers to get it out of his hand quickly and take the contact to the body after the release. He’s capable of finishing through the contact, and will occasionally absorb the contact in mid-air, hang, and finish.

    • Skilled at using his shoulder on the floor just before takeoff or in midair to clear space for the shot

    • Increases in physical strength as his body matures should prove very beneficial in this area​​

  • A frequently confrontational finisher

    • Forces the defense to make hard decisions

    • Fearless when attacking the rim

    • Understands how to draw contact and get to the line, and is willing to give up his body for the free throws

      • 31.9% free throw rate in 14 games charted

      • Greater scope: 34.9% free throw rate in 24 games charted (per Synergy)

  • Knows when to finish with the inside hand

  • Good left hand, but prefers his strong hand

  • Owns high-quality feel around the basket

  • A wide impact, high-feel offensive engine whose on-ball creation skillset and threat to drive sets up his midrange pull-up game, as well as his ability to set the table for others

    • Regularly creates opportunities for his teammates that don’t always lead directly to assists, but generates advantages for them to benefit from. Has a potent way of shifting defenders and tilting the defense.

    • Produces passing lanes by drawing in the help side through penetration deep into the teeth of the defense. By sucking the defense inward (or upward), he creates valuable additional time for his perimeter shooters to take advantage of their quality looks.

  • Pushes the pace with intelligence to apply pressure

  • A blur in transition who can function as a one-man fastbreak or run the traditional break as a distributor

  • Looks to take advantage of retreating defenses before they get set, including off of made baskets.

    • Tough in semi-transition when doing so. Identifies the driving lanes and attacks decisively, generating high-quality looks for his teammates as he gets deep into the lane. Additionally, he will stop-and-pop from midrange.

  • A dangerous threat off the backboard to grab it and go, as he’s a wonderful positional rebounder (see more in the “Defense” section below)

  • Some pick-and-roll notes

    • Looks to turn the corner and get into the interior of the defense to make decisions accordingly

      • Adept at keeping the defender at bay with his body after turning the corner

    • Usually does a good job of setting up the screen to get the angle

    • Not opposed to getting to a midrange spot for a pull-up

    • Capable of seeing the coverage ahead of time and adjusting his approach accordingly

    • Does a nice job of dragging the on-ball and ball screen defenders, producing space for the popper and weak side lifter

    • Learning to be patient and allow the defense to make a mistake, then take advantage of the mistake

    • Doesn’t feel the need to force the action in order to make a play

    • Will pull up for the 3 when the defender goes under the screen

  • Growing before our eyes as he receives invaluable experience running a team, controlling tempo, and playing with pace

    • A maturing floor general who thrives in a fast-paced game, but also shows an increasing ability to succeed in more structured environments

    • Controls his team in the half court

    • Learning to incorporate a greater use of pace into his game

    • Showed that he’s capable of succeeding at different speeds, with a preference for playing up-tempo

    • Improving his understanding of how to identify and provide what his team needs at different moments throughout the game

  • Solid decision maker from inside the lane, and a sound decision maker overall

    • Typically plays off of two feet as a decision maker

    • Decisive – seldom attacks without a plan

  • Not afraid to back it out when nothing is there. He’ll put the pressure on, back it out, set it up, then commence to putting the pressure on, again.

  • As a shooter, he exhibits a consistent ability to make shots

  • Shows a budding midrange game that feeds off of his rim attack

    • Effectively creates space by placing defenders on guard against the drive. Sells the drive by moving with velocity and purpose. In fact, his ability to feel the defender’s momentum leads him to immediately adjust his intentions to drive, allowing his body to react and take advantage of the opportunity to pull-up. The choice to do so is quick and decisive, exhibiting his feel for the on-ball defender and awareness of the help.

    • The need to create space is especially important due to the fact that he has a relatively low release point and doesn’t get a great amount of elevation on the jumper (see more on this in the “Shooting” section below). In addition to creating space/separation and pushing defenders backwards, he’s able to compensate with a quick release.

    • Pull-ups come out of attacking closeouts with traditional 1, 2, and 3-dribble pull-ups, off the live dribble from the point of attack in the half court, and pulling up in the midst of pushing the pace in transition/semi-transition or after made baskets.

      • Pull-ups from the point of attack in the half court often come out of the same on-ball reps described above (i.e. dribble moves)

  • Displays a preference for shooting going left

  • Capable of mixing in the step back moving to his left, and will benefit from implementing one moving right, too

  • Prefers to get within 17 feet and in, and shoots a solid percentage from the short midrange area overall

  • Steady from 3-point range, exceling as a catch-and-shooter, while displaying growth on his pull-up

    • Capable of shooting from all around the arc, with the majority of his attempts and makes coming from above the break or right at it

  • Growing ability to shoot off movement. Showed the ability to read the screen, catch, and shoot with confidence in limited reps.

  • The majority of his attempts come off of spot-ups, with one-and-two-dribble pull-ups coming next in volume.

    • Will occasionally pull-up in semi-transition

  • Cuts with purpose off the ball. He really moves when he cuts to create maximum effect of his movement.

    • Displays the ability to read the screen and react accordingly

    • Understands how to set up screens well with misdirection steps before the cut, as well as very nice changes of pace that show his savvy off the ball

  • Will use his superb anticipation to time and track down offensive boards for extra possessions, even off his own jump shot attempts

    • Averaged 1.96 offensive rebounds per game in 24 games, per Synergy

  • An emerging shot maker off the bounce who gave extended glimpses of such ability throughout the season. Possesses positive catch-and-shoot qualities and plus upside overall.

  • Consistent 3-point shooter, especially on the catch when he’s able to set his feet

    • Shot 33.3% on 3.4 attempts per game in 14 games charted

    • Greater scope: shot 38.0% on 3.3 attempts per game in 24 games charted (per Synergy)

  • Repertoire as a 3-point shooter off the dribble currently consists of 1-and-2-dribble pull-ups, mainly moving to his left

    • Puts extra arc on this shot, specifically

  • While he prefers to have time on the spot-up, he’s proven repeatedly that he has the ability to get the shot off quickly. Similar to his finishing game in the paint, he’s able to get the ball out of his hand quickly in order to compensate for the low release point (see more on his mechanics below).

  • Extending his range outward, occasionally showing the ability to knock it down from deeper distances

  • Flashes his ability to shoot off movement

  • Preps for the shot with sound technique. He’s ready to shoot it on the spot-up.

  • Next steps in his progression as a 3-point shooter are:

    • Greater overall volume

    • Gaining more comfort shooting off the live dribble, out of pick-and-roll action, and with more volume moving to his right hand

  • Advancing pull-up jump shooter who excels from the shorter midrange area

    • Growing accuracy from midrange – frequents various distances from short-to-long midrange, but prefers the short midrange

    • Nearly all attempts are off the dribble

    • Utilizes good footwork and maintains balance, despite sudden pull-ups at different speeds, including near-top speed

    • Capable of shooting the pull-up going right or left, but has a preference for and is more effective when shooting moving left

      • Enjoys greater rhythm and is more comfortable bringing his shooting hand to the ball

    • Will shoot it off a jump stop or on a 1-2, depending on the nature of his movements with the ball and the positioning of the defender(s). Has good rhythm with both sets of footwork.

  • Good free throw shooter with a tendency to struggle from time-to-time

    • Shot 69.0% on 4.1 attempts per game in 14 games charted

    • Greater scope: shot 76.4% on 4.4 attempts per game in 24 games charted (per Synergy)

  • A confident shooter who doesn’t allow a previous miss to deter him

  • Comfortable shooting under duress

  • Some shot selection notes

    • More than half of his FGA came from ~12 feet and in

    • 26% of his attempts were from 3, with the remainder coming from the various midrange levels

    • Selective 3-point shooter who prefers to get the best look that’s closest to the basket. Allows his feel to guide his decision making.

      • Will not hesitate to pull from deep if he feels it’s the right shot

  • Mechanics

    • Slight right leg inversion, especially from deeper distances

    • Generates good energy and shoots with upward energy through the ball. Releases it on his way up and shoots it upwards. All of which give the ball a high, rainbow-like arc.

    • Low elbow, with a release from around the nose level

      • Release level is lower from longer distances (~chin level)

      • Compensates with a quick release

    • Releases with a snap action

    • Consistent follow through

    • Shoots the same way on the vast majority of attempts

  • Very good passer off the live dribble

    • Strong drive-and-kick passer who creates excellent passing lanes and delivers a nice ball to his shooters’ pockets

  • Good penetrate-and-dump passer to the dunker spots and other rim cutters

    • Draws second-level defenders up to create those opportunities

    • Throws a nice slip pass through outstretched hands

  • His eyes are always up to read the defense, see the court, and find the open man

  • Understands when it’s necessary to be patient to allow the passing lane to open up, buying the necessary time with the dribble. His control and placement on backdoor passes and slip bounce passes to cutters are innately timed.

  • An unselfish, sound decision maker who is willing to make the simple pass – the right pass

  • Puts the right touch on various passes

  • Comprehends who he is passing to and makes the necessary adjustments

  • Advances the ball well with the pass

  • Can improve by placing more zip on his passes when appropriate, and will benefit from flicking his wrists more on the pass itself

  • Knows when to play connector, locating and delivering to shooters out of set plays, motion concepts, and other off ball actions

  • Owns a keen awareness of where his teammates are on the floor

  • Has a small tendency to telegraph various entry passes

  • Has a budding use of his left hand as a passer and will benefit with increased strength and more reps

  • In the half court, when running sets and other actions/concepts, he will utilize his ball gravity via penetration to set up shooters coming off of screens. As a result, he creates better angles on his passes and produces better spacing.

  • Good transition passer who sees the floor with clear vision and leads his teammates well. Knows how to run the break.

  • High-level, high-volume ballhandler who provides strong ball security with the rock in his hands

  • Owns a unique, rhythmic cadence and rhythm off the bounce (discussed in greater detail in the “Offensive Qualities” section)

  • Tremendous ball control

    • Keeps the ball away from defenders, while allowing his handle to consistently navigate him through the defense and into its interior

    • Maintains control of the ball in various stages of traffic

  • Does a terrific job of keeping possessions alive

    • Replaces himself very well with the dribble, producing extra space and time to process accordingly

    • Owns an effective escape dribble, evading the defense with energy and earnestness

    • Sustains his dribble against doubles and hard traps

  • Despite his high-volume and advanced ability to keep his dribble alive, he still dribbles with a lot of purpose. It’s very rare that he simply pounds it just to pound it.

  • Exhibits freedom and creativity with the rock

    • Very relaxed with the ball

    • Creatively improvises with the dribble

  • Uses a superb speed dribble to cover ground in a hurry. Can push the ball at max speed, blowing by defenders, while maintaining complete control of the ball and his body.

    • Able to maintain control of the speed dribble when taking on defenders in the open court, as well as in the middle of traffic as he pushes it up the court

  • Just as skilled with his left hand as he is with his strong hand

  • His persistence and ferocity off the bounce allow him to take on contact in route to the rim without knocking him off his path

  • Effective single and combo dribble moves that are quick and filled with urgency

    • Mixes these qualities with sharp changes of direction and/or terrific misdirection work by using his feet and body to shift on-ball defenders with a looser, yo-yo-type handle or blow by them with a tight, controlled burst. 

  • Has a small tendency to allow the ball to drift a little too high when changing hands, especially when utilizing hesitations in the process of the exchange from one hand to the other. With that being said, he also protects the ball well with his body. It’s rare for a defender to get a hand on the ball.

  • See the “Offensive Qualities” section above for greater detail on his dribble moves

  • Keeps his eyes up on the drive

  • Handles full court man pressure with ease. Doesn’t play around with it in the backcourt.

  • On-ball defense

    • A ball hawk who’s capable of exerting effective full-court pressure, using his lateral quickness and anticipation to turn defenders in tandem with his quick hands, long arms, and superior hand-eye coordination to disturb ball handlers

    • Applies adequate ball pressure in the half-court, and can ratchet up the pressure to harass the ball handler and prevent him from operating freely

    • Guards with sound technique, moving his feet and defending without fouling

      • Utilizes his lateral quickness and anticipation to maintain sound guarding position

    • Times the ball handler’s dribble well

    • Defends with effort

    • Has a small tendency to overplay the pressure and get beat as a result

  • So alert, especially on the help side, and is always prepared to pounce on an opportunity to pick up a steal. Constantly knows where the ball and his man are.

    • Anticipates the next pass

      • Plays the passing lanes with terrific timing

    • Quick hands on the pilfer and great hands from the help side

    • Picks up a lot of steals sneaking around from the back side

      • Gambles intelligently

    • Averaged 2.2 steals per game in 24 games charted (per Synergy)

    • Also frequently picks up several disruptive deflections throughout the course of each game

  • Strength deficiencies show most on this end, mainly when dealing with screens

    • Can struggle getting through/over/under ball screens

      • Has a tendency to anticipate the ball screen and give too much ground to the ball handler in expectation of receiving contact from the screener

    • Navigating off-ball screens

  • A-1 positional rebounder

    • Supreme timing and anticipation for where the ball is coming off the rim

    • Aggressively pursues the ball

    • Will often come away with the long rebound on the run, leading directly into transition opportunities

      • Moves with urgency to secure the long rebound

    • Was a legitimate double-double threat (points and rebounds) throughout the 14 games charted, recording 2, with another four contests at 8 rebounds and three others with 7

  • His basketball savvy shows through on this end, as well

Watch how he baits the ball handler into the pass and then jumps the lane

  • Consistently sprints back on defense

  • Can stand to improve as a verbal communicator

  • Strong understanding of team defensive concepts and position-based defense

Basketball IQ/Feel
  • Outstanding basketball IQ

    • Consistently showed veteran savvy as a young point guard against a national schedule

  • A quick study who owns all the right instincts for this game

  • Possesses advanced feel, particularly off the bounce

    • Also possesses a great feel for time and space

  • Improved decision maker overall

  • Tremendous court awareness on both ends of the court

  • A heady decision maker with quickening processing abilities

    • Consistently makes heads-up plays

  • Has a steadily improving ability to limit mistakes

  • Understands and executes on game plans. Possesses the flexibility and capacity for mid-game adjustments.

    • Often collaborates with his coach to take advantage of opportunities he sees in real time

    • Identifies personnel mismatches and moves quickly to take advantage

  • Comprehends time and score

  • Increasing in understanding of when to distribute and when to attempt to score

  • Consistently makes the right play. Willing to make the simple play.

  • Plays winning basketball. Plays with a purpose.

  • Holds the perfect amount of natural aggression on both ends of the court

  • Does not allow mistakes to affect his effort or decision making on the next play

  • Showed resilience in situations where he got off to slow starts, maintaining his effort level, concentration, and confidence. Additionally, he found other ways to impact the game and contribute to winning.

    • Slow starts didn’t affect his decision making either. He remained consistent in this regard by making the right plays.

  • No backing down from anyone. Although he goes about his business quietly, he plays with a “dog” mentality, but with an air of humility.

  • Naturally assertive on the floor and extremely competitive

    • Plays very hard. Leaves it all out on the floor and seldomly takes a possession off.

  • Leads by example. Has taken over the reins of a national program as a young point guard and the vocal portion of his leadership is the next step. Right now, it’s a work in progress.

  • Very even-keeled

  • Largely poised and composed under pressure

  • Plays with a discreet toughness

  • Fantastic work ethic

    • A gym rat who has to be forced out of the gym

      • Hits the gym with purpose, which is always to improve

    • Just as he leaves it on the floor during games, that same effort translates to practice

      • Puts in the work before and/or after practice

    • Loves the game

  • Student of the game who watches a lot of film on players from all levels in an effort to pick up subtleties and add different skills to his game

  • Very open and receptive to coaching, maintaining his focus on improvement and turning weaknesses into strengths

    • Just wants to get better!

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