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Noah Batchelor

IMG Academy 

Team Thrill






~185 lbs.



Strong Hand




November 2020
  • A long and rangy fundamentally sound wing who is a knock-down catch-and-shooter from anywhere around the perimeter.  Shoots with terrific range and a growing confidence. 

  • Should fit within various offensive styles to contribute in an impactful way.  A sneaky athlete who gets out and fills the lane to finish above the rim or flare out to spot-up from 3.

  • Has a growing understanding of how to move without the ball to create quality shots.  Needs to develop his physical strength and improve his ballhandling against pressure, as well as the open court.

  • High-ceiling shooter with a strong work ethic.  Soft touch around the rim.  A solid decision-maker who understands who he is as a player.  Capable finisher who needs to grow more comfortable with contact.

  • A developing defender who takes it seriously.  Tough and competitive.  Willing to be an antagonist and issue challenges on the court.  Enjoys the game and plays with exuberance.

  • Deceptive athleticism

  • Athletic, slim build

  • Great length out on the wing as a shooter; long and rangy

    • Long arms and legs

  • Sneaky bounce; jumps well off of one or two feet.  Finishes easily above the rim.

  • Very good stamina.  Generally, plays all 32 minutes.

  • Needs to improve strength on both sides of the floor

  • Not slow, but does lack lateral quickness and foot speed

  • Will benefit from becoming more comfortable with contact on both ends of the floor

  • Good overall agility


Knock-down catch-and-shooter from all over the perimeter.

Video credit: East Coast Bump

  • Shoots with terrific range; shoots it well from the NBA 3

  • Shoots it the same way every time, whether he is wide open or under pressure.  This is important for at least 2 reasons:

    1. He shoots with good mechanics

    2. His muscle memory will continue to improve, propelling his consistency and lifting the ceiling on his potential

  • Love the way he prepares to shoot before he receives the pass

    • Sets his feet very nicely; really gets them down

      • Slightly unsquared, pointing slightly to the left

    • Knees are bent and hands are ready with a target to receive the pass and transition directly into his shooting motion

Video credit: DMVElite

  • Does a great job of powering his shot through his legs and up through the shot

  • The shot is virtually one continuous movement with little wasted movement

  • Maintains very good concentration

  • Clean release; snaps the wrist with force at the end of fully extended shooting arm​​

  • Has a soft touch on his outside shot.  The ball is friendly to the rim.

  • Possesses a very nice touch around the basket and in the paint

Video credit: East Coast Bump

  • Seems to have a short memory.  Will scold himself internally, but does not allow it to affect the next shot. 

    • Shoots it with a lot of confidence.

  • Adept at drawing the foul for 3 shots

  • Good foul shooter

    • Leaves the line too early every now-and-then

  • Shot selection – has very good judgment; exhibits patience and does not force shots.  Allows his shot attempts to come to him through what the defense gives him, and from what he gets from playing within the offense.

    • While he is capable of mixing it up from 3 levels, he is most comfortable from behind the arc

      • As stated, he is comfortable and accurate from everywhere around the arc

      • Does not hesitate to shoot from deep

    • Would like to see him around the paint more often to take advantage of his size, athleticism, and excellent touch

      • Does not look to get to the basket unless it is in transition or via a back door cut

    • Utilizes the mid-range at times, but the vast majority of his shots come from 3 or in the paint

      • Has a beautiful, fluid pull-up jumper going left that is set up off of either a ball screen or a jab-step into one or two dribbles

        • He is capable of shooting this pull-up going left from 3, as well

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Promises to be successful in various offensive systems due to his shooting ability, basketball IQ, and combination of size and length.  He is someone you will be able to integrate into your offense and add to the chemistry on the floor.  He is not a player who is going to create his own shot, but he does have time to develop this skill.  Fit will be important to his success at the next level.

    • He can play within half-court set-heavy offenses designed to free shooters, or motion-oriented systems with free movement reads

      • Does a great job of moving with purpose off the ball; cuts with a lot of purpose

        • Has a terrific curl cut, which he can shoot off of from long distance

          • Does not allow room between himself and the screener when the defender is trailing, dips his shoulder

Here he is coming off the screen for a game winner against Seton Hall Prep (NJ)

Video credit: Dye Sports Network

      • Utilizes the back door cut at the appropriate times
      • Flashes well to the open area, showing the target and staying low so that he is ready to catch, square, and shoot

        • Shows a growing awareness of changing paces when moving without the ball

      • Again, he can serve as a dangerous spot-up shooter from anywhere on the perimeter, which is vital in a ball screen/pick-and-roll heavy offense

        • Does a good job of maintaining proper spacing when spotting up, moving away from the ball to the open areas to maintain driving lanes for the penetrator

        • His shooting will increase the available space on the floor by demanding the attention and therefore weakening the help side

        • Does not function as the primary ballhandler in PnR action unless the pick is on ball before he puts the ball down on the floor to dribble

      • He can play in a faster-paced setting with his willingness to consistently accelerate, fill the lane, and/or spot up on the perimeter for playmakers to find him

        • Really like the way he gets up the floor.  He consistently sprints the lanes and flares out to his spots accordingly. 

  • A very fundamental player.  Does the small things the right way.

  • Needs to continue improving his ball skills

  • Plays a finesse game

  • Unselfish, team-first player

  • Allows the game to come to him; takes what the defense gives him.  He does not aggressively seek shots, but his trigger is growing quicker as he gains more and more confidence. 

    • Functions fully within the team’s offense

  • Needs to be prepared to finish at the rim.  Seems reluctant to finish at the rim over the presence of a rim protector.  However, he is highly capable.  It will be interesting to see his development in this area.

    • Will benefit from finishing on the other side of rim, using it to protect the ball

  • Lacks confidence in his dribble

  • Uncomfortable handling the ball against pressure and physicality

    • Allows the defender to get into his body and push him laterally

  • Needs to work on his ball control against on-ball defense, as well as using his body to protect the ball

    • Will benefit from keeping the ball lower and tighter to his body

  • Sees the open teammate on-the-move

  • Rotates the ball nicely on the perimeter; does not hold onto it

  • Made good reads on a limited number of pick-and-roll samples

  • Uncomfortable passing the ball off the dribble unless he is able to throw a jump pass, which he heavily favors

  • Can sometimes be too unselfish

  • Takes this side of the court seriously, but has work to do

  • On ball – decent defensive stance; should focus on keeping his back upright, as opposed to hunched over

    • Strategy is to stay in front and contest the shot; does not apply pressure

      • Does a good job of contesting (does not give up on the play).  His length and sneaky leaping ability disturb the shooter if they don’t create enough space

    • Struggles to contain the dribble drive

  • Off ball/help side

    • Maintains good attention between ball-and-man

    • Has a tendency to get mixed up in off-ball action

  • Decent overall defensive rebounder

    • Consistently blocks out – when the ball goes up, he is looking to get his body on someone

    • Gets good position, but has a tendency to get pushed under the basket

    • Does not come away with contested rebounds often

  • Solid post-defender who does a nice job of staying vertical and maintaining position

    • Lack of strength shows in this area against stronger offensive players who are able to use their body to their advantage

      • Will benefit from staying in a defensive position (knees bent and bracing for leverage) right up until the time a shot goes up

  • Communicates with his teammates from the back of the zone

Basketball IQ
  • Understands who he is as a player

  • Cares about making the right play

  • Solid decision-maker, which is especially evident in his shot selection and movement without the ball     

    • See comments on moving without the ball in the “Offensive Qualities” section

  • Understands time and score

  • Understands space and time

  • Terrific teammate who consistently encourages his teammates and celebrates their successes

  • Shows a lot of enthusiasm not just when he is playing well, but when his team is playing well

    • He does not need to be successful as an individual to play hard and be exuberant

      • Really seems to enjoy the game

  • Very competitive – he isn’t just accepting challenges out there, he is also issuing them

  • Stays very positive – positive body language; positive with his teammates; positive with himself

  • Listens to his coach intently

  • Exhibits respect for coaching decisions

  • Strong work ethic

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