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Kailyn Bell

Ridley High School (PA)

Delco Goats









Strong Hand


Potential Level


August 2021
Offensive Qualities
Other Offensive Qualities
  • Interchangeable between the point and off-guard positions

    • Main role when playing both is a distributor

    • Her focus is to get others involved and run the team from the lead guard position

  • Consummate team player who understands her role and stays within it

  • Strong fundamentals

  • Very unselfish

  • Exhibits proper footwork

  • Plays a solid floor game

  • Understands how to move to the open areas against zone defenses and maintain proper spacing

    • Will benefit from cutting with purpose more consistently against man-to-man defense

  • Playmaking – shows flashes of capable playmaking

    • Penetrates with a plan

    • Sets her teammates up nicely for quality looks

  • Will occasionally push the pace to draw and kick to shooters

  • Pick-and-roll play

    • Uses good angles off the ball screen

    • Patiently awaits the screener to get set

    • Pass-first off the pick

    • Conservative decision-maker

    • Could consider being more aggressive by looking to turn the corner more often

  • Provides flashes of getting to the rim off the bounce, such as this nice hesitation crossover for the finish

  • Finishing

    • Exhibits the ability to finish with her left hand

      • Will improve by continuing to strengthen this ability

  • Owns strength to finish through some contact

  • Can improve on:

    • Finishing with two hands in traffic/against the contest to add strength and ball protection

    • Maintaining focus on the goal in traffic

  • Will benefit from developing a runner/floater around the paint

  • Displays a knack for drawing shooting fouls around the rim

  • Effective positional offensive rebounder

    • Uses her anticipatory skills to track the ball and judge where it’s coming off the rim

  • A note on getting open against the deny: she can walk the defender down, reverse pivot into them, making contact/impact with her shoulder and hip/behind as she moves into them.  As she’s pivoting, she should use her non-pivot leg to seal them and then explode out to call for the ball.

  • As a screener, she does a good job of seeking out the defender to screen, as opposed to moving to a specified area

  • Showed the incorporation of a one-dribble pull-up that was nicely executed

  • Still working toward becoming a more consistent shooter overall

  • Shoots it with confidence and provides glimpses of her potential from 3-point distance

  • Maintains good concentration on the rim

  • Choosy shot selection

    • Majority of attempts in the games covered were from 3 or around the rim

    • Would like to see her to be more aggressive in looking for her own shot

  • Form/Mechanics

    • When shooting on the catch, the right foot is a half-step too far out in front of the left foot

      • Bring that right foot back ½ a step

      • This doesn’t appear to take place when shooting off the dribble

    • Both feet are slightly angled to the left, away from the rim.  This leaves the lower body slightly rotated to the left.

    • Mostly on the catch, the initial shot motion involves a “loading” up of sorts, where she moves the ball slightly away from her body before bringing it back in to continue up into the shot motion

      • Eliminating this extra motion will increase the quickness of the shot and cut down on the overall movement, which should help contribute to more consistency (the less movement, the better)

    • Appears to use the guide hand’s thumb, flicking it upon the release

      • Keeping the guide hand flat (or simply removing the thumb action) will improve consistency

    • Release is from under the chin

    • Shoots up to create a favorable shot trajectory

    • Consistent follow through

  • Shoots a set shot

    • Needs time to get the shot off on the catch

  • Comfortable shooting off the bounce

    • Shoots off a jump stop

    • Quicker release

    • Less overall motion in the shot

  • Very willing passer; makes the right pass with a nice delivery

    • Makes the extra pass without hesitancy

  • Displays good vision

    • Shows awareness of where her teammates are and where they are going to be

  • Advances the ball well with the pass

  • Effective as a passer upon penetration into the lane

    • Drive and kicks to shooters

    • Dump-offs to the block/paint

  • Good post-feeder

    • Uses the correct technique on her bounce passes and overhead passes

    • Correctly uses an extra dribble to create the proper passing angle and places the pass away from the defender

  • Tends to put too much air on the pass in situations where more zip is warranted

    • Has a greater tendency to pass with predominantly one hand instead of two

    • Will benefit from cleaning up her technique by using two hands and flicking her wrists

  • Comfortable throwing passes with her right or left hand on the perimeter

    • Uses the left-handed pass appropriately

  • Displays a nice touch on her passes overall

  • Capable of making accurate passes off the live dribble

  • Sound decision-maker

  • Makes efficient use of her dribbles

  • Has a good, controlled speed dribble

    • Fluid change of direction on the run

  • Nice posture – can be a bit too upright

    • Will benefit from getting her body lower to the ground

      • Will help to maximize explosiveness and increase ball protection, control, and quickness

  • Has a tendency to change directions before crossing over.  As a result, the ball is traveling slightly behind her.

  • Crossover tends to be “over the top” against ball pressure rather than v-shaped.  The v-shaped crossover keeps the ball lower and decreases the likelihood of the defender getting a hand on it.

    • Uses the “over the top” crossover effectively when putting pressure on the defense moving downhill

  • Will improve by working on dribbling around bodies with a focus on keeping the ball low and eyes up

    • Work on change of hands and directions with the crossover, while incorporating other dribble moves such as between the legs and behind the back to add ball protection

  • Will also benefit from keeping her body between the ball and the defender more consistently

    • For instance, when entering the ball into the offense by dribbling to the wing, step into the body of the defender using the shoulder/body and push/explode back off the planted foot to create the space to crossover

      • Be careful not to push off of the defender

  • Reliable; pays close attention to detail.  A few examples include:

    • Rarely allows cutters to cut in front of her face

  • When pressing full-court off of scores, she immediately locates and guards

  • Maintains a good balance of attention between ball and man off the ball

  • Excellent at getting back on defense to stop ball and defend the basket to prevent easy attempts

  • Strikes on backside steal opportunities without putting her team at a disadvantage

  • On-ball defense

    • Impressive overall – makes the ball handler work, stays in front, and knows how to lead the ball handler into help

    • Solid defensive stance

    • Plays defense with her feet and generally does so without fouling

      • Usually preserves good balance

      • Crosses her feet when moving laterally to stay in front, which will be troublesome against quicker ballhandlers who are capable of effective misdirection/change of direction dribbles

        • Avoid bringing the feet together/crossing feet

    • Does not quit on the ball and often cuts the opponent off as a result

  • Will benefit from more active hands

  • In the half-court, she meets the ball at half-court to apply pressure

  • Applies effective full-court pressure, turning the ball handler multiple times and successfully leads them into traps

  • Good communicator

  • Shows sound technique on closeouts

    • Completes the closeout by turning and blocking out without fouling

  • Consistently blocks out

    • Superb technique

    • Makes a concerted effort to find a body when the shot goes up

    • Has a tendency to focus too much on the block out and not enough on the ball itself

  • Possesses good hands that are capable of plucking the ball from defenders on-ball and from the help side position

  • Plays with anticipation

  • Does an excellent job of staying in her defensive stance off the ball

Basketball IQ
  • Excellent court awareness

  • Exhibits a sound understanding of moving without the ball

    • i.e. Displays the knowledge/feel of when to use the back door

  • Knows how to draw the defense and understands when to make the pass as a result

  • Displays the ability to read the defense for fast break opportunities

Here’s a nice look without putting the ball on the floor to take advantage of the 2-on-1

  • Values possessions

  • Shows a feel for the game

  • Sound decision-maker overall

  • Has a firm grasp on offensive and defensive game plans

  • Understands time and score

  • Brings stability to the floor for her team

  • Good motor on both ends; plays hard

  • Disciplined on both ends, too

  • Plays to win the game

    • Competitive

  • Takes the game seriously

  • Celebrates her teammates’ successes

  • Gets on the floor without hesitation and is seemingly always in the mix

  • It sounds cliché, but she does a lot of things that do not show up in the box score

  • Good hand-eye coordination

  • Possesses nice timing and anticipation

Here she is anticipating where the ball is coming off the rim, and finishing nicely with tough left-handed 7-foot shot

  • Fair positional strength

  • Exhibits an overall toughness you like to see in the backcourt

  • Not afraid of contact

  • Restricted quickness and foot speed

    • Can improve through various quickness drills, plyometrics, and speed drills

  • Room to improve conditioning

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