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Judah Mintz

Gonzaga High School 

Team Takeover






~170 lbs.



Strong Hand


Potential Level


August 2020
  • Traditional shooting guard with an impressive offensive arsenal and a scorer’s feel for the game.  Outstanding jab-step series leading into a strong mid-range game.  Excellent potential.

  • An efficient scorer who shoots a high percentage from 3; shot maker off the catch or bounce.  Excels in one-on-one situations from all over the perimeter.  Stands out most as a ballhandler in the half court as a scoring threat.

  • A confident player who plays the game with or without the ball in his hands.  Active defender who plays the passing lanes with long arms and athleticism. 

  • Sound decision maker who plays the game the right way.  Runs the floor and attacks the basket.  Shows explosion in the open court, and will lean on you at the rim.

  • Very good athlete overall

  • Slender, lanky build with long arms

  • Quickness

    • Quick twitch fibers

    • Nice first step

    • Sharp, cutting movements; but still fluid

    • Laterally quick

  • Bounce – has a spring in his step; shows explosion when finishing at the basket, especially in the open court. He will punch it on you if you’re not aware as a defender. 

  • Good body control

  • Needs to continue to develop strength.

  • Fluent movements

  • Nice speed and acceleration in the open court

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Played the role of an efficient scorer on a talented team within a disciplined offense.  Make no mistake, though, he is out there with scoring on his mind.  He has a harnessed aggression with the ball in his hands, and is looking to put points on the board.  He knows how to find the bottom of the basket.  With that said, he possesses the IQ to make the right play, find the open man, and play within an offensive system that shares the ball. 

    • I look for him to move into a much more aggressive role, which should suit him well as a legitimate 3-level scorer who has the ability to create his own shot with the dribble or by playing off the ball

    • Speaks to his ability to play within a system at the next level, while possessing the ability to create off the dribble to get to his spots. 

      • Will most likely excel when getting him into space and his comfort areas in the half court, running sets to let him read screens, and serving as the recipient of drive-and-kicks. 

  • Displays nice versatility as a scorer, and has a scorer’s feel for the game.  Possesses a high ceiling as a scorer overall. 

    • Excels in one-one-one situations when starting off the catch and moving into a refined jab step series.  Comfortable working from pretty much anywhere along the perimeter.

      • He is dangerous here.  With a quick first step that keeps defenders honest, his jab step is very effective in getting the defender off balance by leaning or moving their energy to the fake.  Yet, his shooting ability keeps defenders ready to contest the jumper.  These factors, if anything, give him the psychological advantage his movements have begun.  More on this later.   

    • His mid-range game is tough because he is not only a good shooter, but his shot creation skills that allow him to get to his spots and pull up are effective, as well

      • The shot creation can come from a number of different looks:

        • The jab-step series talked about above

        • Starting to make his move from an existing dribble

        • Moving without the ball

    • While he is a very effective scorer off the dribble, I absolutely love his potential as an off-the-ball scorer.  He predominantly played off the ball this past season. 

      • Very good shooter off the catch

      • He moves well without the ball to shift the defense and create spacing for his teammates

        • Aware of overall spacing

      • Shows a foundation of the importance of the subtleties of changing pace

      • Implementing more movement with purpose will afford more quality looks

    • Shows the ability to get to the basket and draw contact.  Generally drives going right.

      • Needs to continue honing his concentration in traffic

      • Finishes above the rim in transition; runs the floor well in transition

      • Will benefit from strengthening his driving game going left and finishing left

      • Good fastbreak finisher; runs the floor well in transition. 

    • Scores at 3 levels

    • Displays an understanding of how to get to the line, but lacks consistency.  I expect this to develop with more touches and opportunities. 

  • Capable of attacking to the right or left, but prefers going left

  • Effective off the dribble.  Good wiggle and uses an assortment of dribble moves and deceptive faints/fakes. 

    • Has a tendency to waste a little movement in his efforts to create space.

  • Proficient jab step series

    • Impressive footwork

    • Prefers to jab right then go left

      • Go-to move is the simulated crossover from right-to-left

      • Initial move of faking right, going left can become predictable at times

      • Will benefit from incorporating a beautiful rocker step more often, where he fakes right, hints left but then comes back right

  • Comfortably performs step backs going left and right.  Will need to improve consistency in the shot.

    • Drives the defender back and reads the momentum to plant and step back

    • Creates good space and elevates well

  • Open court

    • Attacks the basket with aggression when finishing at the rim

      • Not afraid of taking on the defender

    • Would like to see him become a little more comfortable with the ball as a playmaker

    • Looking to make the right play

  • Improving ability to make plays for others and advancing in his overall floor game.  His junior and senior years will be fun to watch as he matures and comes into his own.

  • High percentage shooter when he gets set from all around the perimeter

  • Consistent from 3 – nice stroke

  • Really like the way he shoots the ball.  It’s smooth and comfortable with nice elevation on the jump.  Adequate trajectory on the shot.

    • Shot flattens more in trajectory when shooting off the dribble

  • Very good mid-range; prefers to shoot going left off of:

    • Dribble pull ups from the jab step series

    • Combo dribble moves

    • Slightly fading turnaround jumper off a nice spin move away from the defender

  • Terrific catch and shooter

  • Prepares for the shot ahead of time, then catches and releases with a good rhythm

  • Maintains good concentration on the basket while shooting

  • Form/Mechanics

    • Vertical shooting posture

    • Keeps the elbow tucked

      • Would like to see it a bit higher, as well as the release

    • Release is from around his right eye

    • Snaps wrist on the follow through

    • Can leave his left shoulder hanging out sometimes, usually off the dribble going left

  • Intelligent shot selection – uses good judgment.  Actively looks for the highest percentage shot opportunities. 

  • Best at handling in the half court as a scoring threat

    • Uses an assortment of effective dribble moves to the left and to the right

    • Uses a nice spin move to use the defenders’ momentum against them

      • The spin can either be tight and leading him to the basket or it can be away from the defender and the basket in order to create room for a turnaround J

    • Smooth left-to-right crossover

    • May overdribble here and there but, generally, will get off the ball if there’s nothing there

  • Will benefit from keeping the ball and his body lower.  It will improve explosion, ball security, and the effectiveness of his dribble moves.

  • Improving with the ball in the open court; shows a good speed dribble with both hands

  • From a small sample size, he shows a little discomfort handling the ball in the back court or farther away from the basket as an initiator or primary ballhandler.  However, he also showed the ability to help alleviate full court pressure. 

  • Needs to continue to work on his strength with the ball

  • Sees the court well in the half court

  • Makes good decisions with the pass; makes the right play

  • Displays the capability to penetrate, draw help-side, and kick to the open shooter

    • Utilizes a solid jump stop to maintain body control

    • Has a tendency to leave his feet to pass when moving off the bounce

  • Willing to get off the ball; reverses the ball instead of holding onto it

  • I like his potential to improve in this area of the game

  • Really like his potential on this end, especially as he grows stronger with physical maturity.  His physical development and improvement in defensive technique will be key. 

  • Stays presently aware and active off the ball

  • Very good anticipation

  • Plays the passing lanes well

    • Really gets those long arms out there into the lanes

    • Turns defense into offense

  • Improving on-ball defender who treats defense seriously

    • Attempts to play D with his feet, but has a tendency to hop instead of moving/sliding his feet

  • Gives good effort, which is also mixed with intelligence

  • Understands his rotations and role within the overall team schema

Basketball IQ
  • Plays the game the right way

  • Anticipates the play on both ends of the floor

  • Plays within himself; does not attempt to go outside of his abilities

  • Has a good feel for the defense

  • Understands space and time, as well as time and score

  • Comprehends game plans 

  • Moves well to the open areas of the floor

  • Quiet way of handling his business

  • Plays with intensity

  • Competitor

  • Team player

  • Celebrates his teammates’ successes

  • Good overall aggression level on both ends

  • Consistent motor; plays hard

  • Confident in his abilities

  • There were times during the season when he came off the bench.  There were also games where his coach was quick to pull him after a mistake.  I saw no slouching or pouting as a result.  Further, it never seemed to effect his energy and effort on the court. 

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