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Jordan Hawkins

DeMatha High School 

Team Durant - Nike EYBL









Strong Hand


Projected Level

High Major

April 2019
  • A talented, offensive-minded shooting guard that is still developing his skill set.  Possesses substantial potential to continue improving in all areas of his game; love his potential.

  • Volume shooter.  Knows how to score by playing to his strengths, which are getting to his spots in the mid-range game and running the floor in transition.  Shows an encouraging knack to get to the line consistently, but can still improve.

  • Smooth, impressive athleticism.  Shows signs of explosiveness in the open court.  Has a good feel for his defender and uses a sound jab step series to create space in the half court.

  • Good timing and anticipation skills, but must improve on the defensive end.  Also needs to address his lack of physicality through strength training.

  • Very competitive; offensively aggressive.  Displays good instincts on offense.  Would benefit from greater activity in other areas.

  • I was concerned his development would be stunted by playing in the Montgomery County Public Schools league.  However, he has recently transferred to DeMatha to play in the WCAC, and has also moved into the Nike EYBL, playing with Team Durant (16U).  This will be great for his development as a player.  I look forward to watching him play in the coming years.

Sample Stats
2018-2019 High School Season
  • Very good athlete

  • Slim build, but has muscle definition

  • Nice length; has what looks to be a wingspan that is longer than his height

  • Good bounce/lift; one legged jumper, but can get up off of two, as well. 


  • Gets off of the floor quickly (quick second jump)

  • Shows good acceleration and speed in the open court

  • Smooth movements, often graceful; very good balance

  • Good anticipation and very good timing

  • Needs to improve strength

 Take a look at him throwing it down with his left hand after jumping off of the wrong foot:

  • Exhibits a strong midrange game

  • Has the potential to become a very good shooter

  • Shoots with good form 


  • Smooth release with adequate quickness; fluid movements and sound mechanics

  • Possesses a soft touch

  • Needs to work on extending his range to become more consistent ​​

  • Tends to fall away slightly on his jump shot, especially when going left to get to his spot to pull up

    • Causes his shot to be short if he maintains his normal arc and long if he attempts to put more force into the shot

  • Capable from 3 (6 threes in one game this year), but is not consistent yet

  • Sets his feet well on the shot, but sometimes fails to use his legs, particularly from 3

  • Around the basket

    • Will finish above the rim

    • Good touch and still developing it; learning how to finish around the basket, especially in traffic

      • Will benefit from holding his concentration when finishing in traffic

    • Struggles to finish through contact​

    • Displayed the ability to finish with multiple shots in the paint

    • Needs to work on finishing with off hand

  • Shot Selection      

    • Overall, has a good mix of shots to go to, and can do so from all 3 levels

    • Volume shooter - in the 3 games stats were taken, averaged just under 20 shots per game to average just over 20 ppg

      • Has a tendency to force it to the rim, but is most effective when in attack mode and not settling for jump shots​

  • Frequents the midrange game, which is one of this strengths

    • Pull ups off the dribble

      • One and two dribbles, originating from the jab-step series or a catch-and-go

      • Pull ups off of pick & rolls, like the next two clips below:

Even though he misses the shot, the clip below is a good example for form analysis:

Watch how he sets his feet below before going up for the shot (good read on the screen, as well)

Transitioning into Other Offensive Qualities
Off Qualities
  • Knows how to score on three levels, but needs to continue developing other areas of his game

  • Good footwork and will continue to get better

    • Good jab step series.  You can tell he works on this area of his game.  Watch here as he catches, gathers, measures his defender and rises up:

  • Nice one dribble pull-up game; creates the space and rises quickly
    • Possesses an effective euro step move – good potential to grow very skillful with this move, especially in the open court

  • Takes his time with the ball on the perimeter

  • Improving ability to create his own shot

  • Needs to improve using his dribbles with purpose when he is in isolation situations

  • Effective at driving hard in one direction and changing directions once the defender’s momentum is at the right point

  • Likes to get out and run the lane; has great potential in the open court, more so without the ball than with it.  However, he has the potential to be more of a playmaker, as well.  It will depend on how he progresses.  You can see the skills are there:

  • Has a tendency to be weak with the ball against physical play and pressure

  • Very good instincts as an off-the-ball guard

    • Moves well to the open area, but will also find himself standing in place

    • Would excel in set plays that place him in positions to score the ball

  • Shows a solid feel for the defense, and should improve

    • This is evident in the pick and roll, where he takes his time and uses the screen well; does not waste dribbles coming off the pick (see video clips above)

      • Potential to be a very good pick and roll player

  • Prefers to go left and pull up, but will take it to the basket with the left, as well

  • Displays the ability to draw the foul and get to the line

  • Developing his ballhandling skills, but is currently inconsistent

    • Handle looks solid one night and shaky the next

  • Exhibited ability to bring the ball up the court against full-court, one-on-one pressure; but struggled a bit against trapping

    • Does not play with the ball in the backcourt against one-on-one pressure; looks to advance up the court quickly

  • Possesses a number of effective dribble moves (single dribble moves; never saw him utilize a double move)

  • Needs to improve being strong with the ball and overall ball security

  • There is no doubt he has the capability to be a good defensive player, but he needs work

  • Consistently allows the straight-line drive

  • Has great potential to play the passing lanes using his anticipation and timing skills, but is not very active; lacks energy

    • Stands straight up and down off the ball

    • No help side on the drive; does not move his feet

  • Good shot blocker; uses his skill set and athleticism to go get shots around the rim

  • Offensive player is able to take it to his body

  • Not an aggressive defensive rebounder

Basketball IQ
  • Nice feel for the game; expected to continue to improve as he matures

  • Still learning areas of the game such as time and score

  • Good instincts on the offensive end

  • Understands urgency 

  • Calm demeanor with his coach

  • Shows respect to his coach; listens and maintains eye contact

  • Desires to get better

  • Loves the game

  • Calm demeanor

  • Competitor – wants to win and hates to lose

    • Tends to get frustrated and show it

    • Worries about the referees and looks for calls

  • Plays hard on the offensive end, but lacks intensity on defense

    • Very aggressive offensively

  • Can pout when things don’t go his way, but his competitiveness pushes him through it

  • Usually stays to himself on the court, but not in a standoffish way

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