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Jaylen Marbley

Chapelgate Christian (MD)

Crusader Nation






175 lbs



Strong Hand




January 2021

5 Game Statistical Sample from the Current Season

Jaylen Marbley Stats.jpg
  • Excellent endurance

    • Often plays and puts out for all 32 minutes

    • Played all 40 mins of their double OT win against Arundel Christian

  • Terrific lateral quickness

    • Quick, short movements

  • Nice acceleration and burst, with or without the ball

  • Good speed with the ball

  • Strong build with a low center of gravity

    • Defined muscle mass in the upper and lower body

  • Tremendous anticipation

    • Innate timing

  • Decent vertical explosion

  • Great fast-twitch fibers

  • Plays with toughness

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • An unselfish, pass first player who plays the role of a traditional, pure point guard

    • Advancing as a playmaker; looks to break down the defense off the dribble with direct, north-south moves and distribute

      • Sets his teammates up nicely and consistently makes the game easier for them

    • Little wasted movement with the ball

  • Puts pressure on the defense with his quickness and attacking style

    • Penetrates and kicks or dumps off to his teammates for easy opportunities

  • Advances with the pass first

  • Takes advantage of sleeping defenses in semi-transition situations

  • Looks to beat the defense down the floor before it gets set up by dribble or pass (again, prefers the pass)

  • Pushes the pace at every opportunity and generally plays fast overall

    • Learning to play at different paces and will improve by using changes of pace as the game dictates

  • Growing in ability to run the team, functioning as an extension of the coach on the floor

  • Looks to turn the corner on the pick and roll to either attack the rim or draw help side, and deliver to the roller or kick to shooters

  • Will benefit from setting up the screen with the dribble and taking better angles

  • Excels getting downhill to his right

    • Heavy preference to go right

  • Passes and cuts when the offense permits. He’s not one to stand still.

  • Likes to get out and run in the open court as the ball handler or by sprinting the lane

  • Overall, he takes good angles on his way to the rim

  • Finishing

    • Growing understanding of how to draw contact; will attack the body at the rim to clear space, draw the hit, and absorb the contact

    • Maintains two hands on the ball for extra protection and strength

  • Has a nice funky leg lay-up where he plants off the “wrong” foot/leg, then uses the same hand to get the ball out of his hand and up onto the board quickly

    • Especially useful with his left hand

  • Will benefit from developing runners/floaters and utilizing the basket for protection

  • First-rate offensive rebounder who affords his team extra possessions

  • Anticipates where the ball is coming off the rim

  • First to the ball in aggressive pursuit

  • Fights off block outs

  • Carried a 2-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio in the 5 games charted

  • Excels as a penetrate and kicker

    • Locates his shooters nicely along the perimeter off the live dribble

  • Has a nice delivery and puts the ball where it needs to be for shooters and bigs alike

  • Good post feeder

    • Puts touch on his passes to his big man

      • Has a very nice touch on the lob pass over top of defenders fronting the post

  • Places his big in a position to succeed upon reception

  • Understands when to feed the post with a bounce pass

  • Has good zip on the perimeter pass

  • Decent passer off the live dribble

  • Can improve as a passer with his off hand

  • Sees and makes the right pass

    • Possesses good court vision to locate the open man

  • Advances the ball well with the pass, always looking up

  • Tends to leave his feet to pass

    • Can do so with or without a purpose

    • Will benefit from playing more off a jump stop/two feet, especially from the paint

  • Leads teammates to the rim with good placement

  • Makes the extra pass when warranted

  • Disruptive defender whose high motor style of defense leads to turnovers

    • Terrific motor on this end

  • Defensive pest who is always looking to pick your pocket

    • Bigs cannot bring the ball down around him

  • Ball handlers must maintain sight of him

  • Passers cannot telegraph their passes

  • Strong on-ball defender who, again, pesters ball handlers and bigs alike

    • Uses his lateral quickness and anticipation to stay in front

      • Plays with his feet and without fouling

  • Small tendency to gamble/reach for steals. If the gamble doesn’t pay off, it places his team at a disadvantage; but the gambles can also pay off in steals and deflections that lead to steals

    • Displays good timing on the ball handler’s cadence

  • Uses good angles

  • Can improve technique by sliding more and hopping less

  • Plays the passing lanes; can turn defense to offense quickly

  • Feisty when switched into post situations. Fights to front and makes it difficult to enter.

  • Solid contributions on the defensive board by, again, utilizing his quickness, anticipation, and judgment of the ball coming off the rim

    • Does an excellent job of chasing down long rebounds (again, he is often first to the ball)

    • Not afraid to get inside, block out, and fight for boards

  • Looks to strip/get the deflection rather than step in with his body and take the charge

  • Sprints hard to get back on defense

An example of how he puts out and hustles back on defense

  • Excellent speed dribble

  • Capable of handling ball pressure while waiting for sets to develop, as well as full court man pressure

  • Right hand dominant and will find that he is more effective by utilizing his left hand more often

  • Quick dribble with adequate ball control, although it can use some tightening

  • Pound dribble technique

  • Utilizes strong, direct bursts to get into the seams of the defense

  • Does not use many double dribble moves

  • Not a lot of change of direction. Instead, he commits to the burst and reacts accordingly. While this can be good in some situations, it can also be detrimental when he is cut off. Therefore, he will benefit from developing counters with change of direction dribbles on the drive.

  • Effective when he decides to use the crossover

  • Stays low to the court with the ball

    • Has a high dribble that can drift up to shoulder level on change of hand dribbles (i.e. behind the back)

  • Attacks the gaps off the bounce

  • Does not overdribble often; looks to keep the ball moving with the pass

  • Attacks traps instead of allowing them to come to them

    • Small tendency to try to split the trap too often with the dribble

  • Keeps his eyes/head up in the open court and during dribble penetration

Basketball IQ
  • Growing in ability to read the defense with the ball in his hands

  • Understands where his teammates are on the floor at all times

  • Comprehends time and score

  • Makes the right play; plays to win

  • Self-aware – stays within himself and largely plays to his strengths

  • Knows offensive sets from each position within the offense

  • Progressing in court sense

  • Displays good basketball instincts

  • Observations are from a smaller than desired sample size

  • Below average outside shooter

  • Tends to rush shot attempts and allow the defense to impede on his focus

  • Does not settle for jumpers. Prefers to get into the paint and finish around the rim.

    • The majority of his attempts come from the paint/around the rim​

  • At his best off the catch

  • Mechanics/form

    • There’s a tendency to “push” the shot rather than shooting it

      • Shoots the ball more out than up and misses long, as a result

        • Shooting up will provide a better trajectory on the shot, increasing the probability of success

    • Release is from the right side of his body at chin level or lower

      • Can be closer to the shoulder level from 3-point distance

    • Snap follow through

  • Outstanding motor; plays with a ton of energy

    • Plays extremely hard – goes after every loose ball and has a high success rate on 50/50 plays

      • Hustles with purpose

  • Strong overall aggression level

  • Plays with fire and passion

  • Stays positive and does not allow adversity to affect his effort or play

  • Does all of the little things that do not show up on the stat sheet but are essential for winning

  • Scrappy and tough

  • Possesses leadership qualities, such as providing direction, stability, and encouragement to his teammates

    • Leads by example

  • Takes the game seriously and has a strong desire to improve

  • Open to being coached

  • Has no quit in him

  • Consistent effort

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