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Jarace Walker

IMG Academy (FL)

Team Thrill






230 lbs



Strong Hand




June 2021
  • A grown man who is physically ready for college in every way.  High floor in many aspects, equipped with a strong fundamental skillset that is a rock solid foundation to continue building on top of to realize his full potential.

  • A superior athlete with length, strength, and vertical explosiveness.  A versatile offensive player who often functions as an effective point-forward, initiating offense and serving as a main distributor/playmaker.

  • Excellent passer with noteworthy court vision.  Still developing his shot and scoring game as a whole.  A solid mid-range shooter.  Still a ways to go from three.  Believe in his potential as a shooter, as long as some tweaks are made to his mechanics. 

  • Highly effective post player.  Terrific defensive versatility and a fantastic communicator.  Capable of guarding 5 positions at the prep level, and at least 4 in college.  High IQ player who plays with a lot of patience.  Variable motor.

Statistics from 2021 (10 Games)

Jarace Walker_Stats.jpg
  • Superior athlete with great size

  • Grown man strength – physically prepared for battle at the next level

    • Excellent upper and lower body strength – naturally strong

    • Muscular build with good mass; rock solid frame and broad shoulders

    • Doesn’t just possess the strength, he plays with it (intelligently)

    • Powerful, forceful movements

    • Has the frame to add more muscle, but may want to avoid too heavy of a weight lifting regimen in college to decrease the chances of adding too much bulk and hindering athleticism.  Instead, focus on alternative strength/resistance training to build core strength, explosion, durability, etc.

  • Lengthy wingspan

  • Explosive spring – a power jumper who prefers to lift off of two feet; also a good leaper off of one foot

  • Agile for his size

  • Improving lateral quickness (already moves well laterally)

    • Will benefit from continuing quickness and plyometric-type training

  • Adequately fluid hips that allow him change directions without hindrance

  • Terrific anticipation

  • Shows good speed for his size when he turns it on

  • Very good hand-eye coordination

  • Effective first step

  • Will benefit from fully pumping his arms (hip-to-cheek) when he runs/sprints

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • He’s not a player that’s going to overwhelm you with numbers, although he’s capable doing so.  Instead, he’s going to help you win games by contributing in a multitude of ways.  It’s also important to note that he plays with a group of really good players.  The team has a well-balanced, team approach in virtually all facets, not just scoring.  Walker is at the forefront of this approach.  Overall, he’s a versatile offensive player who heavily contributes to offensive success, and is still finding himself as a scorer.

Here's a nice sequence showcasing his versatility, ending with a pinpoint left-handed bullet across his body off the live dribble.

  • Can put the ball on the floor to get to the rim and the mid-range, which is where he is most comfortable shooting the ball

  • Has a very nice one-and-two-dribble pull-up he likes to go to; and he generally goes left when utilizing them

  • Will drive right or left

  • Will drive hard left and into the defender to create space and pull up, or will take it all the way to the rim

  • Seems to possess more counters going left

  • Uses an effective shot fake that he does a great job of selling

  • Operates so well out of the post.  This is probably where I like him most, and would like to see him operate from here more often.

    • As a passer, he sees cutters, opposite court shooters, approaching doubles, etc., and delivers timely, on-point passes

  • As a scorer, he can finish with post moves or utilize a pretty turnaround, fadeaway jumper (see more on this shot below in the “Shooting” section)

  • Fantastic all-around passer (see more on this skill below in the “Passing” section)

  • Developing 3-point shooter; still has a lot of room to improve his percentage and range (again, see more below in the “Shooting” section)

  • Effective offensive rebounder; finishes strong with putback dunks off the rim

  • Can run the break as the primary ball handler and consistently make good decisions

    • Also creates semi-transition opportunities with his ability to handle the ball and push it up the back of the defense off of the defensive rebound or outlet

  • Highly capable of running the lane and finishing as a recipient on the break, but doesn’t do this as often.  Instead, he usually assumes the trailer spot.

  • His game is fundamental; possesses a strong overall skillset with solid footwork

  • Patient – allows the game to come to him

    • An absolute team player with an inclination to be a little too unselfish

    • Wouldn’t mind if he increased his offensive aggression, particularly attacking the basket

      • 3.1 free throws per game (over 10 games charted)

      • 8.9 shots per game (over 10 games charted)

    • Displays good restraint on forcing the drive that most with his size, skill, and athleticism would otherwise not exercise.  But, again, he can be a bit too conservative.

    • Operates within the “confines” of the system

  • Often enough, he functions as a point forward, bringing the ball up to alleviate pressure from his guards.  His bigs look to outlet to him almost as often as the guards.  His teammates show confidence in his ability to handle it, value possessions, and function as a distributor.

  • Love his ability to board and push the ball himself at his size.  Makes good decisions in transition and semi-transition.  Stays under control.

  • As a playmaker, he does a great job of fundamentally creating open looks for his teammates and finding open shooters.  He takes his time, uses good footwork, and delivers a nice pass.

    • Knows how to draw the defense to open passing lanes, create open looks for shooters, and opportunities for easy dump-offs to bigs

  • Prefers to operate from the middle of the floor

  • His movement without the ball is usually limited to moving to the open area.  He would really benefit from cutting more with purpose, and certainly has the mind for it.

  • Pays attention to detail and uses proper technique on block outs and screens, although he could stand to make more contact on his picks

  • Finishing:

    • Plays above the rim

  • Finishes with force and authority

  • Knows his way around the paint and has a nice touch

  • Capable of converting through contact

  • Finishes with either hand

    • Utilizes a left-handed scoop shot driving left that proves to be very effective, especially when he jumps off the left foot instead of the right to get the shot off quicker

  • His offensive efficiency is driven by his ability to finish around the rim (see more below in the shot chart)

  • He is not a guy you throw the ball to and say, “get me a bucket”

  • I like his mid-range game from 16-17 feet and in, as well as the potential it shows for developing deeper range in the future

  • Usually gets to his mid-range off the dribble or using a turnaround or fadeaway jumper that often, but not always, starts with his back to the basket from either a post-up on the block or somewhat of a mid-post position

    • This is my favorite shot for him, and probably his most effective.  He can shoot it over his right or left shoulder.  He can shoot it with a slight fade or with a more pronounced fade.  His form is excellent on the shot, and he shoots a good percentage. 

  • Prefers to shoot from the middle area of the floor

  • Can shoot his mid-range going to his right or left as long as he is able to set his feet and shoot in rhythm.  As stated before, he generally shoots off of one-dribble or two-dribble pull-ups.

    • More comfortable with the shot going left

  • Still developing his range and working on improving his consistency from distance (see more on his development below in the form/mechanics analysis).  The potential is there.

  • Shoots a set shot from 3

  • Will need to work on improving the quickness of the overall shot movement and release as he moves onto the next level

  • Has a soft touch overall

  • Needs to improve his consistency from the free throw line

  • More on form/mechanics (important!)  

    • Release point is over the top of his head, sometimes to the point where he overextends on the shot.  The overextension causes him to bend backwards with his upper body, taking him away from the shot as he releases.  This action affects him most from behind the arc.  The vast majority of his misses vary from short-to-very short, as a result.

      • Is also apt to fade unnecessarily, rather than going straight up

      • Tends to depend too much on his upper body and not use his legs enough, especially when he is unable to fully perform his shooting dip

  • Very high elbow

  • Uses his wrist as a lever

  • Shoots up and finishes up

  • Will benefit greatly from working towards one continuous motion

  • Has rainbow arc on the ball, to the point where many of his makes fall nearly straight down into the basket

  • The release can be different, at times, appearing to come off his hand differently from shot-to-shot

    • May or may not snap the wrist as a result of how it comes off his fingertips

Shot Chart (10 Games)

  • Superb positional passer with noteworthy court vision

  • Terrific passer out of the post, whether he is on the on the block, short corner, high post, or any other area

    • Sees the court well and shows great awareness of cutters, spot-up shooters, and off-ball actions

  • Always looking up the court to advance the ball with the pass

    • Throws a nice ¾ pass

  • Throws a good baseball pass

  • Excellent touch and delivery overall

  • Understands how to lead his teammates properly to the basket

  • Impressive passer in the open court/in transition

  • Good lob passer, which is another indicator of his touch, delivery, and accuracy

  • Sees cross-court opportunities well and delivers the ball with accuracy to the shooter’s pocket

  • Passes it with either hand, and has a good ability to pass off the live dribble using both

  • Has a very good bounce pass in his repertoire that he uses for situations such as threading the needle and feeding the post

  • Makes quick reads

  • Throws a lot of one-handed passes, which can affect his accuracy, at times.  Does a lot of one-handed passing off the dribble.

  • A “heads up” player who is always looking for the open man

    • Has a tendency to be too unselfish

  • Enjoys sharing the ball

  • Boasts extremely valuable defensive versatility.  Has a high floor and higher ceiling.

  • IMG generally switched everything on defense, which highlighted his unique versatility to guard all positions effectively

  • Because they switched everything, he was also able to regularly exhibit the ability to make the proper rotations within their schema

    • Very much on top of his rotations; pays attention to detail

  • Good post defender

    • Has the strength to uphold his ground without fouling

    • Has the reach to contest shots

    • Has the mind to anticipate the post move

    • Has the agility and quickness to move his feet and stay in front

    • Uses these tools, along with his strength and length, to defend before the ball enters the post

Showing the tools to prevent the post entry, then pushing it himself to make the right decision in transition.

A couple of post defense samples

  • Perimeter defense

    • His physical gifts allow him to effectively defend guards on the perimeter, where he does a good job of keeping them in front and forcing jump shots.  Capable of defending all 5 positions at the prep level. 

  • Open, fluid hips allow for the necessary change of direction

  • Small tendency to reach

  • Would benefit from getting lower in his stance against dribble penetration, making him even more formidable

    • Tends to open up too much against the straight-line drive

  • Decent closeout on shooters, helped by his length and agility, but can be hesitant to get out to contest, at times

  • Has a habit of holding his hands up to try to show he isn’t fouling, while standing up and sticking his hips/waist out into the ball handler

    • Takes away from his max lateral movement and creates contact with the body

  • Plays with anticipation, and often finds himself in the right place at the right time

  • Outstanding communicator – verbal leader on this end; a director

  • Rarely out of position and shows really good awareness

    • Provides good help side support

      • Has a tendency to overcommit around the rim

  • Possesses good hands, using them to disrupt passing lanes, strip defenders around the rim, and aid his shot blocking ability

  • Can get a bit lazy in a zone defense and can be beaten back door

  • Would like to see him be more active on the boards.  I was surprised that he doesn’t rebound at a higher rate.

    • 5.5 per game (over 10 games charted)

  • Very competent shot blocker/rim protector who can provide help side support or defend the rim at the point of attack

    • Capable of blocking shots with either hand

  • Solid ball handler, and steadily improving

    • Does a good job of protecting it with his body and keeping it lower to the ground.  Displayed a tighter handle in the half court when attacking off the dribble.

      • Ball control will need to continue to tighten in traffic-heavy situations

    • Strong with the ball, which allows him to absorb contact and split traps/double teams

    • Often seems to be more comfortable handling with his left

A small dribbling exhibition to give you a better idea of his capability.

  • As discussed and shown above, he displays the confidence and skill to handle the ball in the backcourt as a primary decision-maker, often functioning as a point-forward to alleviate pressure, create semi-transition opportunities, or simply advance the ball with urgency

  • Maintains good posture and keeps his eyes up

  • Displays a speed dribble that is under control and effective

    • Adequate ball control in the open court, where he can use a speed dribble with either hand, getting to and converting at the rim

  • Limited dribble moves to create his own shot, but does have quick changes of direction with the ball

  • Continues to develop his offensive moves off the live dribble

    • Progression here will be important for generating quality looks in college

Basketball IQ
  • High IQ

  • Recognizes matchups, mismatches, and where other advantages exist on the court

  • Has a deliberate approach to the game

  • Excellent understanding of space and time, as well as time and score

  • Displays good ball security, for the most part, although he can get a little loose with his one-handed passing (see above in the “Passing” section)

  • Knows how to manipulate the defense

  • Anticipates the play and player movement

  • Very difficult to speed him up

  • Shows an advanced understanding of pace

  • Very positive; encourages his teammates openly

  • Reserved with a calm demeanor

  • Communicator

  • Variable motor that can go from average to above average.  He can turn it up, but you’d like to see it be more consistent.

    • Can come off nonchalant, at times

  • Even-keeled

  • Body language is indifferent, good or bad

  • Provides stability for his team on the floor

  • Mature overall presence

  • Contextual scenario: at the end of a quarter, he uncharacteristically displayed poor judgment and ball security, turning the ball over three times in near succession.  Coming back to the bench, Coach McAloon got on him.  Mind you, this game was on national television.  Walker accepted it and dapped him, essentially letting him know that he was right and he would do better.  You love to see it.

  • Displays a firm grasp of offensive and defensive game plans from game-to-game

  • Interchangeable roles and spots on the floor

  • Quintessential team player

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