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Jakai Robinson

Rock Creek Christian School

Team Takeover - Nike EYBL 






~215 lbs



Strong Hand



Miami (FL)


  • A promising player on both ends, possessing the physical tools necessary to compete at the next level.  A balanced athlete with good strength and size for the off-guard position.

  • Tough shot maker.  Attacks the defense from all three levels, especially at the paint/basket, where he drives with strength and impressive footwork.  Capable of finishing through contact and amongst traffic. 

  • An improving playmaker and ballhandler; displaying progression in reading the defense and letting the game come to him.  Still learning when to attack and when to accept what the defense gives. 

  • Possesses natural basketball instincts.  Physical player with a balanced level of aggression.   Contributes well on the boards on both ends of the floor.  A very capable defender who plays with calm and collected grittiness. 

  • Maintains good concentration on the floor and does not allow adversity to distract him.  Unassuming court presence, but you know he is there.  Very coachable.  Great competitor who plays very hard.­­­­­­


  • Good size (height, build, weight, length) for the off-guard position

  • Big, broad shoulders; muscular build

  • Strong athlete

    • Impressive strength – upper and lower body

    • Agile; very good body control

    • Movements are on the smoother side, coupled with strength

      • Paced (not quick, but not slow)

      • Not a “blow-by” player

    • Decent bounce

      • Legs can appear heavy, at times

      • Perfectly capable of finishing above the rim

  • Balanced athlete

  • Displays good stamina, playing most of the minutes

Offensive Qualities

  • Smooth midrange game

  • Attacks from the wings and top of the key

  • Usually looking to stay aggressive with the ball in his hands

  • I really like his potential on the offensive end of the floor

    • Knows how to put the ball in the basket by scoring in different ways

      • Potent midrange game

      • Strong finisher

      • Threatening 3-point shooter (and will only improve)

      • Gets to the line

    • Improving play making skills.  He is showing the ability to locate shooters on the drive and kick.

      • Progressing as a player who is thinking the game more

  • Will benefit from running with a playmaking point guard

    • Will free him up to move without the ball, which will make him a more effective and efficient scorer

    • Will be able to benefit from easy shots more frequently in the open floor

  • Creates his own offense off the bounce

    • At his best when he is on the attack

    • Strong isolation player with room to improve

  • High volume shooter, but is a team player (does not selfishly hunt shots)

    • Looks to move the ball and make the right play

  • Scores at all three levels

    • Utilizes his skills, strength, and physicality to get to the basket where he finishes or draws the foul

      • Still room to improve when it comes to using his body, which is very promising

      • Finishes through contact

      • Prefers to drive left and finish left, but capable of the opposite

        • Will need to continue to develop his off hand, both with the dribble and on the finish

    • Improving ability to create space to get to his spot and rise up from midrange, but will need to continue adding to his repertoire off the dribble

      • Good catch and shooter from midrange

        • Uses his body well when driving to his right to create space with a step back or side step

        • Will benefit from continuing to develop his step back and utilizing it more often

        • Still learning when to drive to the basket or pull up for the shot

    • Capable of converting from 3 off the dribble or by catching and shooting

      • Working on consistency; most consistent when catching and shooting

  • Will benefit from expanding on diversity and efficacy his jab step series

  • Learning to get his head and shoulders by the defender – extremely capable

  • Impressive footwork

    • Possesses a beautiful euro step; really effective

      • His misdirection step sells the movement well

      • His second step covers great ground and is made with force and agility

      • Capable of making the move to the right or left

    • Footwork and agility, along with his strength keep him from committing offensive fouls on his way to the basket in traffic

  • Will crash the offensive board

Offensive Qualities


  • Has developed into a shot maker

    • Converts contested shots off the dribble or on the catch and shoot

      • Off balance shots, pull ups, step back 3s, step back 2s, catching and shooting

        • Working on consistency

  • Smooth midrange game

  • Good arc on the shot.  There is a very soft quality about his shot, most times.

  • Improving, but inconsistent three-point shooter

  • Great concentration on the rim

  • Shot selection

    • Good mix of shots from all three levels – good balance

    • High-volume

    • Tends to take difficult, lower percentage shots because he is creating his own offense

    • Tendency to force it to the basket, at times

  • Much more accurate on the catch and shoot (when he is able to set his feet)

  • Slightly inconsistent foul shooter over the summer, but shot it well during the school year

  • Mechanics

    • When he shoots on his way up, or at the top of his jump, he is a completely different shooter.  His overall accuracy increases.

    • Gets good lift on his jumper

    • When his mechanics are off, it is because he has too much movement in his shot

      • A slight pause/hitch at the top of his shot can cause him to shoot on his way down

        • Athletic enough to compensate and make shots

    • Tendency to not extend fully


  • Showed the ability to handle the pill

    • Was able to handle heavy full court, man-to-man and zone pressure

  • Favors his strong hand (left hand); will need to improve his comfort level and ball control with his right

  • Go-to dribble move is the inside out, crossover combination from left to right

    • Will benefit from expanding his dribble moves to keep defenders guessing and off balance

      • Needs to work on adding more wiggle to his movements

  • Able to use the dribble to get to his spots

    • Learning to protect the ball with his body as he handles it more


  • Takes his time and is patient with the pass

    • Allows the play to develop

    • Allows his teammates to get in the right position/in their comfort level

  • One-handed passes off the dribble on the perimeter

    • Passes with his strong hand predominantly

    • Passes can be lazy from time-to-time

  • Improving at finding shooters on the perimeter off the bounce

Basketball IQ

  • Expanding his IQ; feels the game well

    • As he keeps learning how to think the game, he will become more efficient as a scorer and more dangerous as a playmaker

  • Needs to continue to cultivate his awareness of spacing

  • Still learning when to attack, when to pull up for the midrange, and when to distribute

  • Displays good instincts on the court


  • Solid defensive rebounder

    • Uses his strength and ball skills to gain position

    • Finds a man and puts a body on them before going to get the ball

    • Strength allows him to hang on to fights for the ball

    • Tracks ball well in the air

  • Would benefit from being more active and playing with more energy on this side of the ball

  • Stays engaged off the ball, but stands straight up and down off the ball

  • Shows a lot of promise as both an on-ball and team defender

    • When he gets down in his stance and moves his feet, he is good on the ball

    • Understands how to leverage his teammates


  • Plays very hard – possesses a nice motor, but it is calm

  • Calm demeanor; quiet on the court

  • Stays cool under pressure

  • Facial expression never changes

  • Physical; tough player

  • Doesn’t argue with referees, even on missed calls

  • His on-court demeanor could be mistaken for lackadaisical, but he is not

  • Resilient against adversity

  • Balanced level of aggression

  • A real competitor


  • Displays very coachable qualities:

    • Capable of receiving and accepting constructive criticism, and then adjusting

    • Maintains eye contact with his coach

    • Listens intently during timeouts

    • Does not argue or talk back

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