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Hunter Dickinson

DeMatha High School

Team Takeover - Nike 






~255 lbs



Strong Hand





  • Has a multi-faceted offensive skillset that he uses to contribute in a number of different ways.  Excels in the post and painted area.  A highly effective passer and a consistent shooter from midrange out to the 3-point line.

  • Patient in the post; uses his body well.  Has consistently added to his repertoire down low.  Passes well out of the post and from the perimeter.  Shoots a high percentage from the floor and from the foul line.

  • Improving strength to go along with great size.  Possesses good hands and a soft touch around the basket.  Has a terrific work ethic and is a competitor.  Lacks athleticism. 

  • A strong offensive rebounder.  Establishes good position on the block, but can be guided off his spot.  Has excellent potential as a pick and pop player.  Reads the defense well and can make it pay with the pass.

  • High IQ player who understands how to win.  Solid post defender, but struggles to move his feet to defend off the dribble.  Not afraid of contact.  Improving at finishing through traffic. 

Sample Stats
2018-2019 High School Season
Offensive Qualities

Offensive Qualities

  • Fundamentally sound

  • Likes to play with his back to the basket – from the block and extended out

    • Not limited to the block – shows promise in different areas of the game

  • Would benefit greatly from developing a Tim Duncan-like bank shot

    • Possesses the skill, touch, and judgment for this shot

  • Excellent potential as a pick and pop player

    • Sets solid on ball screens – uses good technique

    • Good, consistent catch and shooter

    • Capable of reading the defense and moving to the open area

      • Room to improve on rolling all the way to the basket from the perimeter, but has shown improvement in this area

    • Makes the right pass to move the defense

  • Will excel in structured offensive settings

    • Set plays that place him in his effective areas

    • Effective screener on and off the ball

    • Makes the right basketball play

    • Reads the defense and understands spacing

  • Should prove to be effective against the zone, too

    • Sees the floor well and reads the defense

      • Can see over the zone

    • Will be a shooting/passing threat from the high post, on the block and short corner, and on the glass

  • Works hard on the offensive board; converts second chance opportunities at a high %

  • Rarely puts the ball on the floor when on the perimeter

  • Smart ballplayer

  • Evident that he works hard on his craft

Transitioning into Big Man Attributes

  • In the post without the ball

    • Likes to establish position on the block, like a traditional big

    • Tends to be guided away from his spot because he will stand up when the ball is away on the perimeter

    • Effective at sitting down in the paint with his defender sealed on his backside, receiving the pass, turning and scoring

  • A little more on physicality

    • Capable of giving and taking contact down low when in basketball position

    • Will power through smaller players

    • Not afraid of contact on either end of the floor

    • Will seek out contact, at times

  • In the post with the ballPlays with really good patience

    • Does not rush his decision-making

    • Accepts double teams and finds the open man

    • Has a good skip pass from the short corner and from the block extended

    • Feels the defense well and is adept at keeping them on his back, using his size to remain in control and get to his spot

    • Has consistently shown improvement, and will need to continue developing his repertoire down low with shoulder fakes, shot fakes, an up and under move, and ball fakes to put himself in a better position for quality shots from the post

    • Adding to his arsenal of moves down low

    • Possesses a nice, quick spin move baseline where he catches, checks for his defender’s position and weight distribution, and then spins without putting the ball on the floor

      • The “Shaqnado”, as Shaq dubbed it years ago

    • Has a nice wheeling left swoop shot he likes to go to

      • Will benefit from developing the same shot with his right hand

    • Seals defender pretty well when making his drop step into his shot

    • Shoots over right and left shoulders

      • Prefers to finish with his strong hand

  • Nice touch around the basket

  • Finds good positions to accept dump offs, then finishes adequately

  • Lack of lift leaves him susceptible to having his shot blocked, even by smaller defenders

  • Has shown improvement finishing through contact, and will continue to do so as he matures

  • Good hands; handles different types of passes well

  • Sprints rim-to-rim to establish early position and, although he works hard to get up and down, he lacks speed

  • Does not run particularly well in transition

  • Finishes with both hands in a variety of ways


  • You cannot teach his size

  • Well-coordinated

  • Continues to show improving upper and lower body strength with strong potential for increases as he continues to mature

  • Lacks athleticism 

    • Struggles moving laterally

      • Will need to improve mobility, agility, and quickness

    • Short in speed and acceleration

    • Limited bounce

      • Although there is little lift, he has a nice second jump that benefits his offensive rebounding prowess

  • Displays good stamina with capacity for improvement

    • Should not have any issues playing extended minutes

  • Nice length


  • Consistent shooter with a soft touch

    • Does more than just keep the defense honest, he is a threat to shoot

    • Shoots it well from 3 and from midrange when his feet are set

  • Has a fluid shot with a quick release

    • One motion

    • Tendency not to hold follow-through or fully extend

    • Would like to see his elbow up higher on the shot, as well as his release point, but it is a nice shot with solid mechanics, overall

  • Although he is capable of shooting the 3, he does not settle for it.  Prefers to shoot higher percentage shots closer to the basket.

  • Potential to develop into a player who is effective in the paint and at stretching the floor off the catch and shoot

    • Pick and pops/rolls

    • Trailing the play

    • Recipient of penetrate and kick passes

  • Shoots an excellent percentage from the foul line

    • Would like to see him get there a little more often

  • Displays consistency from 15 feet​


  • Terrific overall passer for a big

  • Good vision; finds cutters and open shooters

    • Strong skip passer

    • Leads cutters to the basket

  • Very good high-low passer from the top of the key

  • Passes with accuracy, placing the ball well for an easy catch and shoot

  • Puts the right touch on the pass based on the situation

    • Zip on the ball to cutters

    • Touch on the ball to shooters

    • Bounce pass used at the appropriate time

  • Has a tendency to hold the ball up around his head while scanning the floor (needs to stay in a triple threat position)

  • A very effective passer from the perimeter

  • Solid outlet passer off of defensive rebounds

  • Good decision maker; does not try to force the pass

  • Unselfish player – very willing passer


  • Solid defender in the post

    • Is not afraid of contact

    • Does a good job of not fouling; stays vertical on the shot contest

    • Alters shots; makes it difficult to see the basket for quality shots

      • Average shot blocker

  • Has trouble defending the pick and roll

    • Struggles to move his feet to show/hedge adequately

    • Lack of lateral movement prevents him from staying in front of the ball handler, and also prohibits him from getting back to his man adequately

    • Team defense will need to be seamless in its rotations to compensate

  • Plays position defense; big body is a presence and helpful from a team defense perspective, but struggles to move his feet

    • Needs to work on staying down in a defensive stance and being ready to move, like the majority of prep players

    • Struggles defending the drive from all areas on the floor, even in the painted area

  • Strong defensive rebounder – gets good position and follows the flight of the ball well           

  • Has difficulty getting back in transition

Basketball IQ

  • Very high IQ

  • Understands spacing, time, and score

  • Has a good feel for the game

  • Makes the right basketball play

  • Good court sense


  • Love his toughness and desire; plays with emotion

  • Mentally tough, and likes to compete

  • Loves the game and has a tremendous work ethic

  • Communicates well on the court

  • Possesses the right level of aggression

  • Great teammate

  • Celebrates and encourages his teammates and is into the game when on the bench

  • Excellent body language; does not sulk even when he is struggling

Big Man
Basketball IQ
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