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Guy Fauntleroy

Riverdale Baptist School 

Team Takeover






~165 lbs.



Strong Hand



Low D1

July 2020
  • Highly skilled, score-first combo guard who excels at attacking the basket off the bounce.  Uses a sharp, compact handle to maneuver and slice through the defense; outstanding in transition. 

  • Excellent body control and footwork that allow him to avoid defenders or draw contact, driving his efficiency as a scorer.  Difficult to keep out of the lane. 

  • Athletic with a quick first step and good acceleration/speed with the ball.  Possesses potential as a playmaker, but specializes in buckets.  Limited impact on the game without the ball in his hands; will need to add to his game as a lead guard for the next level.

  • Puts consistent pressure on the defense with his drive to score.  Utilizes effective dribble moves with good wiggle to create space.  Must improve consistency as an outside shooter.

  • Solid on-ball defender with potential to be a disruptor; plays with anticipation when active.  Exhibits a calm, poised demeanor.  Smart, heady with the ball in his hands. 

  • Undersized as a combo guard

  • Quick laterally with fluid hips

  • Tremendous body control and footwork

  • Very good balance and agility

  • Quick first step

  • Decent strength – his low center of gravity contributes to his strength

    • Not afraid of contact and absorbs it rather well for his size

  • Sharp, crisp movements

  • Nice burst of acceleration; nice speed in the open court (with and without the ball)

  • Great hand-eye coordination

  • Good anticipation and timing

  • Plays under the rim

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • A highly skilled scoring combo guard who is almost always in attack mode

  • Puts pressure on the defense; aggressive with a clear preference to get to the basket

    • Difficult to keep from penetrating and getting into the lane

    • Does not settle for jumpers often

      • Takes what the defense gives him

      • Can force it at times and run out of options

        • Has a tendency to be too quick to drive

    • Can drive left or right, but prefers to go right and finish right

  • Terrific in the open court

    • Extremely effective when he gets the defender backpedaling

      • Superb footwork and body control in these situations

    • Good finisher and adept at drawing contact to get to the line

    • Tight handle while staying low to the ground

      • Keeps eyes up

    • Effective dribble moves to maneuver through defenders at various stages of advancing the ball up the floor

  • Excels off the bounce with a number of dribble moves, single and double

    • Shifty; changes gears and paces well and often

  • Understands how to use his body and proper angles to:

    • 1st: get his head and shoulders by the defender

    • 2nd: slice into the lane

    • 3rd: draw contact to get to the line

      • Very effective in this regard

  • Space creation

    • Has a variety of ways to get to his spots on the floor, which include all around the basket/paint and a variety of mid-range spots.  Operates from the top of the key, but will attack from the wings, as well.

      • Virtually all off the dribble

        • Iso

        • Catch at the top of the key

        • Pick and Roll

      • When he is unable to get to his spots, he is able to default to a nice step-back

    • Again, great footwork – utilizes skip steps, jump stops, euro steps (semi-euro steps)

    • Uses his shoulders well to create last minute space

    • Can struggle to secure quality shots against length and athleticism

      • As said above, he possesses a nice step back move that creates good space.  He will really benefit from continuing to develop his shot off this move.

  • Decent pick and roll player

    • Looking to score, but will still attempt to take time to survey the defense as he takes on the help defender/hedge

    • Displays good body control and ball control; protects the ball well

    • Sets up the screen and uses the screen well

      • Takes good angles

    • Uses a nice semi-snake dribble to maintain his body between the ball and his man

    • Tends to hold on to the ball too long and not get off it

    • Developing a consistent 3-point shot will greatly increase his effectiveness

  • Possesses a good feel for the on-ball defender, as well as help-side defenders

    • Adept at beating the initial defender and reacting quickly to the supporting defender to find his way to the basket

  • Generally needs the ball in his hands to impact the game

    • Does not move/operate much without the ball

      • Will benefit from moving with purpose off the ball to increase the number of quality looks

  • Playmaking

    • Would like to see him make more plays for his teammates using his ability to penetrate and draw the defense

    • Certainly capable

      • Adept at drawing bigs up into the lane for easy drop offs to the blocks

      • Able to locate shooters on the wings and in the corners after drawing the defense off the dribble

  • Strong fundamentals

  • Can struggle with ball security at times

  • Remains in triple threat position throughout the duration of his time with the ball in his hands

  • Will be watching the development of his ability to fully run point and improve his ball security, and how it will transfer into guard play at the next level

  • Improving but inconsistent jump shooter

    • Needs to improve percentage from 3

    • Mid-range continues to improve.  Shoots a really nice shot from 15-17 feet.

      • Gets good lift on the shot; fluid mechanics

      • Consistency drops when shooting off the dribble, but is capable of shooting going to the left or the right

        • Prefers pulling up when going left, while favoring driving to the basket when going right

  • Shoots a jump shot off the dribble and a set shot on the catch and shoot

    • Generally, shoots a jumper from mid-range

    • Generally, shoots a set shot from 3

  • More on Form/Mechanics:

    • Sets his feet well, but can get off balance off the dribble

    • Keeps elbow up just above 90 degrees

    • Release is from the right of his brow

    • Good concentration

    • Solid follow through

    • Fluid mechanics overall

    • Speeds up his set shot release when necessary, but would like to see the shot taken a half second quicker, especially when playing against length and athleticism


The images above are consistent with Fauntleroy’s form.  The improvement in his shooting will be a lead indicator of success in college.

  • Finishing

    • Crafty, heady, and uses a nice touch to convert

    • Maintains good concentration on the basket when he is taking on a contest at the rim

      • Stays composed when taking on the defender in mid-air

    • Does a very good job of controlling his body and using it to protect the ball

      •  Body control on full display

    • Draws good contact to get to the line

    • Capable of finishing with the left, but prefers to finish with his strong hand

      • Right hand dominant around the rim

    • Strong finisher in the open court

    • May struggle at times against true rim protection, length, and athleticism

  • Steady free throw shooter who consistently gets to the line

  • Quick, compact handle in space, under pressure, and in transition

    • Can get where he wants to go

  • Smoothly transitions directions with the dribble from right-to-left and vice versa

    • Maneuvers through the defense effectively

    • Capable of performing dribble moves going full speed with the ball, even if it is a combo move

  • Uses an assortment of effective dribble moves to create space

    • Again, he is shifty and creates spacing and opportunity off the dribble

  • Lots of poise with the ball in his hand

  • Nice wiggle to move the defender laterally

  • Stays low with the ball – helps him to stay on balance and protect the ball

    • Low center of gravity absorbs the contact, preventing defenders from knocking him off the ball easily

  • Good ball control; keeps his eyes up

  • Handles 1-on-1 full court pressure well

  • His rhythm may cause him to play around with it a bit too much, using too many dribbles.  As a result, his teammates will stand around watching.  It is the current iso effect we saw all-too-often.  Will benefit from being more purposeful with his dribbles.

  • Has good speed with the ball in the open court; shows good acceleration leading into a finish while maintaining control of the ball and his body

  • Overall, he shows promise in this area of the game.  He sees the game and possesses the skillset of a passer.  His mentality as a scorer tends to lead to inconsistencies in playmaking.

  • Has a nice dump-off to the block game, as stated above

    • Puts a nice touch on the pass so that it is easy for the big on the block to handle

  • Has the tools to be a strong drive and kicker, and easily displays capabilities

  • Good passer off the dribble; accurate

  • Has a tendency to leave his feet on the drive

  • Good zip on the pass when necessary

  • On-ball

    • Knows the tricks of the trade and will pick your pocket

    • Capable of pressing up

      • Can either be an active disruptor who gets a hand on the ball or will play at an arm’s length distance

      • Good lateral movement; can really play with his feet and stay in front of the ball handler without fouling

    • Mirrors the ball with his extended hand

  • Tends to stand straight up and down off the ball

  • Good anticipation and has good hands

  • Quick to long rebounds and loose balls

Basketball IQ
  • Smart player overall, especially with the ball in hands; very heady

  • Does not let you speed him up for the most part; deliberate, but there is no hesitation

    • Shows good patience with the ball as he surveys the defense and lulls the defender

    • Capable of letting the pieces on the floor develop; improving at reading the defense

      • There are periods of the game where it really slows down for him

  • Understands different defensive looks, and knows when to take advantage of mismatches based on the positioning of the rest of the defense

  • Makes great usage of angles all over the court

  • Strong court awareness; capable of anticipating the play

  • Adept at reading the movement, momentum, and tendencies of the defender

  • Strong understanding of space and time (as timing relates to spacing)

  • High aggression on the offensive end

    • Slightly less aggression on the defensive end (inconsistent aggression)

    • Less aggression without the ball

    • His motor follows suit

  • Poised and composed

  • Calm demeanor, even under pressure

  • Confident in his abilities

  • Not afraid of the moment

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