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Favour Aire

McNamara High School

New World - Adidas 






~215 lbs



Strong Hand


Potential Level



  • Traditional big who showed tremendous overall improvement from his freshman-to-sophomore years.  A work-in-progress who is developing his fundamentals and experiencing the game. 

  • Plays with a relentless motor.  He works and works on both ends of the floor, jostling for position in the post and on the boards.  Rebounds with hunger on both ends. 

  • A disruptive rim protector who is learning how to defend without fouling.  Progressing screen and roller with improved hands; finishes above the rim with authoirty.  Struggles without space.

  • Runs rim-to-rim with pace, consistency, and purpose.  Growing in confidence.  A real competitor.  Has plenty of room for advancement; improving in his game around the rim. 

Statistical Sampling from the 2019-2020 High School Season and Summer 2020


  • Suitable athletic ability to go along with his legit 6’10” frame

  • Slim, athletic build with muscle definition

  • Very good length – long arms and legs

  • Increasing strength and an improving understanding of how to use it down low

    • Good strength in his arms and broad shoulders

  • Plays with physicality; will bang in the paint and does not shy away from contact or confrontation

  • Slightly springy jumper who will finish with his elbows at the rim

  • Able to get off the floor to contest shots, rebound, and finish with adequate quickness

  • Limited footspeed and agility, with an emphasis on the defensive end

    • Includes lateral movement

    • Prospects of improvement in this area are still encouraging as he continues to develop his overall coordination

  • Developing hand-eye coordination

  • Movements are still a bit mechanical, but improving in fluidity and should continue to progress as he works in the gym

  • Needs to improve balance

  • Progressing timing

Big Man Attributes

Big Man
  • Runs rim-to-rim with great consistency; works very hard to get up-and-down

    • He doesn’t just run rim-to-rim, he is doing it for a purpose

      • On offense, he gets there and works to establish position or beat the defense down the floor

      • On defense, he sprints to the paint with intentions to be the anchor and protect the rim

  • In the Post

    • Positioning

      • Works extremely hard for position on the blocks and in the middle of the paint

        • Prefers to post on the left block so that he can turn over his left shoulder in the middle of the paint

      • Has a nice spin/roll move into the middle of the paint

      • Does a good job of consistently sitting down

      • Shows good awareness of the 3-second count

      • Adept at maintaining his position by keeping the defender on his back

        • Uses his elbows to corral the defender

      • Cuts hard across the lane from block-to-block

    • Post moves

      • Has a lot of room for improvement here, as he is still limited

      • Prefers to turn over his left shoulder for a jump hook.  The next step is implementing a counter or two.

        • Will usually utilize 2-3 dribbles to get into the middle of the lane and rise up

          • The tendency to put the ball on the floor can get him into trouble with guards digging down

        • The jump hook itself is shot with good form, and should continue to improve in consistency and touch

        • Uses a sharp elbow to hook the defender around the mid-section to clear a path to the basket 

      • If he turns away from the middle, he does so with the initial move; but once he goes middle, he isn’t turning back

  • Around the rim/finishing

    • Finishes above the rim with ease

    • Goes up strong with two hands on the ball

    • Still learning to finish through contact

    • Must continue developing touch

    • Will benefit from using the rim for protection

    • Improving at converting alley-oops

  • Rebounding – hungry on the boards on both ends!

    • When the ball goes up, he is looking to put a body on someone

      • Does a good job of blocking out, and does so consistently.  Really uses his limbs and elbows well.  He uses his long arms like antennae, probing for anything thinking of going after the ball.

      • Understands how to use his hips without fouling

    • Does not wait for the ball to come to him.  He aggressively pursues it by going up and grabbing it at the top.

      • Comes away with contested boards

    • Good timing of the ball coming off the rim, and is developing better anticipation for where the ball is coming off

    • Does a good job of keeping the ball high after the board

  • Offensive Rebounding – averaged nearly 4 offensive boards per game against legitimate competition

    • A tireless worker on the offensive board who uses his long arms to clear out position

      • He moves well around would-be block outs to chase down second-chance opportunities or deflections to keep the play alive

    • The defenders must put a body (or multiple bodies) on him to keep him from getting his team second chances

  • Pick and Roll Play

    • Good, solid ball screener who sets wide picks for ballhandlers, allowing them space and time

      • His next progressions will be learning touch-n-go/brush techniques, when to slip and when to hold, and 12-15 feet pick-and-pops

    • Learning how to roll and naturally keep the defender he screens blocked off on his back without appearing to set a moving pick

    • Often uses good angles in terms of the elements of the action that are under his control (as opposed to those in the control of the ballhandler)

    • Rolls nicely to the rim and keeps his hands ready for the pass

    • Showed great improvement at catching and finishing on the move with quickness and strength.  Looking much more comfortable overall in the action.

  • While he is a good ball screener, he often does not make legitimate contact on off-the-ball screens

  • Developing hands; learning how to handle all types of passes.  Has shown lots of growth in this area.


  • Terrific rim protector; a force in the paint.  Averaged nearly 4 blocks per game in the 5 games evaluated.  His ability to get off the floor relatively quickly together with his improved timing and great length make for a really nice combination. 

    • Capable of blocking multiple types of shots from guards, wings, and bigs

    • He is also altering another 3-5 shots per game on top of the 4 blocks

  • Still learning to defend without fouling, but continues to show improvement

    • Often finds himself sitting in the 2Q due to having 2 fouls

  • Whether in the post or on the perimeter, his technique must change from somewhat hopping to sliding his feet

  • Post defense

    • Learning to stay vertical against the shot

    • Gives a good contest to alter or block the attempt

    • Can let the offensive player get into his body

    • Tends to bite on ball/shot fakes and other post-misdirection moves, ultimately becoming out of position on the shot contest in these instances

      • These fakes and faints can also get him off balance, leading to fouls or easily converted baskets for his man

  • Off-ball and help-side

    • While he makes an effort to be attentive to off-the-ball action while staying in tune with the ball, he can get distracted by cutters and other movement and get pulled out of position. 

      • He will continue to improve in these areas with experience and study

    • Will benefit from sustaining his defensive stance instead of standing up

    • Must work on stepping in with his feet/body and not by reaching or attempting to chase the ball down from behind

  • Perimeter (on-ball)

    • Active hands – wide, up, and out

    • Struggles to contain the dribble drive, but certainly has the potential to greatly improve with work and proper technique

      • Technique must change from hopping to sliding his feet

      • Opening up too much to give up the angle to the basket

    • Tendency to play on his heels and bite against, dribble moves, fakes, and faints

    • His athleticism and length allow him to recover and contest nicely

  • Defending the Pick and Roll 

    • Does not hedge

    • Provides a cushion while maintaining an arm’s length to his man, if possible

      • The cushion can be problematic against good jump shooting perimeter players



Offensive Qualities

Other Offensive Qualities

  • Free throws – shot 14-for-26 in the 5 games evaluated.  However, his mechanics provide a lot of room for encouragement. 

    • Mechanics leading to the release are consistent and encouraging, including a high elbow that is used as a lever, a guide hand properly placed on the side of the ball, and smooth movements leading into the release.  The release itself is above his head with a good follow through on the finish, for the most part. 

      • The release lacks some consistency

      • Continuing to move the shot, especially the release, into one continuous motion should be beneficial

  • Though seldom used, his jump shot mirrors the mechanics of his free throw, and has a foundation to build on for the future in the form of short corner, elbow/foul line area, and mid-range pick and pop shots

  • Limited meaningful offensive touches.  Most of his half court opportunities are self-made on the board.

  • Runs the floor well and can finish with authority, whether off the catch or following the play

  • Developing skillset

    • Working on fundamentals and footwork and must continue on this path

    • Passing

      • Outlet passing – can improve technique and snap/zip

        • Needs to maintain two hands on the overhead pass

      • Showed a nice hi-low feed from the top of the key where he gave a shot fake to pull his defender up in order to create space for the post-man in the paint

    • Becoming much more comfortable catching at the top of the key to reverse the ball

  • Cuts with purpose and subsequently works for better position

  • Struggles with the ball when there is a lack of space

  • Shows an understanding of how to move in and out of space on the offensive end


  • A real competitor who does not back down

  • Love his aggression on the court

  • Plays extremely hard; plays with intensity

  • Excellent motor

  • Willing to do the dirty work; brings his hard-hat with him

  • Possesses a strong desire to get better

  • Plays to win!

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