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Earl Timberlake

DeMatha High School

Team Durant - Nike 






~215 lbs



Strong Hand




April 2019
  • Very good athlete who does everything well and is physically ready to play at the next level.  Contributes in multiple ways on both sides of the court.  Good IQ and feel for the game.

  • Best when attacking the rim; plays at or above it and is capable of finishing through contact.  Still learning to navigate and finish in traffic.  Needs to improve conditioning. 

  • Much improved shooter who is best classified as a shot maker.  Shoots a good percentage from 3 and the foul line.  Potential to be a very good shooter if mechanics are addressed.

  • Capable of guarding 3 positions at the college level.  Terrific on-ball defender who is strong and plays defense with his feet; has a tendency to open up too much.  Great weak side and chase down shot blocker.  Good timing and anticipation.  Can be lazy off the ball. 

  • Solid handle with good vision.  Capable of creating space with the dribble, but needs to work on his wiggle.  Good ball security and makes the right play.

  • Leads by example.  Commands respect.  Exudes confidence.  Coachable.  Great work ethic.

Sample Stats
2018-2019 High School Season
Earl Timberlake Stats.jpg
  • The perfect size for a wing; 6’6” with great strength and build; very good athlete

  • Above average fast-twitch fibers; fast off of his feet

  • When in shape, he is fast and moves with force; when he is in lesser condition, you can tell from his heavier legs and slower hip movement

  • Good agility, needs to improve his balance; can also benefit from looser hips

  • Great hand-eye coordination

  • Solid vertical leap – can jump off of one or two-legs

  • Has room to improve explosiveness

  • Physically imposing and can accept and dole out punishment

  • Good timing and anticipation

  • A good classification for Earl is that he is a shot maker

    • Makes shots from different parts of the floor, ranging from the rim to about 22 feet

    • The fact that he is a gym rat coupled together with his athleticism has helped him develop into a much more consistent shooter

    • Shoots a good percentage from 3 and the foul line (see stats)

      • Mixture of catch-and-shoot 3s to either a jab-step series attempt while still having his dribble, or off of the dribble in different scenarios

    • Has strong concentration on the basket when he decides to shoot 

    • Shoots with a hand in his face as well as he does without one

  • Mechanics

    • Brings the ball over top of his forehead, just to the left of it (good release position)

      • When he brings it up, there is a slight pause before the release (slight hitch)

    • Usually, there is too much movement in the shot motion 

      • Swings the ball from his right hip across his torso to the release spot

    • Drops his elbow on his shot sometimes, affecting the arc on his shot

    • The release is up and out, finishing as much out as he does up 

    • Follow-through is typically a good snap of the wrist

    • He may turn his shooting shoulder toward the basket, bringing his body slightly out-of-square with the basket 

  • Potential/Points of Emphasis:

    • Made great strides year-over-year in all facets of shooting

    • Shows potential to develop into a very good shooter (see points of emphasis below)

    • Bottom line is he makes shots consistently; and he has confidence in his shot 

    • His improving ability to create his own shot and convert those attempts should prove beneficial for him in college when he is playing against comparable players who are able to defend with length and strength 

    • Points of emphasis to improve mechanics:

      • Consistently shoot with legs

      • Bring the ball straight up instead of slinging it across the body; less motion

      • Get elbow up to create a lever-like release

      • Square to the basket, and stay squared during and after the release

      • Shoot using one fluid motion

      • Shoot up

      • Release consistently from his pointer finger, or at the least, a combination of his pointer and middle fingers

        • He tends to have a different release, where the ball can come off of different fingers

  • Shot Selection

    • Abides in the popular trend driven by our analytical age of either shooting from 3 or in the paint/at the basket

      • The vast majority of his shots come from these two areas, with 3-point shots predominantly coming above the elbow extensions

      • Out of 62 shot attempts in 6 games where shot charts were taken, only 2 were outside the painted area and inside the three-point line (3.2%). 

      • Note: highly capable from midrange.

    • With his athleticism, strength, and ability to create off of the dribble, I would like to see him get to the line more often and with greater consistency, especially on the high school level.

    • He will benefit from setting up his jump shot off of attacks to the rim

    • Knows his spots on the floor; intelligent/skilled enough to play/shoot from those spots

    • The majority of his shot attempts come from him creating his own shot, largely without disturbing the flow of the game/offense

      • Capable of getting his shots within sets/system

Other Offensive Qualities
Other Offensive Qualities
  • Has a myriad of shots in the paint and around the basket

  • Takes advantage of mismatch situations in the post; utilizes a mixture of double moves and shoulder fakes that result in turnaround/fadeaway shots from around 12 feet

    • Strong up and under move that he is able to use from about 14 feet and in

    • Often practices patience, allowing the floor to space and cutters to cut

  • Finishes at or above the rim; rises with strength and is capable of finishing through contact

  • Learning how to use his body when going to the basket; room to improve at drawing the foul

    • Needs to continue to work on body control when absorbing contact

  • Has improved finishing with his right hand (off hand), but still needs to improve

  • Still learning to finish around the basket in traffic

    • Finds himself off balance due to a combination of his momentum carrying him forward (driving with force) and expecting contact

  • Has a good feel and an above average touch around the basket

  • Has a tendency to be passive and not move/cut without the ball

  • Plays well within the offense and does not force his game; lets the game come to him

  • Although he plays most of the game, his conditioning needs to improve 

  • Often serves as a rebounder instead of running the wing and getting easy baskets

    • Would like to see him in the open court more; will greatly benefit

  • Good at pushing the ball up himself, and knows when to do so vs. advancing with the pass 

  • Solid fundamentals; needs to continue to develop his footwork and jab step series

  • Promising pick and roll player

    • Turns the corner very well when he makes the decision; learning to read the defense

    • Shows that he knows how to make the simple pass to move the defense in order to set the next pass(es) up, shifting the defense just so

  • Still learning the angles, but has shown improvement 

    • Has a tendency to either go too east/west or too north/south

      • Trying to find that balance that lies in-between (mentioned earlier regarding the need to add wiggle)

  • Solid ball control

  • Solid handle in the open court; dribbles with his eyes up (may bring them down in traffic)

  • Gets low with the ball and protects it well with his body

  • Has several dribble moves to use (single moves and double moves)

    • Dribble moves made with strength

    • Needs to continue to work on the efficacy of his dribble moves

  • As previously said, needs to add wiggle; and needs to continue to work on dribble moves to be able to get by defender more consistently

  • When pressured, especially by smaller guards, he has a tendency to turn his back to the floor/basket, hindering his ability to make plays and see the floor

    • Plays with good ball security against pressure; tendency to be nonchalant

  • Penetrates with his eyes up and is able to locate shooters on the perimeter or a big man on the block for dump offs; stays low on penetration

  • Tends to drive all the way to the basket going left; tends to pull up when going right

  • Has a good feel for the game overall, with good vision

  • Willing passer who makes the right play/pass

  • When he catches the ball on the perimeter as a passer, he is immediately moving to release the pass 

    • Speaks to his feel for the game, he is a good touch passer

    • Capable of reading the defense and seeing the play develop in advance

  • Accurate passer with proper zip on the pass; usually uses the right touch depending on the situation and the recipient of the pass

  • Very good post entry passer; passes are well-placed for the big to turn and score

  • Sound judgment; does not attempt to force passes through defenders often

  • Makes good decisions overall and maintains good ball security

  • Good open court passer; makes the right, sound pass; capable of passing with some flair

  • Has a tendency to predominantly pass with his strong hand (left hand)

    • Usually keeps his second hand on ball while passing

  • Can be nonchalant with his passes on the perimeter, but he does not make a habit of it

  • Defends 4 positions on the high school level

    • Will be able to guard 3 positions in college; slightly possible he could defend 4, but would depend on the matchup

  • Ideal for a man-to-man defense

  • Will be capable of being a consistent element of a full court press, zone or man

  • Capable of following defensive game plans

  • Good on-ball defender

    • Has desire to prevail over his man on the defensive end; plays with pride

    • Good defensive stance; gets low and stays low

    • Would benefit from more active hands

    • Plays defense with his feet and is effective at forcing his man to settle for jump shots

    • Has a tendency to take angles that allow his man to get to their desired spot

    • Still learning how to defend the post; specifically, how to defend without fouling

  • Aggressive defender, but not overly aggressive

  • Has a tendency to lack energy because he needs to improve his conditioning 

  • Great shot blocker for a guard

    • Weak side – has great timing and anticipation

    • Chase down – he is one of the better chase down shot blockers I have seen at the high school level

  • Attention to the ball and man is usually very good

    • When he sees a driver, he maintains positioning well between his man and the ball so as not to overcommit himself 

      • Shows really good court awareness in these situations.   

  • Closes out under control and stays low while being in position to challenge the shot or react to the drive

  • Strong defensive rebounder

    • Tracks the flight of the ball well; establishes good position

    • Physical strength contributes to his rebounding

    • Athleticism, hand-eye coordination, timing and anticipation all play a part

  • Like nearly all high school players, he stands straight up and down off the ball

    • Has a tendency to be lazy off of the ball

Basketball IQ
  • It is evident that he has competed at the highest levels of high school basketball for years

  • Makes the right basketball play

  • Sees the play develop 1-2 passes ahead of time

    • Still working on setting his defender up throughout the course of a game

  • Still learning when to attack and when to distribute/run the offense/etc.

  • Good feel for the game on both ends of the floor

    • Good timing and anticipation

  • Plays to win, but is still learning how to make winning plays down the stretch

    • Showed great improvement in this area throughout the season

  • Still learning to play with purpose throughout the course of the game

  • Shows solid decision-making ability, although his shot selection can be questionable, at times, because he settles for 3

  • Has a firm understanding for time and score

  • Wants to be better

  • Improving is his motivation

  • Great work ethic

  • Responds well to teaching and constructive criticism 

  • Enjoys adding to his game

  • Gives consistent effort

  • Loves watching the game wants to be a student of the game

  • Will ice the coach out sometimes, especially when he gets frustrated

  • Via third person: his coach, Mike Jones, says that he is the most intense player he has ever been around

  • His motor is average-to slightly above average (should improve with conditioning)

  • Very competitive

  • Calm demeanor and even-keeled with the occasional outburst of emotion upon big plays (good emotion)

    • Stays calm under pressure

  • The right amount of aggression and should continue to move in the right direction as he continues to learn how to direct it

  • Loves the game

  • Takes on challenges and does not shy away

  • Good body language, but can fall into an occasional sulk due to inactivity or frustration (i.e. foul trouble, lack of movement on offense)

  • Tough kid

  • Humbly exudes confidence

  • Leads by example, but is not very vocal

    • Commands respect on the court

    • Commands respect from his teammates without demanding it

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