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Dug McDaniel

Paul VI High School

Team Takeover - Nike 






~150 lbs



Strong Hand



High Major


  • A polished playmaker who can see 1 and sometimes 2 steps ahead.  Lightning quick with tremendous ball skills and court savvy. 

  • Incredibly composed for a player his age.  A mature decision maker who is capable of generating shots for his teammates in various situations.  He will need to continue to work on creating quality shots for himself as he progresses.

  • A very good passer with terrific vision.  He dictates where he wants to go with the ball, and where he wants the defense to go.  Plays with pace.

  • Has a tight handle and stays very low with the ball.  It is difficult to keep him out of the lane.  Effective with the pick and roll.  Continuing to develop a consistent jumper off the dribble.

  • Always probing the defense for its weaknesses.  Advances the ball well with the pass.  He is a sound team defender with the potential to be a disruptor on the ball.


  • Extremely quick

    • Fast twitch muscle fibers

  • Great speed, both with and without the ball

  • Tremendous lateral movement

  • Wastes no movements

  • Superb acceleration

  • Excellent hand-eye coordination

  • Small build

  • Very good anticipation

  • Must continue to work on his strength

  • Has terrific conditioning with a great motor

Offensive Qualities

  • A playmaker who plays with terrific pace

    • Generates shots for his teammates in various ways

      • Penetrate and kick

        • Draws the defense very well

      • Finding spot up shooters or creating dump offs on the block in transition

      • Pushing and probing in secondary break situations

      • Directing the offense during set plays

      • Advancing the ball with the pass

      • Making plays in a breakdown situation

      • Making good decisions off the pick and roll

    • Good ability to create his own shot.  He will continue to develop in this area.

      • Effective dribble moves to create space (great inside-out move)

        • Couples dribble moves with a change of pace

        • Will continue to improve at creating the space necessary to get quality shots against taller, longer defenders

      • Would benefit greatly from developing a consistent step back jumper in both directions

      • Superior first step, which works well with his ability to read the defense and feel the defender as he transitions into his next decision with the ball

  • Constantly probes the defense and stays patient while doing so

  • Still learning how to get higher percentage shots around the basket

    • Capable of finishing high off the board.  Gets the ball out of his hand quickly.

    • Crafty, and has to be; has an assortment of shots around the rim

    • Tends to find himself in trouble in the paint, especially in low shot clock situations

      • He should improve as he gains the experience

    • Will need to continue to develop one and two-footed runners using both hands – in front of the basket and off of the board from different angles

  • Dictates where he is going on offense

    • Also moves the defense where he needs it to be

      • Keeps them off balance

  • Great change of pace and knows when to use it

  • Aggressive, always probing.  Always looking to create, but doesn’t force too much.

    • Sets the defense up, draws defenders well, then makes good decisions

  • Knows how to take advantage of what the defense gives him

  • Does not waste movement; more north-south than east-west

  • Likes to drive left

  • It is really tough to keep him out of the lane

  • Effective in the pick and roll.  It is difficult to hedge on him, so it will be interesting to see how defenses attempt to adjust in these pick and roll situation.


  • A solid shooter overall, and improving

    • Shows some consistency on catch and shoot 3-pointers

    • Shows promise as an off the dribble shooter

    • He is comfortable with shooting with a hand in his face, although he is still developing consistency

  • Shoots from his upper chest/chin area with a very quick release; shoots with his wrist – it almost appears like a flip shot

  • Shoots a set shot from 3 and a jump shot from mid-range

  • Displays the ability to shoot from deep

  • Gets good arc on his shot

  • His size causes him to shoot a poor percentage, as he likes to get to the basket, but struggles to finish in traffic

  • I’m excited to see how good of a shooter he can become.  He has all of the tools.


  • Tight handle with good ball control

  • Stays low to the ground and keeps the ball low to the ground

  • Dribbles with his head up, completely seeing the court

  • Does not let the defender have the opportunity to put a body, hand, or forearm on him on the perimeter

  • Tremendous change of direction while maintaining control of the ball

  • Effective dribble moves

  • Good ball security

  • Very good at replacing himself with the dribble

  • As a defender, it is difficult to dictate his path

  • Does not over dribble – always looking for the open man


  • Passes with accuracy, often placing the ball right in the shooter’s pocket

    • Gets his teammates the ball in scoring positions

  • Good touch on the pass

    • His zip will increase with strength, though it is not lacking much now

  • Great decision maker

  • Keeps his eyes up and sees the floor; good vision

  • Makes the pass to shift the defense

  • Possesses a great pocket pass

  • Utilizes the bounce pass very well; uses sound passing technique

  • Makes the right play

  • Excellent passer off of penetration

    • Has a tendency to leave his feet when penetrating below the foul line


  • Solid team defender

    • Very attentive on the help side

    • Good balance between ball and man

    • Timely rotations

  • On ball defense needs work

    • Although he applies good ball pressure, he tends to get beat off the dribble

    • Has potential to be a disruptor

  • Great anticipation – tracks the ball very well

    • Usually finds himself around the ball

      • Quick to the ball on long rebounds

  • Has good hands

  • Stays very aware and ready to react

Basketball IQ

  • Sky high overall IQ

  • Extremely court savvy

  • Mature decision maker

  • Terrific ball instincts

  • Great feel for the game and court awareness

  • Sees plays 1 and 2 steps ahead; he sets the defense up very well

  • Sees the floor well


  • Remarkably composed for a player his age; does not get rattled

    • Performed against an extremely competitive national schedule all year

    • Finished close games with plenty of pressure situations

      • Sound decision-making in these moments          

  • Quick, but doesn’t hurry

  • Plays hard; excellent motor

Offensive Qualities
Basketball IQ
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