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Doyle Brown

Flint Hill (VA)

Team Durant (Nike EYBL)






170 lbs



Strong Hand


Potential Level

Low D1+

October 2022

Statistical Sample Throughout 2022

Doyle Brown Stats.jpg
  • Quality speed with and without the ball

  • Good lateral quickness

  • Effective first step

  • Urgency-filled movements and effort

  • Strong motor and endurance

  • Possesses adequate size as a lead guard at 6’1”, 170 lbs.

    • Undersized as a combo guard

  • Finesse, perimeter-oriented player with better than average upper body strength, good muscle definition, and a frame that should continue to strengthen as he matures

  • Good timing and anticipation

  • Average leaper

  • Sufficient burst and acceleration

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Score-first combo guard who can play on or off ball with effectiveness

    • Shown to be most productive as an efficient, off-guard scorer who specializes who operates from various points of attack in the half-court both with and without the ball

      • Specializes from the 2nd and 3rd levels

    • Functional primary ball handler with a proven ability to play point guard for short spurts. His growth as a lead guard will optimize his opportunities and potential, and will significantly impact his path into the next level.

  • Selectively aggressive

    • Gets the majority of his shots/points from within the flow of the offense

  • Excellent jump shooter who’s particularly dangerous behind the arc and can heat up quickly

    • Accurate on the catch and off the dribble

      • Prefers moving left off the bounce, but is also tough going right

  • Very good spot-up shooter

  • Comfortable shooting from all around the perimeter

    • Majority of attempts come from above the break

  • Terrific pull-up 3-point shooter

    • Likes to use a hesi-rhythm dribble with the ball in his left hand, as well as using a small inside-out move that will freeze the defender and lead directly into the shot

  • Also likes the one-and-two-dribble pull-up from 3-point range, which allows him to get into the rhythm

    • Will move laterally to avert the closeout but remain behind the line

    • Typically moves left but, again, also has the shot grooved going right

  • Tough on the pull-up out of pick-and-roll action (see more details further below in this section)

  • Possesses a solid, somewhat choosy mid-range game

    • Owns effective one-and-two-dribble pull-ups. Usually gets into the 13-15 foot range for the pull-up, thanks to the way he explodes to get away from the closeout and arrive at his desired spot.

  • Capable of getting into the lane and converting tough contested attempts

  • Again, prefers to shoot going left. However, he displays comfort shooting going right, as well.

  • Will benefit from implementing his step back moving left more often to create additional space against longer defenders

  • A proven shot maker, with the majority of his field goals coming off the dribble

    • Limits his dribbles from the point of attack, using them quite efficiently

      • Direct with his moves with the ball

      • Understands when there’s nothing there and gets off it; rarely forces things

  • Attacking closeouts using the one-and-two-dribble pull-ups mentioned above

    • Again, he does an excellent job of “getting somewhere” with the dribble, covering great ground

  • More from the point of attack in the half-court

    • Utilizes a sharp right-to-left crossover to gain a step or two on the defender. The cross is preceded by a slight hesitation and a deceptive body weight lean to the right before bringing it quickly back left. Proven to be a very effective move for him, but he does not overuse it.

    • Owns an useful counter spin move that typically allows him to get into that 13-15 foot range he prefers

      • Can improve by continuing to hone and add to his counters after his initial move with the ball is cut off

    • Will occasionally mix defenders in isolation situations

  • A significant chunk of his work off the dribble comes out of pick-and-roll action (see next bullet for more)

  • Efficient pick-and-roll player who is aggressive but patient in his approach

    • Deadly pull-up 3-point shooter off the ball screen going in either direction

      • Defenders are not advised to go under the screen

  • Prefers working right-to-left, but is capable of successfully going left-to-right, too

  • Shows patience and a willingness to survey the floor as he comes off the screen

    • Makes good use of the hesitation dribble when surveying the court

  • Understands when to reject the screen, and usually does so when working left-to-right, which ends with him coming back left

  • Flashes playmaking ability in the two-man game by seeing and delivering to the roller or functioning as a drive-and-kicker

  • Additional playmaking flashes outside of the pick-and-roll, including creating driving lanes from the point of attack and aggressive pushes in semi-transition

  • Pushes the rock with speed and decisiveness in transition

  • Finishing

    • Decent open court finisher who gets out in front of the defense with anticipation, speed, and intelligence

  • Soft touch from the lane

  • Owns a solid floater that he shoots off of two feet with good focus on the goal

  • Exhibits flashes of finishing through contact

  • Understands when to use the inside hand to his advantage

  • Will benefit from strengthening his off hand and expanding his finishing package

  • Tends to have difficulty with the 2nd defensive level as a whole

  • Plays the game off of two feet

  • Consistently sprints the floor, whether it’s in transition, semi-transition, or on a made basket

  • Has a small tendency to allow the defense to speed him up

  • Moves with earnestness off the ball, where he, again, is a capable shooter on the catch

    • His movement positively impacts floor spacing as defenses compensate for his shooting ability

    • Sprints to spots off of screens and around zones

      • Moves with purpose

    • Accurate when he’s able to set his feet

  • Most cuts along the perimeter or out to the perimeter, and would benefit from cutting toward the rim and other interior open areas more often

  • Can really shoot the ball. There’s no better sign of a shooter than a player who can sit for extended periods, get his number called, and fill it up right away as if he had been playing in rhythm the entire contest. This is what he did multiple times for Team Durant during EYBL play, taking on a different role with a reduced usage rate.

    • Shot 36.8 3P% on over 3 attempts per game in 12 EYBL games

      • Inconsistent/unpredictable minutes

    • Shot 39.0 3P% in the 8 games charted on just over 5 attempts per game. That 39.0% includes an uncommon 0-for-7 game. Remove that, and he shoots 47% over 7 games.

  • Very good on the catch

    • Preps well for the shot

    • Presence adds spacing via shooting gravity

    • Will benefit from cutting down on the time taken in the overall process from catch to release

  • Accurate shooter off movement when he’s able to set his feet, as previously stated

  • Tough off the dribble, where he capitalizes off of rhythm shots that are well-rehearsed

    • His attempts are very much practiced. It’s obvious that he is taking shots that he’s worked on repeatedly.

    • Exhibits consistent shot making off the bounce, converting at a solid percentage on the move with a hand in his face

      • Capable shooter under duress. Maintains solid concentration with a hand in his face from the perimeter.

  • Shoots off a jump stop/hop when pulling up in the lane off the bounce

  • Puts it up with a lot of confidence

    • Has a short memory. Doesn’t allow a miss to affect his next shot.

  • Has a soft touch on the shot

  • The next step in his progression as a shooter is to increase his range and become more consistent from deeper distances

  • Prefers to shoot of the 1, 2 footwork pattern on the catch and when shooting out of certain rhythm dribbles

    • Preference extends to the left, right pattern, even when moving left, as he likes to catch and shoot moving straight-on toward the rim

    • 1, 2 step can be pronounced as a part of his rhythm

  • Quality shot selection

    • Aggressive, yet patient enough to pick his spots as a scorer

    • As stated above, it’s evident that the shots he takes are the shots he works on in the gym

    • Rarely forces shots, but will put up the occasional heat check

    • Majority of his attempts in the half court come from behind the arc or in the mid-range

      • 47.1% of his total attempts (87) came from 3 in the 8 games charted

    • Attempts at the rim are predominantly in transition/semi-transition

    • Usually looks to take the best available shot

      • Does not simply settle for the open three. He will take the dribble to get closer to the basket if it’s advantageous.

  • Mechanics/form

    • Inverted right leg, with the right foot turned in

      • Small tendency for the right foot to be too far out in front of the left

    • Shoulders are not completely squared to the rim, with his left shoulder turned outward

      • Left shoulder rotates outward as he progresses through the shot movement

    • Heavy energy transfer from the lower to the upper body, leading into the jump on the shot

      • Gets very good elevation

      • Dependent on this energy transfer for both strength and rhythm purposes

    • High elbow and release, which comes from the above his head, slightly to the right side

    • Extends fully on the release

    • Solid, consistent follow through

    • Flicks the thumb on his guide hand forward through the ball

    • Frequently jumps forward on the shot, often landing 2-3 feet in front of his initial elevation point

  • Sharp, forceful handle with good ball control

  • Dribble moves from the point of attack are simple but effective

    • Keeps a quality crossover low to the ground, underneath reaching hands

    • Protects the ball with his body

    • Remains in triple threat position

    • Shows a budding ability to get where he needs to go

    • Typically uses single dribble moves

      • Occasionally uses double moves

  • Pound dribble technique

  • Makes good use of the dribble draw

  • Shows that he is very capable of functioning as the primary ball handler/point guard. Handles full-court pressure well, but does have a small tendency to avoid it.

    • Brings it up with strength and decisiveness

  • Has a tendency to allow his dribble to drift a little too high

    • Can occur in the open court and occasionally during a change of hands/direction

  • Swift, effective speed dribble in the open court that he pushes out in front of him

    • Capable of covering the length of the floor in roughly 4 dribbles

  • Changes of direction are sharp

    • Again, he can improve by tightening up his ball a bit on the changes

  • Uses his dribbles very efficiently in all circumstances

  • Willing passer who makes the simple play

    • Willing to make the extra pass

  • Typically shows good judgment with timely deliveries

  • Can function as a connector on the perimeter, but is capable of more

  • A growing drive-and-kick threat

  • Puts great zip on various passes

  • Leads his teammates nicely with the pass

  • Accuracy off the dribble can be inconsistent at times

    • Shows most often in transition, but is a capable passer on the break

  • Still learning when to use the right type of pass

  • Good post-entry passer

  • Decent vision with signs of expansion

  • Passes to beat the press, as opposed to trying to dribble through it

    • Advances the ball with the pass overall

  • A disciplined, position-based defender on and off the ball who takes defense seriously

    • Pays attention to detail on and off the ball

  • On the ball

    • Stays low in an ideal defensive stance

    • Displays desire to defend

    • Defends with his feet and moves with urgency

    • Guards at an arm’s length distance all the way out top, while he will exert heavier ball pressure closer to the arc

    • Has a tendency to get beat by opening up too much against the initial move

    • Uses the cross-legged push off to recover if his man gains a step

  • Off the ball

    • Maintains balanced attention between ball and man

    • Remains in his guarding stance off the ball and is ready to react

    • Makes timely rotations

    • Plays sound position defense

    • Sound deny technique

    • Good anticipation

  • Can improve as a help defender by stepping in on the help side against the dribble drive with his body more consistently

  • Closes out with urgency and a high hand, but can have difficulty preventing the dribble drive against quicker guards

  • Strong grasp of team defensive concepts

  • Consistently hustles back on defense, especially after personal mistakes

    • When playing point, he has a tendency to forget to be the man back on defense

  • Finishes the majority of possessions by blocking out

  • Can be reactive in transition defense, as opposed to proactively moving to stop/cut off the ball

  • Decent positional shot blocker

  • Defending the pick-and-roll

    • Does a decent job of navigating the ball screen and getting over top of it

    • Can struggle against guards who look to turn the corner, as he tends to slow down in expectation of the contact from the pick, even if there is little-to-none, leaving him a step or two behind after clearing the screen

    • Will improve in switch coverage by maintaining better attachment with the screener/roller and finishing the possession by blocking out

  • Plays the game the right way

  • Displays sound judgment in multiple facets

  • Fundamentally sound player on both ends

  • Aware of time and score

  • Possesses a growing feel for the defense

  • Plays the game with purpose

  • Has good basketball instincts

  • Owns a growing ability to read defenses and react accordingly

  • Consistently plays hard with positive energy

    • Hustles and puts out

    • Sprints to his spots, defends with care, and moves with urgency

    • Does not allow mistakes to deter his effort

  • Plays to win

    • Makes winning plays simply by playing the game the right way

  • Enthusiastic with his team and generally encouraging to his teammates

    • Celebrates his teams successes

    • Hustles to help his teammates off the floor

  • Remains locked in for the entirety of the time he is on the floor

    • Stays ready when he’s on the bench – displayed true microwave activity during his time with Team Durant

  • Acknowledges his mistakes

  • Strong work ethic

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