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Delonnie Hunt

Rock Creek Christian School

DC Premier - Under Armour 









Strong Hand




April 2020
  • True point guard.  Utilizes a strong skillset to run the show, and is capable of playing within various offensive styles and speeds.  Prefers to push the ball and play downhill.

  • Skilled ballhandler and sound decision-maker.  Shows the ball security you want in your point guard and is an extension of the coach on the floor.  Needs to develop consistency from distance.  Good foul shooter and keeps calm under pressure.

  • Displays legit leadership qualities and is a real competitor.  Gets north-south in a hurry, and plays with controlled aggression and strength.  Compensates for being undersized with his IQ and great athleticism.

  • Difficult to keep out of the lane with blow-by speed and acceleration.  Converts in traffic around the basket and is capable of finishing through contact.  Tough as nails.

  • Solid defensively on and off the ball.  Terrific rebounding point guard.  Plays to win. 

  • Very good athlete

  • Shows good strength with and without the ball

    • Plays low to the ground, which adds to his strength

  • Good lift/bounce – will try to put it on your head and will elevate for boards

  • Superb acceleration and speed with and without the ball

    • Strong, quick bursts

    • Tremendous speed in the open court

  • Direct in movement; little wasted movement

  • Very good lateral quickness and fast twitch muscle fibers; great change of direction

    • Fluid, open hips

  • Good balance and body control

  • Impressive endurance and a great motor

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Commands the offense

  • His physical attributes combined with his ballhandling allow him to create space to operate

    • Utilizes a really nice hesitation/change of pace move

    • Also uses a effective studder step

    • Occasionally shows a useful euro step in the paint

    • More North/South than East/West

      • Doesn’t fool around too much

  • Prefers to get going downhill.  Can drive right or left, but predominantly finishes with his strong hand (left). 

    • Adept at drawing the foul when going to the rim

    • Needs to continue developing his ability to finish with his right hand

  • Has an innate ability to quickly counter the defender’s positioning 

    • His ball control, quickness, and IQ allow him to punish the defense when they gamble/make mistakes

  • Has a really nice floor game; contributes to his team in multiple ways

  • Like his ability to penetrate into the lane and dump off to the blocks

    • He stays low, keeps the ball even lower, and controls his body well

  • Prefers to push the ball up court, but is aware of pace and plays well at different speeds

    • Puts pressure on the defense

    • Gets from end-to-end in a hurry

    • Has a tendency to speed in the open court and not evaluate the floor well enough to make the right judgment (i.e. trying to convert on inverted numbers like 1-on-2 or 3)

    • Shows patience in the half court

  • Plays in a free-flowing offense but shows the ability to play within more structured offenses

    • Excels in attack mode, although he has the ability to allow the game to come to him

  • Pick and Roll

    • Capable of making the right reads

    • Needs to be more patient:

      • To give his screener a chance to set up

      • To set his defender up properly in order to run him off the screen

        • Take a better angle by dribbling down one more dribble or dribbling at the screener

    • Despite the points above, his ball skills and ability to get downhill in a hurry can still lead to successful possessions; and he can be taught the necessary improvements

    • Still learning how to take on/handle the hard hedge

  • Decent outside shooter when his feet are set, but struggles more on the move

  • Good foul shooter – converts under pressure during closing time

  • Displays nice concentration and a good touch around the basket

    • Able to finish in traffic and through contact, depending on the defender’s size/length

  • Needs to develop consistency from 3

    • Can sometimes look uncomfortable or as though he lacks confidence

    • Capable of being streaky

  • Form/mechanics:

    • Release point is from eye level

      • Release level drops the farther out he shoots

    • Elbow is at a slightly greater than 90-degree angle

      • Elbow drops when shooting from 3-extended

    • Uses legs well

    • Average arc on his shot

  • Shot selection

    • Does not settle for the outside shot; attacks the basket. 

    • Overall, he is looking to get to the rim/paint!

    • Tendency to force the issue to the basket, but he is more than capable of understanding when not to force it

    • The vast majority of shots come from 3 or within the paint/around the basket

    • Majority of threes come from around the top of the key and wings above the foul line extended

    • Does go to a floater, at times, and will benefit from continuing to developing this shot

  • Can handle the pill – has a quick handle with good ball control (right and left hand)

  • Stays low and strong with the ball

    • Does not give you a chance to knock him off the ball

      • The most contact a defender gets is usually on a pick and roll situation

  • Replaces himself well with the dribble

  • Sometimes takes too many dribbles in isolation situations to get to his dribble move (one too many dribbles without a purpose)

    • Most effective when making his move and then going

  • Usually uses one dribble move that is accompanied by a change of pace (i.e. insideout, crossover, etc.)

    • Will occasionally hit the defender with a double move

  • Handles full court pressure with ease, including trapping presses

  • Terrific bounce passer

    • Understands when and when not to throw one

  • Good overall touch – crisp, but soft

  • Places the ball in the shooter’s pocket for an easy catch and shoot

  • Skilled assortment of passes: i.e. post feed, cutters off of screens, kick aheads, threading the needle, pick and roll passing, touch passes, etc.

  • Sound decision maker; solid ball security

  • Accurate off the dribble

  • Maintains a good balance of attention and positioning between man and ball

  • Strong anticipation skills

  • Very good rebounding point guard

    • He isn’t just grabbing long bounces, he is grabbing quality boards

  • Usually likes to meet his man at half court and plays pressure on-ball defense

    • Plays defense with his feet

  • Relatively active and energetic

    • Relaxes a bit off the ball

  • Gets low and maintains a solid defensive stance

  • Good hands and very skilled at stripping the ball

  • Has the potential to be a real disruptor at the next level

Basketball IQ
  • Nice feel for the game

  • Understands time and score

  • Overall, a solid decision maker; makes the right play

  • Developing the understanding of how to set the defense up

    • Has the mind for this advanced thinking.  Film study sessions will be a big benefit.

  • Strong court awareness

  • Above average vision

  • Recognizes changing defensive schemes quickly and adjusts his team accordingly

  • Displays good instincts in times when he allows his athleticism to guide and direct his decision-making

  • He is the leader of his team

    • Not afraid to hold his teammates accountable

    • Directs/runs the offense, although the offense is a bit unstructured

    • Leads by example

    • Encourages and implores teammates; communicator

    • Extension of the coach on the floor

    • Appears to take responsibility for his own mistakes

  • He is a dog – a real competitor who projects confidence and looks to assert his will; fiery

    • Enjoys competition

  • Plays with intensity and displays consistent effort

  • Tough and fearless.  Does not back down.  Instead, he brings it to you.

  • Overall, plays with a controlled aggression

  • Stays calm under pressure

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