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Christian Winborne

Gilman School 

Team Thrill






~175 lbs.



Strong Hand



St. Joseph's

September 2020
  • A rhythm shooting lead guard with a growing ability to finish at the rim.  Shows shades of a true point guard with his excellent passing and budding cerebral approach to the game.  Puts the perfect touch on the pass for his teammates.

  • Capable scorer from all 3 levels.  Good court vision; quickly learning to read the defense.  Possesses great speed with the ball once getting downhill.  Needs to continue developing his perimeter shooting consistency.

  • Capable of playing at multiple paces while functioning as the controller of those paces. Handles with good ball control and his eyes up at all times.  Exhibits strong potential with his comfort and decision-making as the primary ballhandler in pick-and-roll action. 

  • Plays with natural anticipation and quickness to the ball.  Takes defense seriously on-and-off the ball.  Leads by example and makes the right basketball play.  A heady player with strong court awareness.  Consistently sprints back on defense.

Statistical Snapshot from Games Evaluated from the 2019-2020 Season

Stats Image.JPG

*Full season stats: 16.8 PPG, 5 APG, 4 RPG (source: Prephoops MD)

  • Good overall athlete

  • Possesses great speed with the ball.  Can get end-to-end with four controlled dribbles.

  • Has a strong burst of acceleration on his way to top speed when he decides to turn it on

  • Nice size for the position at a legitimate 6’2”

  • Developing strength, as well as the understanding on how to use it

  • Athletic build

  • Good body control

  • Fast twitch fibers; fluid, smooth movements

  • Terrific anticipation and is quick to the ball; tracks the ball well.  Reminds me of a smart corner back.

  • Has good hands and great timing

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Plays in an offense that is centered around ball screen action (not necessarily pick and roll).  However, he shows comfort and terrific potential as the primary pick and roll ballhandler.

    • Prefers to come off the ball screen from right-to-left

      • More comfortable shooting going to his left

        • Greater ability to create space for quality shots going left, such as the willingness to shoot off the step back

      • Scores from all 3 levels going left

        • Will pull up for contested 3s

        • Will pull up for the mid-range

        • Will turn the corner and drive to the rim, usually looking to get his body into the defender to draw contact

          • Not looking to this for his first option

      • More comfortable rejecting the screen with a crossover from left-to-right to push toward the rim with his right.  Effective move for him because you must respect him going left.  It is a quick cross with a burst to get his shoulder and hip by the defender. 

    • Patient with the screen.  Will use the screen and then a re-screen.

    • Will benefit from setting the screen up consistently using different methods such as the dribble down

    • As his jump shot grows more consistent, he will begin to see harder hedges.  He saw mostly hedges on the softer side this season.  He is well-equipped to handle the hedge thanks to his ability to change direction and maintain ball control, stay low to the floor while keeping his eyes up, and be effective with the dribble draw to create space and survey the floor.

  • Overall, he does a good job of making reads off the ball screen action.  Functions within the offense nicely.  Maintains a balance between aggression and letting the game come to him.  Would like to see him approach the action with a little more intention to create for himself and others; but also understand that the ball screen can function as an entry into the offense, so it is not always supposed to be approached with aggressiveness.

  • Some additional notes on playmaking

    • Sets teammates up well with the pass; finds the open shooter

    • Not the playmaker that breaks down defenders consistently off the dribble.  Instead, he distributes within the system his team runs.

    • Learning to read the defense with the ball in his hands

    • An unselfish player who looks to make the right play for his team

  • Can play fast or slow, but shows more effectiveness when he is playing at a faster pace.  Overall, he controls the pace of the game from the point guard position. 

    • The team often played at a considerably slow pace, walking the ball up the court on a significant number of possessions throughout each game.  Yet it was when Winborne pushed the pace and advanced the ball up court with the pass that the team was most productive. 

    • Can blow by the defense when he puts his mind to it.  Would like to see him be more decisive in this area moving forward.  He is very effective in attack mode.  Generally, good things happen when he is aggressive.

    • Takes his time when operating with the ball in his hands.

  • Fundamentally sound on both ends; proper footwork in all circumstances

  • More apt to shoot going left and drive going right

  • Capable of putting pressure on the defense with the shot, dribble, or pass

  • Shows a nice step-back move to his left to create good space and elevates into a relaxed shot

  • Exhibits a good mix between pass and shot

  • Finishing

    • Learning how to be consistent; learning how to control his body and finish through contact

      • Likes to go up, accept the initial contact, and hang in the air to wait for the defender to come down.  He simultaneously protects the ball with his body by moving it to the side of his body and away from the defender. 

        • Does a solid job of drawing the foul, shooting almost 6 per game.  Expected to continue to improve.

        • Can sometimes look for the contact and alter his concentration on the rim

    • Will benefit from acquiring a consistent euro step in both directions and continuing to develop the ability to finish with his off hand

    • Has a nice running fade shot that he puts off the board going right at a high speed.  Tough shot, and he would benefit from continuing to develop similar runners and floaters around the basket.

  • Rhythm shooter who is best when he is able to establish his rhythm into the shot.  His rhythms can vary. Really like his potential as a shooter.  Will benefit from some small adjustments in mechanics. 

  • Solid shooter off the catch

  • Tends to struggle when off balance

  • Prefers shooting going left, whether off the dribble or catch

    • Will shoot off of the proper 1, 2 (right, left) step into the shot

    • Will shoot off of a jump stop/pro hop (two feet)

    • Will shoot off of a rhythm dribble that allows him to step into it with a left, right (1, 2) step

    • Getting to his spot off of a multiple dribble pull-up

  • Relaxed shooter; very comfortable shooting off the bounce, more so going left than right, but still comfy

  • Very nice pull-up midrange game.  Shot 6-for-10 from 14-18 feet, and was able to get to those spots with ease.

  • Needs to continue to improve overall consistency from 3 and the foul line

    • Defenders have shown the willingness to go under the ball screen when he is the primary ballhandler

  • Shot selection:

    • Majority of his shots come off the dribble

    • Shot just over 1 mid-range jumper per game

    • Shot nearly 5.5 threes per game

    • The rest of the shots are 12 feet and closer

    • The majority of his misses are long (see more below)

  • Mechanics:

    • Starts with a pronounced shooting dip leading into good elevation

    • Possesses a smooth release over the top of the center of his forehead

    • Elbow is up

    • Will benefit from shooting more up than out, as well as holding the follow through and sticking with the shot

      • Often misses shots long (off the back of the rim), especially off the bounce and/or against a contest, due to the shooting motion; misses long on free throws, too

  • Shots are typically straight, but long

  • Has a tendency to hang and slightly kick his legs up behind him, which can bring his elbow down a bit

  • The farther out the shot, the flatter the trajectory of the ball (range)

  • Similarly to his shot, he also has rhythms as ballhandler.  The rhythms vary in different circumstances, but repeat themselves with the specific situations. 

  • Very good ball control with both hands

    • Capable of maintaining ball control amidst explosive bursts

  • Head and eyes are always up and utilizes a nice posture with an upright back

  • Handles full court man pressure with single dribble moves and bursts of acceleration, but did show some vulnerability to solid pressure

    • Can allow the ball pressure to dictate to him instead of vice versa

  • Has an excellent dribble draw that he uses to create space and keep himself out of trouble

  • Uses single dribble moves with changes of direction.  Maintains good ball control, but does not create a lot of separation.  Therefore, he will make the first single dribble move and then counter the defender’s momentum after getting cut off to make another single move to change directions.

  • Stays low with the dribble

  • There is a sense of safety when the ball in his hands

  • An accurate passer who dishes out the rock with good overall vision of the court.  Uses both hands or either hand individually.  Passes the ball with the correct fundamentals and puts good zip on it.  Really snaps the wrists, notably on his chest and bounce passes. 

    • Accurate as a passer off the bounce, as well (1-or-2-handed).  The pass lands right where it needs to be with superb touch.

  • Excellent at advancing the ball up the court with the pass; looks up immediately after receiving the outlet pass.  Also adept at being first to the ball on long rebounds and advancing immediately with the pass.

  • Throws a perfect “kick ahead” pass to streaking teammates for layups

    • Leads his teammates perfectly with just the right amount of air to allow the recipient of the pass to run underneath it

  • Throws a beautiful bounce pass and understands when to throw one

    • Capable of throwing one-handed or two-handed, off the bounce, and through traffic

      • Knows when to put the front spin on the ball to skip it through traffic

  • Good post feeder; has a nice wrap around post feed using both hands

  • Has a nice slip/shovel pass from the painted area to finishers, whether in the middle or driving either baseline

    • Understands how to draw the defense and dump it off

  • Finds open shooters, even amongst traffic

  • Eyes are always up; sees the floor

  • Takes defense seriously

  • On ball

    • Solid – plays with his feet without fouling; really slides his feet well.  Fluid hips with smooth drop steps in both directions.

      • Stays in front

    • Usually allows a little cushion and is not applying direct pressure

      • Prefers position over pressure, but is capable of applying it.

    • After his man passes, his first step is toward the ball and then back to his man

  • Very good team defender; understands rotations, switching, and overall positioning

  • Good hands

  • Consistently sprints back on defense.  Shows a great understanding of his responsibility as a point guard to be the safety man.

  • Much more active, aware, and effective overall in man-to-man as opposed to a zone defender

  • Off the ball

    • Maintains good attention to ball-and-man

    • Steps into help side position with his feet/body and not his arms – will take the charge

    • Tendency to disengage on the far side

  • Close out can improve against the drive, but does a good job closing out on shooters

Basketball IQ
  • Developing into a cerebral lead guard. 

  • Excellent court sense and awareness; a heady player

  • Terrific understanding of time and score

  • Understands how to play at different paces throughout the course of a game

    • Terrific understanding of when to slow it down and set up his team for a quality half-court possession

  • A sound decision maker that results in very good ball security.  Outside of what appears to be an outlier (10 turnovers vs. Landon School), he had only 11 total turnovers in 7 games, with an assist-to-turnover ratio of nearly 3-to-1. 

  • Looking to make the right basketball play; not hesitant to make the simple play

  • Witnessed him run sets from 4 different spots/positions on the court

  • Plays good position basketball

  • Possesses the discipline to pull the ball back when he doesn’t have numbers instead of going in for a forced attempt

  • Leader of the team

    • Instills confidence in his team through his presence on the court; has a stabilizing presence

    • Stays positive with his teammates amidst adversity and does not show frustration when they make mistakes

      • Does not exhibit poor body language towards others

    • Extension of the coach on the floor

    • Controls the game for his team

    • Leads by example.  For example, he consistently hustles back on defense after a turnover or missed shot.

  • Plays with confidence; believes in himself

  • Even-keeled demeanor, but can sometimes be a bit too laid back.  He is so capable of getting after it.

  • Can be hard on himself after mistakes, letting his head hang slightly.  Wants to be good!

  • Usually plays hard, but will take plays off on both ends

  • Mature approach to the game

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