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Carlton Carrington

St. Frances Academy (MD)

Team Melo (Nike EYBL)









Strong Hand




May 2022

Statistical Sample from the 2021-22 Season (18 Games)

Carlton Carrington Stats.jpg
  • Nearly a year young for his class

    • Youngest member of his class invited to participate in the USA U16 training camp​ back in March

  • Finesse player who plays with sufficient toughness

    • Toughness is both mental and physical. There’s no back down.

    • Understands how to handle physical play

  • Rangy length

  • Smooth, deliberate body control

  • Agile athlete

  • Quality hand-eye coordination

  • Average explosiveness that he compensates for with feel, pace, and IQ

  • Great balance

  • Thin, athletic build that should allow for increased muscle mass without hindering any part of his game or athleticism

    • Increasing his strength will be key, and should add to the effectiveness of different parts of his game

  • Strong stamina and endurance

  • Durable

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • A superior pull-up shooter who keeps it simple, takes his time, and plays at his own pace

  • Allows the game to come to him, so much so that he can often appear unassuming on the court. But by the end of the game, he’ll have 13-18 points on the winning side. That being said, he is selectively aggressively with his touches, striking a nice balance between the two approaches. His feel for the defense and the overall game guides the approach he takes possession-by-possession.

  • High-potential prospect who is still growing into his game and body. Technically, he could be a 2024 prospect.

  • First-class mid-range game, anchored by pull-ups from his spots off the dribble in either direction. Typically uses any variation of a one, two, or three-dribble pull-up. Each can start off the live dribble or from a catch with the dribble remaining.

  • Will set them up with shot fakes, head fakes, or jab steps when off the catch

  • Occasionally uses additional dribbles to create space for the pull-up from mid-range, depending on the situation

  • Prefers to shoot going right, where he’s able to pull up before being fully squared to the rim. This allows him to elevate before the defender is ready to contest. It also allows him to keep his body between the defender and the ball until a moment before the release. He’s able to square in mid-air and convert at a high percentage.

  • Despite the preference for shooting going right, he’s capable of converting at a high percentage moving left of the dribble, as well

    • Will improve by implementing a step back going left to create additional space/separation

  • Feels the defender’s momentum and uses it against them when driving hard into the pull-up. Doesn’t need much room at all to get up quality attempts.

    • Utilizes different angles with the dribble to get to his spots, moving north-south, east-west, or the various angles in between

  • Favorite spots are from the right side of the floor. Also likes to work from the left wing into the middle, knifing across the lane going right.

    • Comfortable from shooting from pretty much anywhere

  • Has shown a step back going right, which he shoots on balance and creates the additional space he seeks

  • A dangerous 3-point shooter who is capable of knocking it down in various ways

    • Shoots a beautiful pull-up off the push in semi-transition/transition

      • Forces the defense to stop the ball higher

      • Most comfortable pulling up from deep with the ball in his right hand

      • Prefers the right wing for the pull-up 3

  • Has the shot fake into the side step in his repertoire, and shoots this at a solid percentage

  • Very good 3-point shooter off the catch (see more in the “Shooting” section below)

    • Shows a growing knowledge of how to get open, prep, and shoot off of various cuts/screens/dribble handoffs

  • Exhibits the ability to set up his jumper, either from 3 or from mid-range, with a sound jab-step series

    • This is an area that can be expanded upon in the future

  • Will skillfully post guards, usually from the mid-post, where he takes his time, feels the defender, and makes his move accordingly

    • Capable of hitting turnaround jumpers over either shoulder

    • Displayed the preference to post on the right side of the floor throughout the season

  • Plays within himself

  • Consistently makes winning plays, like this offensive board and assist, where most would've tried to force up a shot

  • The lack of burst contributes to some issues creating space off the bounce in heavy iso situations, but he is improving in this area. The tools and potential are certainly there.

  • Patient; moves at his own pace and is very tough to speed up

  • Also influences winning with a solid floor game that includes a growing ability to function as a primary ball handler, making plays for himself and others

    • An unselfish, team-first player who consistently makes the right play

      • Makes the simple play/read

    • Very fundamentally sound

    • Values possessions with steady, smart decision-making

      • 1.8-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio

    • Contributes toward team spacing in the half-court with his understanding of off-ball movement within offensive systems and concepts (not to mention his shooting gravity)

      • Naturally moves to the open area

  • Relies heavily on the jumper, but will penetrate off the bounce enough to keep the defense honest and prevent his attack from become one-dimensional. Has the ability to get to the basket and draw the foul or finish with either hand. Prefers the straight line drive that is often set up off the threat of the jumper, but will also use dribble moves and a hesitation dribble going right or left.

    • Has a finesse finishing package that includes a smooth finger roll and floaters with either hand

      • Prefers to finish with his strong hand

    • Shows a growing set of shots from around the painted area

    • Will benefit from continuing to improve the use his body to draw and potentially finish through contact

      • Should improve an already efficient scoring ability

      • Increasing strength will be key

    • Displays the ability to get the ball out of his hand and up on the board quickly to avoid the block

      • Honing his craft and continuing to advance his various feel shots will be important for him as he moves into the next level

  • Will get out and fill the lane in transition as a finisher

  • Capable of using skilled footwork together with touch on the shot

  • Makes the defense pay for its mistakes

  • Capable of going on personal runs and having big quarters

    • Saw him go on multiple 7 and 8-0 runs by himself

    • Poured in 14 points in the 4th quarter against Mount St. Joseph

  • Excellent shooter who excels from the mid-range, as well as behind the arc (see the “Offensive Qualities” section above for details on his mid-range capabilities)

  • Tough off the catch from 3, whether it’s from a standstill/spot up or off of movement

    • Can shoot it from all around the arc, above and below the break, as well as in either corner

    • Growing more comfortable from deeper distances

    • Has the desirable ability to sprint the lane, then catch and shoot in transition

    • Can shoot it off the dribble, especially on the dribble up pull-up (again, see the “Offensive Qualities” section above for more details)

    • Shot 35.1% on just over 4 attempts per game over the 18 games charted

  • One of the better pull-up jump shooters in the class of 2023

  • Possesses sufficient shooting gravity that effectively spaces the floor and creates opportunities for his teammates to operate with or without the ball

  • Smooth, confident, under control, and on balance when he elevates

  • Good shooter under duress who doesn’t change or rush his shot

    • Shoots it the same way each time

    • Has outstanding concentration on the rim

    • Again, he is rarely off balance, regardless of the pressure he is under

  • Shoots it well going right or left off a jump stop or a 1, 2 step

  • Has a nice touch on the shot, which shows from all ranges, especially closer distances from the short mid-range

  • Very good foul shooter at 82% on just under 3 attempts per game over the 18 games charted

  • 56.4% true shooting as a jump shooter

  • Shot selection

    • Shows very good judgement overall. Hunts for the best shot available.

    • Heavy diet of jump shots from various depths

    • Frequents the mid-range quite often and will shoot it at all depths, from the short-to-long range 2-pointers

    • Rarely forces shots

    • Despite 39.4% of his shots coming from behind the arc, he is selective from 3

      • Careful to take quality shots

    • Strategic with his drives to the rim/shots on goal

  • Mechanics/form

    • Short, compact, repeatable stroke

    • Feet shoulder width apart

    • Level shoulders

    • Limited pressure on the ball from the guide hand

    • High elbow that is used as a lever in conjunction with a nicely flexed wrist

    • Release is from the top of the forehead, sometimes higher

    • Excellent snap of the wrist on his follow through

    • Gets the right amount of arc on the ball

  • Owns a very functional handle that he is able to utilize in various areas of the game. Steady when serving as the primary ball handler and offensive initiator. A trustworthy ball handler overall.

    • Bringing the ball up against pressure

    • Handling it in pick-and-roll play

    • Secondary playmaker/ball handler situations

    • From from the point of attack around the perimeter using dribble moves

  • Handles it with security

    • Adequate ball control

    • Protects the ball with his body

  • Has added some wiggle and creativity

  • Efficient with his dribbles in all areas of handling the ball

    • Rarely overdribbles from the point of attack in the half court

  • Handles the ball in a basketball position, whether in the half court or in the open court

  • Progressing ability to run the break and handle it in the open court

    • Maintains control of his body and the ball

  • Keeps his eyes up

  • Good overall passer who can be trusted to make sound decisions

    • Again, he’s always looking to make the right play

    • Valuable secondary playmaker and a competent initiator

  • Displays a good ability to pass off the live dribble

    • Flashes the ability to get into the paint off the bounce and dump off or kick to perimeter shooters

    • Puts a nice touch on his passes, especially inside the paint to finishers

    • Understands how to draw the defense and kick

    • Growing as a playmaker out of the pick-and-roll player

  • A willing passer with quality court vision

    • Aware of where his teammates are on the court

    • Sees the open man and doesn’t hesitate to deliver the pass

    • Makes the extra pass

    • Sees and makes the cross-court pass from the point of attack in the half court

  • Advances the ball nicely up the court with the pass when it’s there

    • Puts nice touch and the right amount of air under long pitches up the court to streaking teammates

    • Also throws a nice lead bounce pass that hits the runner in stride

  • Consistently delivers the ball with good location and accuracy

  • Understands how to get the defender to commit before making the pass in situations where he has a numbers advantage

  • Solid overall defensive player who plays with discipline

  • Was a member of a tough defensive squad that defended with cohesiveness and discipline

    • Understands team defensive concepts and rotations

  • Takes defense seriously

  • Smart; pays attention to detail and remains mentally engaged

  • Exhibited extended periods of effective on-ball defense

  • Sound defensive stance and technique

    • Gets low and plays with his feet without fouling

  • Applies decent ball pressure, but is more focused on keeping his man in front

  • Had solid, extended stints against larger wings such as Tyrell Ward, Justin Edwards, Bryson Tucker, and Trentyn Flowers, to name a few

    • Picked up great experience competing against top-notch competition

  • Defends the post with resistance and some craft

  • Can struggle to suppress dribble penetration against smaller, quicker guards

  • Adequate ability to recover

  • Maintains an equal balance between ball and man

  • Serviceable overall on the board 

    • Consistently blocks out and finishes possessions

      • Turns defense into offense with solid block outs and quick pitches up the court to streaking teammates

    • Recorded multiple double-doubles

  • Consistent effort and focus

  • Anticipates the next pass and moves with purpose to get in the right position to defend

Basketball IQ
  • High IQ player

  • Displays an advanced understanding of his abilities and a willingness to excel within them

  • Limits mistakes on both ends

  • Exhibits patience and lets his feel guide his approach

  • Doesn’t allow the defense to speed him up; plays at his own pace

  • Great understanding of space and time; and how angles and the use of his body can create advantages in space and time

  • Aware of time and score

  • High-quality decision-maker

  • Knows when to attack and when not to

  • Comprehends and executes the game plan on both ends

  • Sees the game a play ahead

  • Has a firm grasp on what it takes to win from game-to-game

  • Quiet, unassuming, and focused throughout the course of every game

  • Maintains the same demeanor, regardless of the events that take place

    • Facial expression and body language rarely change

  • Doesn’t argue calls or openly complain

  • Plays through struggles and adversity

    • Does not allow mistakes to affect the next play

  • Sustains the same level of effort from game-to-game

  • Has no problem getting on the floor

  • Consistent

  • Mentally tough

  • Displays composure and poise down the stretch

  • Plays to win

  • Competed and succeeded against a difficult national schedule

  • A student of the game

  • Excellent work ethic

    • Works out every day at 6 AM

    • Stays after practice to get shots up

  • Craves and accepts coaching

    • Strong desire to improve

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