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Cam Whitmore

Archbishop Spalding

Team Melo






~200 lbs.



Strong Hand


Potential Level


October 2020
  • An explosive athlete with a versatile offensive attack and impressive skillset.  Perfect size on the wing.  Plays with a combination of strength, agility, and power.  An efficient scorer with a strong fundamental base to build on.

  • Elite finisher at the rim who consistently converts through contact, and possesses an excellent feel around the basket.  Dynamic in transition.  Plays a nice floor game and allows the game to come to him.

  • Shows promise as a jump shooter and shot maker.  Consistent from 3 and the foul line.  A capable scorer from 3 levels, and exhibits solid playmaking potential in the half court, as well as in transition.

  • Terrific defensive potential.  Plays with excellent timing and anticipation.  Very good shot blocker.  Needs to play with consistent effort and energy, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  

  • Exceptional athleticism

  • Perfect size for a wing at the next level

  • Plays with strength and power.  Was athletically and physically superior to a good portion of his competition this past season.

  • Explosive leaper off of one or two legs.  He has bounce and he is coming for your head.

    • Power jumper off of two legs

    • Quick off the floor

  • Has natural strength and understands how to use it in the painted area.  Still learning how to use it from the perimeter.

  • Smooth movements

  • Good hand-eye coordination

  • Terrific body control

  • Possesses innate timing and anticipation

  • Will benefit from improving foot speed, especially on the defensive end

  • Runs with a nice stride on the balls of his feet, pumping his arms from chin-to-hip

Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Efficient scorer, putting up 22.3 PPG on 12.3 shots per game on limited touches for the games evaluated

  • Absolute monster finisher

    • Devastating open court finisher

    • Finishes above the rim with ease and authority

    • Finishes with strength, keeping both hands on the ball as he powers up through traffic

    • No issues with concentration when converting through contact

      • Absorbs the contact for quality looks

    • Nice touch and awareness around the basket

      • Always seems to know where to goal is

    • Gets the ball out of his hands and up on the backboard quickly when the situation warrants

    • Does not need a lot of time to gather and rise

    • Shoots a very high percentage in the paint (try 17-for-22 for a sample size!)

    • Very good alley-oop converter

    • Showed a good layup package to go along with his power finishing, putting his athleticism on full display

  • A versatile offensive threat with an impressive skillset

    • Capable of scoring from 3 levels

      • Tremendous dribble driver

      • Developing mid-range

      • Consistent from 3

    • Displayed playmaking skills such as:

      • Understands how to draw and kick off the dribble

        • Straight line drives or legitimate dribble moves to create space

      • Being the primary ballhandler in transition situations

      • Making the simple play to convert easy team-oriented baskets

    • Can board and push the ball up himself to make the right play in transition or semi-transition opportunities

    • Has a nice inside-outside game, and is capable starting from either

      • For example, he is able to draw bigs out to over-contest after hitting from the outside, so that he can blow by them later with a shot fake, dribble drive; or he can punish you inside by overpowering the defense for shots around the basket via drive, off the catch or on the board, creating plenty of room to operate on the perimeter later on.

    • Dynamic in transition, whether he is filling the lane, following the play, or the playmaker/primary ballhandler

  • Fundamental skillset and good footwork

  • Prefers to drive left

  • Allows the game to come to him.  Although he shows frustration due to a lack of touches, he does not allow it to effect his decision-making with the ball.  He does not make selfish decisions.  Instead, he consistently makes the right basketball play.

  • Would benefit from sprinting the court consistently

  • Effective jab-step series

    • Difficult to guard from this starting position due to his ability to score from 3, mid-range, or a dribble drive

      • While this triple threat keeps the defender off-balance, he is also able to put combinations together such as a jab-step, one dribble into a side-step/step back to the left for a 3

  • Does not get hurried with the ball and takes the time to survey the court

  • Strong offensive rebounder

    • Tracks the flight of the ball and anticipates where the ball is coming off the rim

  • Would like to see him in a triple-threat/basketball position more consistently (standing upright too often)

  • Love his ability to get to the line.  He understands how to draw the contact, but is not overly seeking it.  His physical style of play and athletic adjustments to the defense get him foul shot opportunities regularly (averaged 8 free throws per game in the games evaluated)

  • Confident shooter who is most accurate when he is able to set his feet

    • Shoots a set shot from 3 and a jump shot from mid-range

      • Shoots a jump shot off the dribble

        • Terrific elevation

  • Consistent 3-point shooter who should continue to improve in range

    • Shoots it well off the catch when in rhythm and from the jab-step series starting point (where he still has his dribble)

    • Largely a stand-still 3-point shooter at this stage, but shows flashes of his growing ability to shoot off the bounce.  Will need to continue developing this area of the game.

  • Developing mid-range consistency

  • As stated above, he is excellent in the paint and around the basket

  • Consistent free throw shooter (shot 75% in the games evaluated)

  • Very good shot selection – does not settle, but instead seeks out the highest percentage shot

    • Does not force shots often

  • Mechanics

    • Sets feet well

    • Compact - elbow is up and in; little wasted movement

    • Takes his time into a smooth shot release from the top of his forehead over of his right brow

    • Has a nice touch and a good follow through on the shot unless he is shooting off the bounce.  The touch decreases, in that case.  Has plenty of potential to improve with repetition.

    • Will benefit from extending fully on the shot.  Currently short arms the shot and appears to be shooting from feel without fully extending. 

      • Extending fully (and upwards) will make for greater muscle memory, leading to greater consistency, especially off-the-dribble.

    • Good shot trajectory

  • Shows the ability to handle in the open court as the playmaker, as well as in the half court as a scoring threat.  Looks comfortable with the ball in his hands.

    • Does a good job countering the defense with the dribble in the open court

      • Stays low and keeps the ball low in attack mode

    • Smooth dribble moves in the half court setting as a scoring threat are effective.  He is usually using the dribble to get to the rim.

      • Possesses a smooth right-to-left crossover

      • Incorporates side steps and dribble faints

      • Dribble moves are generally right-to-left

  • Displays the ability to dribble full speed with either hand and changing directions with single dribble moves

  • Dribbles with his head up

  • Does a solid job of protecting the dribble with his body

  • Passes with two hands, but is also a capable one-handed passer

  • Puts good zip on the ball

  • Does not hold the ball – reverses it with proper timing to shift the defense

  • Shows himself to be a capable playmaker with good overall vision (see notes above on this subject)

  • Sees the perimeter shooters and creates the proper angles for a drive and kick

  • Has a tendency to make careless passes

  • Accurate passer off-the-dribble

  • Throws a nice, on-target baseball pass

  • Looks up immediately to advance the ball up the court after securing the rebound

  • Exhibited the ability to deliver dimes in the open court to teammates running the floor

  • Has the potential to guard multiple positions and add versatility to team defensive schemes

  • Plays the passing lanes with anticipation, often converting steals into easy transition baskets

  • Excellent shot blocker

  • Very good rebounder.  Will improve by consistently blocking out and using his body to work harder for position.

    • Has a tendency to allow himself to get out of optimal rebounding position

  • Needs to increase activity overall and would like to see him take this side of the ball more seriously

  • Needs to sit down on and off ball

    • Will benefit from improving on-ball technique (with an emphasis of moving his feet)

  • Does not hustle/sprint back on defense consistently

  • Capable of covering a lot of ground when he gets after it, but needs to consistently give effort

    • Recovers well to contest jump shooters

Basketball IQ
  • Understands how to take advantage of mismatches, whether it’s against a big or a smaller perimeter player

  • Utilizes the proper angles on dribble drives and when running the floor

  • Makes the right play

  • Learning to make the right reads according to defensive positioning, rotations, and adjustments

  • Shows a strong of understanding of when to attack the defense and when to move the ball

  • Plays with a lot of purpose when he has possession; needs to work on impacting the game without possession

  • Exhibits a good feel for the defense, and uses his body well as an offensive threat

  • Has natural basketball instincts

  • Good decision-maker

  • Maintains a calm presence of mind amidst traffic to consistently make good decisions

  • Calm and exudes confidence

    • Relaxed demeanor

  • Plays with a controlled aggression

    • Aggression level is hot and cold

  • Tends to display poor body language.  Openly displays frustration with teammates, coach, and referees.

    • Body language can reduce him to appearing disinterested (slumping shoulders, head back with eyes up to the ceiling, loafing/intentionally moving slowly to show displeasure, etc.)

  • While he is an explosive athlete, he is completely under control

  • Can go long stretches of the game where he lacks energy

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