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Bryce Lindsay

St. Frances Academy School

Team Melo






~175 lbs



Strong Hand




August 2021

2021 Stats with Poly High School and Team Melo (9 Games)

Bryce Lindsay Stats.jpg
Other Offensive Qualities
Offensive Qualities
  • Scoring-minded combo-guard who is capable of assuming multiple backcourt responsibilities

    • Most effective in more of a scoring/shooting role, but is also able to take over primary ball handling responsibilities when necessary

      • Mainly looking to score in the primary ball handler role

  • Despite what his averages show in the 9 games charted, he is a deadly outside shooter who needs little time and space; and can shoot it with ease from extremely long distances

  • Offensive efficacy is largely dependent on his ability to connect from 3

  • Highly capable of launching 3-point barrages that can quickly bury a team

  • Enabled by his shot mechanics, he possesses a unique ability to shoot from very long distances off the catch and the dribble (more on those mechanics in the “Shooting” section)

  • Has a versatile shot mix from 3 that consists of the following (keep in mind that he is capable of shooting from long distances off of each)

    • Owns outstanding potential as a catch-and-shoot weapon moving without the ball

      • Although he has a willingness to move with purpose, his motor has room to improve, and will be necessary to realize his full potential

      • Understands how to read the defense and utilize the screen(s)

  • Can be streaky

  • See more on the causes of the low shooting percentages in the “Shooting” section below, as context is important

  • Should function well as a floor spacer for playmakers, using his shooting gravity to draw defenses, create driving lanes, and create more room for post play and passing lanes

  • Should also perform well in sets designed to free up shooters

  • Will be a potent weapon against zone defenses due to his ability to shoot with extensive range and minimal space and time

    • You cannot leave him open

  • Highly capable of running the wing in transition/semi-transition as a catch-and-shoot weapon

  • Can shoot it off a jab-step, where he still has his dribble to utilize

    • His quick release is especially helpful here, keeping the defense guessing and off balance (more on his quick release below)

  • Capable of shooting off of dribble moves, changes of direction, and step backs

  • Able to shoot going right or left, including the step back

  • Has a tough “hands up” hesitation move that can embarrass defenders (I don’t care that he missed the shot in this clip…)

  • Uses subtle faints and changes of pace to free up the little time he needs to release the shot

    • Combined with his quick release, these subtleties have proven to be very effective

  • Will shoot the pull-up 3 in transition/semi-transition on the catch and off the dribble

  • Should be able to thrive within a multitude of offensive styles

  • Can struggle to create space off the bounce, often resulting to shooting difficult, contested shots from long distances

  • His quick shot release is a weapon in itself, and allows him to get shots off in windows others would normally be unable

  • Simply put, the defense must be aware of him all times

  • While he struggles to create separation against ball pressure, he is smart and heady enough to compensate

  • Because of his quick trigger and shooting ability, defenders are forced to play air tight on-ball defense.  This can help to open up:

    • One dribble/two dribble pull-ups

    • Floaters off the dribble and the occasional drive all the way to the basket

      • Prefers to drive and finish right with his floater, on which he has a really nice touch

      • Can shoot the floater off the right or wrong foot

  • Capable of hitting the defender with single or double dribble moves to get to the rim

  • Has a small tendency to dribble too much when he is searching for his shot as an initiator

  • Displays patience with the ball and has a deliberate offensive approach

    • It’s tough to speed him up as he plays at his own pace

  • Deliberate even in transition

  • Penetration into the lane is a probing style, where he is looking to either position himself for a floater or find shooters/dump off to bigs on the block

  • Does not possess blow-by capability, but is deceptive off the dribble

  • Has a good feel for the defense with the ball in his hands, and knows how to use the defender’s momentum against them

  • Possesses a good fundamental base for his game

  • Pick-and-Role play

    • Displays conservative decision-making as the ball handler, making the simple and necessary reads

  • Capable of launching from anywhere, so going under the screen is not an option; and he is coming off looking to shoot.  As a result, he demands a certain attention coming off the screen.  Therefore, defensive coverage must adjust accordingly.  He will make you pay if it doesn’t.

  • Has shown that he is capable of handling the hard hedges and doubles off the ball screen by finding the popper, open shooters, or the next open man to shift the defense, creating the eventual numbers advantage

  • Will benefit from continuing to develop counters and reads

  • Exhibits the patience and confidence to call and recall ball screens as he looks to get the shot he wants

  • Generally takes good angles off the screen, and uses his body well

  • One of the biggest points of emphasis is the need to impact the game outside of shooting

    • Capable playmaker, especially in the open court

  • Can get to his spots in the mid-range game off the bounce when he is able to position himself to do so

    • Generally lets the defense dictate when he gets to his spots, taking what it gives him.  For instance, in pick-and-roll play, if there is no hedge, he will use that extra space together with his body to get to his spot.

  • Uses his shoulder well to create space on his way to the spot

  • Will take advantage when the opportunity presents itself with dribble moves at the point of attack

  • Finishing

    • Owns a terrific touch on his floater, which he can shoot off of one or two feet

    • The floater is his most potent method of finishing against the contest

  • Understands how to use his body to shield and protect the ball

  • Can have difficulty finishing against rim protection

    • Has shown improvement in this area from winter-to-summer

  • Will benefit from continuing to develop his left hand

  • Struggles to finish through contact

More on Shooting
  • Continuing the discussion above, and to repeat, he is a very dangerous shooter on the catch and off the dribble

  • Again, even though his shooting averages are low in the 9 games charted (37.3% FG on 13.1 attempts and 28.9 3P% on 8.4 attempts), they are not fully indicative of his shooting ability.  Context is especially important here.

    • Low percentages are mainly due to the following:

      • Shot selection – yes, shot selection is a part of being a good shooter, and there is room for improvement here

        • 64% of his shots from the floor came from behind the arc.  Of that 64%, a significant portion came from near NBA distance or farther.

          • Tends to settle for the 3 

          • Many attempts are high-difficulty due to distance and because they are contested and off the dribble

          • Can include multiple ill-advised attempts per game

          • High frequency of difficult shots often results from an inability to create separation to get quality looks as an initiator

    • Lack of balance from higher shooting percentages around the rim due to a heavy reliance on perimeter scoring

      • Doesn't regularly attack the rim and, as stated above, tends to struggle as a finisher against rim protection outside of his floater

    • Streakiness from the outside

      • Goes through intermittent tough shooting stretches

  • All of the above being said, the college game will help clean up the shot selection and, as a result, his percentages will undoubtedly rise.  He can really shoot it!

  • Shoots it well from mid-range when he goes to it

  • No problem shooting with a hand in his face/under pressure

  • Shoots with ultimate confidence and has a short memory

  • Little elevation on his shot, shooting with a slight hop

    • Tends to shoot more of a traditional jumper with a higher release point from his 12-16 foot mid-range shots, especially when contested

  • The transition from dribble to shot is clean and smooth

  • Tends to be short on his misses

  • Form/Mechanics – some Steph Curry resemblance/influence

    • Relaxed

    • Compact and limited motion; cuts out virtually all unnecessary motion in the shot

    • One continuous motion

    • Shoots the same way every time

    • Makes good use of his lower body to add to the power/range of the shot

    • Release is usually from around the eye/forehead level

    • Has a small tendency to shoot more “out” than “up”, taking some of the favorable trajectory off the ball

  • Good ball control

  • Possesses deceptive moves with the ball that are strongly connected to his shot accuracy, type, and selection

  • Able to handle full-court pressure

  • Deliberate, taking each dribble as if he is carefully calculating his next stride and angle

  • Uses his body well to protect the ball, mainly his shoulder and off arm; keeps his body between the defender and the ball

  • Usually stays adequately low and remains unhurried with the ball

  • Keeps the ball close/tight to his body

  • Replaces himself well with the dribble

  • Keeps his dribble alive when there is nothing there so as not to put himself in a position to make a pass with a bad angle

    • Also keeps the dribble alive to probe the defense

  • Good ball control in the open court and keeps his eyes up to survey the floor

    • Displays good control of his speed dribble

  • Has adequate vision when penetrating in the lane, and makes good decisions from the paint

  • Overall, he is a very sound decision-maker

  • Makes the simple pass, but is also capable of putting a little sauce on it at the appropriate time

  • Has good placement with a nice touch overall

    • Leads his teammates to the basket

  • Capable of throwing one-handed passes with his left and right accurately off the dribble

  • Good drive-and-kicker

    • Understands how to draw the defense both as a penetrator into the paint and as the ball handler on fast breaks

  • Average athlete

  • Finesse player

  • Very good hand-eye coordination

  • Decent speed with the ball

  • Limited bounce and explosiveness

  • Good footwork

  • Strong endurance

  • Low motor on this end, and will need to increase activity and energy overall

  • Looks to keep his man in front and often succeeds by playing defense with his feet

    • Defends without fouling

  • Appears to have a tendency to do just enough to get by

  • Stands straight up-and-down off the ball

    • Does not look to anticipate the next pass/play

Basketball IQ
  • High IQ; heady guard

  • Compensates for his lack of explosiveness by playing with his mind

  • Plays with a good overall feel for the game

  • Understands how to mask his deficiencies and capitalize on his strengths

  • Knows how to survey the court and read the defense

  • Recognizes time and score situations

  • Has excellent comprehension of space and time

  • Practices very good ball security

    • Values possessions

    • Sound decision-maker in virtually all situations

  • Exhibits the ability to manipulate the defense with his eyes

  • Confident on the court

  • Relaxed and cool with a calm demeanor

    • Smooth and calm under pressure

  • Stabilizing presence on the court for his team

  • Patient

  • Tested against top competition

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