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Boys 2019 Player Evaluations


Keels is a strong, smooth wing who is a prime target for high major schools looking for a 2-way player capable of handling the physical play at the next level. Highly intelligent, his skillset meshes well with various offensive styles. Keels has a beautiful stroke from 3 when his feet are set, and a soft touch overall. He excels in pick and roll situations, especially when he gets going downhill to his right. A year young for his class, his physical tools are still superior, and he has a great understanding of how to use them to his advantage. With two more years left to develop at the prep level, the future is very promising for Keels and Paul VI.  Read now!


Freeman is a heady lead guard who uses an advanced feel for his defender to guide a well-rounded game.  A consistent scorer, he finds balance between deliberate decision making and a deceptively aggressive mindset.  His change of pace keeps the defense guessing, and his improvement as a playmaker has increased his overall effectiveness for his teams.  Full of confidence, Freeman displays an accurate midrange game with growing range.  His ability to create the proper angles allows him to capitalize on his tremendous craftiness around the basket.  His game should continue to progress as he matures into his junior and senior years.  Read now!


Robinson is a strong, agile athlete with impressive footwork.  His offensive versatility and size make him an ideal target for schools in power conferences.  He should be capable of competing at a high level on both ends of the floor.  His ability to score at all three levels will pay dividends, especially as he continues to become more consistent from 3.  Over the spring and summer, his playmaking abilities have improved, as has his overall IQ.  It will be exciting to see him both refine and add to his skillset over the next couple of years.  Read now!


Russell is a controlled but explosive athlete who plays to his strength of getting to the basket, where he converts at a high percentage and knows how to draw the foul.  A talented scorer, he uses effective dribble moves and his IQ to get high percentage shots.  He is a willing passer who locates shooters on the perimeter and finishers on the block.  Patient with the ball, Russell stays cool under pressure.  He gets to where he is going with force, purpose, and with his eyes up.  His game has a mix of refreshing fundamentals and skills, exhibiting a nice balance of scoring and distribution.  Read now!


Using a great feel for the game, big man Hunter Dickinson's versatile skillset shows many similarities to another talented big, Arvydas Sabonis.  He plays with patience and a very high IQ.  He really knows how to utilize his size to his advantage, and understands how to read the defense from the block and perimeter.  Dickinson's consistent outside shot coupled together with his excellent passing ability helps to set him apart from other bigs at his age.  He is a promising player who continues to show improvement in his game.  Read now!

Dug McDaniel5.jpg

McDaniel is a gifted playmaker with impressive poise and court savvy.  He moves the defense like a puppet master and finds the open man with ease and accuracy.  Using a tight handle and superior quickness, it is very difficult to keep him out of the lane where he creates for himself and others.  His vision is readily on display in the open court, and he plays with excellent pace.  It is going to be really fun to watch Dug's game develop as he matures over the next few years.   Read now!

Jordan Hawkins 3.jpg

Hawkins is an athletic shooting guard who has the ability to score the ball on three levels.  He excels in the mid-range area and running the lane in transition.  With good instincts on the offensive end, he is able to feel his defender and score with an array of shots. Still developing other areas, he has tremendous upside.  With his recent transfer to DeMatha High School and move to Team Durant to play in the Nike EYBL, there is a lot to be excited about over the coming year.   Read now!


A high-major prospect, Timberlake is an ultra-versatile wing who excels on both ends of the floor.  He shoots a good percentage from 3 and the foul line, and is equipped with a well-rounded skill set that includes a solid handle, good vision, and a high IQ.  He attacks with force and intelligence, and converts with an assortment of shots around the basket.  Earl is a terrific defender who will be capable of guarding 3 positions at the next level.  Read now!

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