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Player evaluations attempt to offer in-depth analysis in following areas:

1. Athleticism/Physical

2. Shooting

3. Other Offensive Qualities

4. Dribbling

5. Passing

6. Defense

7. IQ

8. Coachability

9. Disposition/Presence

10. Big man attributes

The level of analysis will vary.

In-depth analysis on players from the DC, MD, & VA area.

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Class of 2023 - 6'4" - CG 

St. Frances Acad./Team Durant

Lamothe is a smooth, true combo guard equipped with the ability to play multiple roles in the backcourt at a high level.  Displaying a balanced floor game and boasting excellent positional strength, he contributes to winning in a multitude of ways.  He is skilled in all facets of the game, mixing highly capable shooting from deep together with impressive playmaking and a high basketball IQ.  Lamothe enjoyed a very productive spring with Team Durant, and should see a big uptick in usage during his junior year.

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Class of 2022 - 6'1" - Combo Guard

St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School (VA)

Flying under the radar, Ceaser is an elite athlete who consistently scores from all 3 levels.  He is a blur in transition, punishing defenses that are slow to get back and stop ball.  Explosive off the dribble and consistent from 3, he puts a ton of pressure on the opposition.  He is an undersized score-first combo guard, but often plays above the rim, setting up open court finishes with great anticipation and timing on defense.

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A deep dive into the high-major prospect's progressions this season

We take a fresh look into the 2022 PG's progressions  during the covid-shortened season and into spring play.  McDaniel's performance has been highlighted by greater offensive aggression, improved pick and roll play, and improvement from distance.  This is the last installment of our coverage of the 2022 PG, building on evaluations from 2019 and 2020.


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Class of 2024 - 6'8" - Point Forward 

St. Frances Academy/Team Thrill

Queen has quickly made a national name for himself this season.  The freshman is a highly skilled point forward who is gifted with elite versatility that allows him to impact the game from virtually every spot within the offense.  Already equipped with a high floor, his exceptional feel for the game is just one of many reasons he is oozing with the potential for a very high ceiling.  Read now!

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